The role and functional needs of the home have been transformed during the last three years.  Homeowners in Columbus, OH have used their homes as offices, conference rooms, classrooms, cafes, libraries and a host of other functions because many have and will continue to spend more time in their homes. The demands on the home are not expected to wane among homeowners in Columbus, OH soon. That’s why we have seen an increased demand and desire for dream kitchens and homes with warmer and softer color pallets that provide a sense of calm and serve as a place where family members can rest, relax and decompress.


Warm colors that are finding their way into kitchens for homeowners in Columbus, OH include yellows, reds and oranges. These warm colors are believed to increase body temperature and blood pressure that make the body feel warmer thus the term “warm colors.” Warm colors also can make kitchens and other rooms in your home feel brighter, cozier and more inviting.  


Red paint, backsplashes or accents serve to stimulate the appetite and can provide a bold and dramatic statement-making vibe to a new kitchen. Red is often paired with contemporary motifs. Homeowners in Columbus, OH that prefer a more traditional design can achieve the same goals by using lighter shades of red that contrast perfectly with white cabinets.  


Yellow tones in your new dream kitchen speaks of sunlight and cheer. A perfect match for yellow is cherry. Another popular use of yellow in kitchens is to pair gold tones with chocolate and light tan.  


Warm colors are welcomed by homeowners in Columbus, OH because they can temper the coldness of white cabinetry.  


There are limitless options for homeowners in Columbus, OH to use warmer tones. They do not have to be focused on cabinetry. Instead, homeowners in Columbus, OH can bring warmth and coziness to their new kitchens with accent colors, bar stools, wall coverings, countertops, door frames, crown molding, fabrics, baskets, vases and other components. A key is to achieve the appropriate contrast and balance within the color pallet.


How can warm tones create a sense of calm, relaxation and stress-free space in your new dream kitchen? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH  43231 and let us put together a color palate that makes your new dream kitchen the envy of the neighborhood.

During the weeks and months that most homeowners in Columbus, OH spend researching different products, styles and color schemes, few pay much attention to the location of key components in their dream kitchen remodel. Where should the fridge go? Is it okay to just have a sink in an island? What about a cooktop or range? What’s the ideal location?


The positioning of appliances, cabinets, pantry, drawers, an island, seating, et. al. affect not only the look and feel of a new kitchen, but also functionality. Conventional kitchen design dictates that the sink, refrigerator and stove/cooktop should be located in a triangle with nothing that impedes movement within the triangle.  In many new kitchens designed for homeowners in Columbus, OH, the triangle is appropriate, wanted and needed. Similar to many tried and true concepts, the triangle is not a one size fits all solution for every project. The location of key kitchen components depends on the multiple functions and roles homeowners in Columbus, OH want from their new dream kitchen and their lifestyles. That’s why anyone who wants to create a dream kitchen should be asked, “how do you plan to use your kitchen and what roles would you like it to play?”  


The kitchen design for avid home chefs who entertain frequently will differ from the design for empty nesters who do not cook or entertain in their home often.


Several basic rules of thumb for positioning different kitchen components are as follows:


  • Have space on either side of the sink to provide room for drying dishes or placing washed fruits and vegetables.
  • Place the main sink near the dishwasher.
  • We are not fans of placing cooktops in front of a window because grease generated while cooking will require almost daily cleaning of the glass.
  • We are fans of putting a sink in front of a window when possible, providing natural light, an attractive view and a more spacious feel.
  • We favor a second prep sink in an island if there is room and provided that the homeowners in Columbus, OH cook or entertain frequently.
  • The placement of the cooktop or range should be near the areas used to store pots, pans and cooking utensils because doing so makes it easy to prepare meals.
  • There should be countertop space, if possible, on either side of the cooktop or range that provides room for preparing meals.  


Kitchen design should account for the functional roles that homeowners in Columbus, OH expect from their kitchens. There should be defined zones for meal preparation, cooking and cleaning.  


What locations make the most sense for the kitchen of your dreams? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH  43231 and let us identify the perfect location for every component of your new dream kitchen.

What do most homeowners in Columbus, OH desire in the kitchen remodel? Their top choices parallel the preferences of a nationwide survey by Home Advisor powered by Anji of 3,000 homeowners who let their dreams be known.  


The most preferred components for a new dream kitchen are:


  • Stone tile backsplashes
  • Marble countertops
  • Natural wood cabinets stained with a light to medium finish
  • Hardwood floors
  • Stainless steel hardware


The second most preferred components of a dream kitchen are:


  • Ceramic tile backsplashes
  • Granite countertops
  • White cabinets
  • Stone tile floors
  • Brass hardware


More than 7 in 10 survey respondents prefer to have walls painted in a solid color. They did not favor wallpaper in the kitchen.


More than half of Americans want a two-toned kitchen.


Nearly 40% of Americans said they would not purchase a home if the kitchen did not feature an island.


Walk-in pantries are preferred by 65% of Americans. A similar number can’t live without pull-out drawers.


Nearly 60% of Americans want stainless steel appliances.


48% of Americans want their cabinets and drawers to light up when opened.


For upper storage, 46% prefer a mixture of cabinets and exposed shelves.


The most popular luxury amenities in dream kitchens include:


  • Built-in spice drawer favored by half of Americans.
  • Smart refrigerators and ovens were cited as must-haves by 42% of survey respondents.
  • A similar number favors an automatic kitchen faucet.


Other favored components include:


  • Pressure cooker (36%)
  • Appliance garage (34%)
  • Pot-filler (29%)
  • Espresso maker (26%)
  • Pasta maker (21%)
  • Built-in wine fridge (20%)


What would you want in the kitchen of your dreams? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH  43231 and let’s discuss how we can convert your dreams into a kitchen that checks all your boxes.

Most homeowners in Columbus, OH don’t envision placing a mirror in their dream kitchen. Mirrors in kitchens help to increase lighting levels and brightness, add depth and is a cost-effective means to make the space appear larger.


There are multiple options to add mirrored surfaces to a kitchen. A mirrored backsplash behind the range lets home chefs keep an eye on children, pets and other family members when cooking or to converse while entertaining friends without having to look at them face to face.  Using a mirror as a backsplash enables in Columbus, OH to create a joint-free surface.  Mirrors also can be specified in a range of colors that can coordinate with the desired aesthetic that homeowners in Columbus, OH want to achieve.


Placing a mirror behind the sink reflects light which will make the kitchen feel more spacious, open and bright. This is an extremely effective option to make smaller spaces appear and feel larger.  


Mirrors are available in almost any finish and style option that coordinates with the design aesthetic homeowners in Columbus, OH want to achieve. Tinted mirrors compliment modern design. Antique designs enhance a traditional motif.   


Another option is to specify mirrored kitchen cabinets for wall cabinets that help to reflect light and create the impression of a more open, light-filled space. Specifying different finishes also can reduce the amount of care and maintenance needed to keep your mirrored cabinets looking like new. Antique mirror glass hides smudges and fingerprints and adds a touch of sophistication and character.


Other potential mirrored applications for new dream kitchens include reflective pendants, chandeliers and other types of light fixtures, mirrored subway tiles, panels or traditional mirror with a statement-making frame.  


How can a mirrored surface brighten, enlarge and enhance your dream kitchen? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH  43231 and let’s discuss if and how mirrors can make your dreams become a reality.

One secret to designing a great kitchen is to account for your storage needs and desires in the initial planning phase. A storage plan will address how often you cook, entertain and use your kitchens and for what activities. A great kitchen must not only look out of this world, it also must incorporate the best functionality that meets your needs. Too often however, homeowners in Columbus, OH do not invest the necessary time and resources that they need and want to obtain the functionality that makes using the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. In fact, national surveys report that the number one regret of homeowners who recently created a new kitchen is not investing in adequate storage.


Storage and organizational systems have become even more important due to the multifunctional roles kitchens serve for homeowners in Columbus, OH. The kitchen is the center of family activity. A well-designed kitchen is a well-organized kitchen. Having a place for everything and everything having its place, improves you family’s well-being and lifestyle.  


A recent Kitchen & Bath Business magazine survey reflects the new focus on organizational and storage system needs among homeowners including those in Columbus, OH. The survey found:

  • A median of 60% of homeowners are requesting more storage and organization options for their kitchen projects.
  • Built-in trash/recycling is the top storage and organization choice in the kitchen.
  • Functionality is the most important considering when selecting kitchen storage solutions.


Manufacturers also are responding to the new roles that kitchens play by developing organizational systems and tools that optimize space, increase storage capabilities, ease cleaning and contribute to the aesthetic goals of the kitchen and home. There are pull-out and lift-up systems that make accessing stand mixers and other small appliances easier and pain free. Spice racks and drawer organizers put the items that you want at your fingertips while maintaining a clean and clutter free palate. Recycling systems are not only good for the environment, but they also serve to keep your kitchen clean and odor free. In-drawer and in-cabinet lighting systems not only improve the functionality and ease of use, they also offer a wow factor every time a door or drawer in opened.


Many homeowners in Columbus, OH first think of storing their kitchen utensils in a horizontal position. Vertical storage compartments for whisks, spatulas, slotted spoons, etc., make it easier for you to see and retrieve those tools. A vertical storage cabinet can often make use of small spaces that might otherwise go unused, such as spaces next to the range or kitchen sink. Vertical storage is also appropriate for cutlery. It’s not difficult to divide a drawer into small deep individual compartments for knives, forks, teaspoons, soup spoons and salad forks.


How can today’s kitchen storage and organizational tools and design solutions make your kitchen more functional and easier and enjoyable to use? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH  43231and let us show you can create the kitchen of your dreams.

Establishing a realistic budget for your kitchen remodel, bath remodel or other remodeling project has become more difficult because of supply chain shortcomings, rising material, labor, energy, and transportation costs and global events. The silver lining is that increased housing values in Columbus, OH have more than offset higher renovation expenses.


A good rule of thumb for a kitchen renovation is that the cost will be between 10 and 20% of the value of your home and sometimes even more based on the variance determined by the following:

  • Goals of the remodel
  • Size of the kitchen
  • Scope of the renovation
  • Quality and type of materials and finishes selected
  • Quality of the renovation plan 
  • Quality of plan implementation


Relate your goals to your designer. Are you looking to increase the value of your home, because you intend to sell it within the next year or two? Is your kitchen showing its age? Is your kitchen inefficient? Do you want to improve your family’s quality of life? Are you interested in making modifications that will allow you to age in place gracefully? Perhaps you have a passion for cooking, and your existing kitchen is not meeting your needs, wants and desires. 


Fill in the blank: I want to remodel my kitchen because _____________________________.


If increasing home value for a near-term sale is your primary goal, it may be practical to simply replace what exists in the same location. A professional designer can point you to products and looks that create the most value while recommending styles that appeal to a broad spectrum of potential buyers in Columbus, OH and can stand the test of time.


Make a complete plan and budget and stick to it. Don’t start demolition until you’ve specified all of the products and finishes you need, and an order schedule is established. When you change your mind, you delay the project’s completion and increase your cost. Recent industry surveys found changing scope during the course of a renovation is the reason why 33 percent of kitchen renovation projects go over budget.


If you have a place to store materials prior to demolition such as a basement, garage or empty bedroom, you can lock in the price of kitchen cabinets, countertops and other materials. With many appliances taking a year or longer for delivery, having storage space can create substantial savings and avoid unpleasant surprises.


Invest wisely. If you plan to stay in your home for many years to come, invest in the materials that will be used most often and are difficult and expensive to replace.  These include countertops, cabinets, sinks and faucets. It’s a lot easier to replace a refrigerator than the top of your island.  


Ask your designer to offer plan B suggestions if your original wish list is beyond your budget. Great design can reduce costs by using alterative materials and different design solutions that can reduce structural alterations that result in lower construction costs.  


Finally, prepare for the unexpected. We generally recommend 10 - 20 percent contingency to cover surprises and rely on your showroom professional to develop a realistic timetable for the renovation.


If you would like to receive additional guidance for developing a realistic and achievable budget for your kitchen remodel, please call our showroom at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH  43231.

With many homeowners in Columbus, OH continuing to work from home either full or part-time, having a place that provides fresh air, a natural environment and a refuge from the home office is a welcome addition. An outdoor kitchen remodel checks all of those boxes plus outdoor kitchens make entertaining easy, enhance your social life, keep the inside of your home cleaner and can even lower energy bills by reducing the need for extra air conditioning to offset the heat generated by your range and ovens.


The keys to creating a great outdoor kitchen are not dissimilar to an indoor counterpart. Great design accounts for the different functional zones kitchens require. These include places for sinks, refrigerators, countertops, storage and cooking. The major difference between indoor and outdoor kitchen design is the need to account for mother nature. Outdoor kitchens are exposed to the elements. That’s why we often recommend to homeowners in Columbus, OH materials that can withstand natural elements that are also easy to maintain and clean. For example, we often recommend engineered quartz designed specifically for outdoor applications or stainless-steel countertops, sealed pavers or concrete decking because they are grease and stain resistant and easy to clean. There are also cabinet manufacturers that make products specifically for outdoor applications.


Another popular feature of an outdoor kitchen among homeowners in Columbus, OH is a structure that provides shade. These may include an open-air roof structure, arbor, pergola or canopy that provide protection from the sun, rain, wind and other weather conditions. 


Your outdoor kitchen should complement other outdoor features that can include landscaping, outdoor dining rooms, living rooms or even a swimming pool. When we design outdoor kitchens for homeowners in Columbus, OH, we account for traffic flow from one area to another, not dissimilar to the same approach used when designing indoor kitchens.


Your dream outdoor kitchen also should include adequate lighting for cooking under the stars, socializing with family and friends and navigating the different “outdoor rooms,” that adjoin the space. Many homeowners in Columbus, OH also include a separate pizza oven, fireplace, fans, heaters and sound systems in their outdoor spaces.


How can an outdoor kitchen make your home more enjoyable? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH  43231 and let us show you how you can expand your living space and take advantage of the best that mother nature has to offer by creating a dream outdoor kitchen.

Every two years Eurocucina, one of the most important and forward-looking trade shows in the world, is held in Milan, Italy. This event showcases the future of kitchen design. The 2022 Eurocucina did not disappoint as 82 manufacturers provided insights into what homeowners in Columbus, OH can expect in the U.S in the years to come.


Eurocucina confirmed that the kitchen is no longer a room principally dedicated to meal preparation, cooking and cleanup. The kitchen serves multiple purposes for working, socializing, family gatherings and providing beautiful and functional space. The open floor plan will continue to dominate kitchens of the future, connecting seamlessly to the living room and other spaces. Showcased were kitchens that created separate spaces without building barriers. We will design kitchens for homeowners in Columbus, OH that will integrate the kitchen with other rooms. Displays in Milan featured glass room dividers suspended with metal cables from the ceiling to connect the kitchen to living and dining rooms.


Integrating the kitchen with other spaces can be achieved by hiding kitchen components or the entire kitchen altogether. Streamline designs that feature sliding countertops fitting over cooktops and sinks were prevalent in Milan. Displays featured appliances hidden behind sliding doors and kitchen cabinets. Caesarstone featured a remote-controlled sliding countertop.  


Mixed materials were another Eurocucina trend. There were kitchens that combined glass, stone, wood, metals, porcelain, laminate, marble and concrete. There was also a heightened use of sustainable materials and those with a low environmental impact that were made from recycled materials.  


Eurocucina also featured herb walls, in-counter herb planters, and containers were spices and other ingredients used in cooking that are easily accessible.  Almost every drawer and cabinet featured LED lighting that automatically illuminated when opened. 


Other trends included:

  • Splashes of bold colors to enliven natural tones
  • Matt finishes were more prevalent than glossy counterparts
  • Islands with pendants at varying heights
  • Push and touch cabinets that eliminate the need for knobs or pulls


How can you capitalize on these tends to create a dream kitchen that will withstand the test of time? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showrooms at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH  43231 and let us show you how to convert your vision into a kitchen that is the envy of your neighborhood.

We are almost halfway through 2022. Boy, does time fly when you are having fun. We are having a ball designing dream spaces for homeowners in Columbus, OH. A dominant trend is homeowners in Columbus, OH want in their new kitchens. to be multifunctional. Kitchens have become a more important epicenter in the home serving as the place where family members work, play, network, eat, relax and, yes, prepare meals.


Homeowners in Columbus, OH also want their new dream kitchens to reflect their sense of style and personal tastes resulting in beautiful spaces that meet their individual needs.


We are finding that homeowners in Columbus, OH are making personal design statements in their new kitchens by mixing different materials and textures in the space. They are attracted to designs featuring combinations of wood, metal, quartz, stone, glass, brass, and even concrete. Mixing materials brings a vibrant energy to the kitchen.


Not all white is alright! While white kitchens tend to be preferred by many homeowners in Columbus, OH, we are finding that our clients are drawn to pops of color in their new kitchens that enable them to bring a sense of the outdoors into an interior space. Homeowners in Columbus, OH are opting for green and blue toned cabinetry and using color in different and unconventional ways. Homeowners in Columbus, OH also are incorporating color into countertops, opting for veined quartz and colorful stone.


Use of stone for sinks, pulls, window surrounds, and backsplash is another trend among homeowners in Columbus, OH. Incorporating stone in novel applications helps to create a more cohesive and layered look in a new kitchen.


Demand for enclosed kitchens has increased significantly as more of our clients and family members are working or studying from their kitchens, and they appreciate the opportunity for private spaces.


What trends would you like to capitalize upon to create the kitchen of your dreams? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231, and let us show you how you can create a dream kitchen that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

A dream kitchen remodel not only has to look fantastic, it also has to function as well as it looks. Those two goals are not mutually exclusive. Homeowners in Columbus, OH are increasingly realizing the importance and benefit of storage and organizational solutions for their new kitchens and baths. Their preferences are mirroring a new national survey of homeowners who recently renovated their kitchens and baths, conducted by Kitchen and Bath Business magazine.


Homeowners in Columbus, OH understand that a well-designed kitchen is an organized kitchen. The KBB survey found that a median of 60% of homeowners are requesting more storage and organizational options for their newly remodeled kitchens and baths. The most frequently requested kitchen storage and organizing tool is a built-in trash recycling option, requested by 99% of homeowners. The other most popular kitchen storage/organizational tools are:


  • Under cabinet/in-cabinet lighting
  • Pullouts/blind corners/lifts
  • Stand-alone pantry
  • Drawer inserts/dividers
  • Wine/beverage storage
  • In-cabinet outlets and USB ports
  • Appliance garage


Other popular storage solutions favored by homeowners in Columbus, OH include knife block drawers, drawer peg systems, cleaning product and paper towel storage, composting stations, spice racks, double islands, hidden pantry drawers, pet-feeding stations, blind-corner pull outs, and toe-kick drawers.


Demand for organizational tools, solutions, and systems among homeowners in Columbus, OH have dramatically increased in response to the changing multifunctional role. Kitchens are now called upon to perform as offices, zoom backgrounds, classrooms, libraries, cafés, and dining rooms. Homeowners in Columbus, OH are cooking more as well, highlighting the need and desire for a clean, well-organized space.


Professional kitchen designers meet the new demands for more organization and storage solutions by maximizing cabinet storage, designing walk-in pantries, and recommending organizational dividers for kitchen drawers.


Homeowners in Columbus, OH find that specifying organizational and storage solutions as part of the initial design helps to determine how to best use the budget to not only create a kitchen that is the envy of the neighborhood, but also is easy to use, optimizes the available space, increases storage options, and easier to clean and maintain.


What storage and organizational solutions will make your new dream kitchen function and perform better than it looks? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231 and let us show you the organizational and storage options that will make your new kitchen a dream not only to look at, but also to use.

Few homeowners in Columbus, OH ask about the hinges used on kitchen cabinetry even though every cabinet and door have a hinge. Hinges serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. The three most common types of hinges that are specified for new kitchens in Columbus, OH are butt hinges, concealed hinges and surface mounted hinges.


To help make sense of different hinge options, there is some basic terminology to be familiar with to help assure you select the perfect hinges for your dream kitchen.


The leaf is the part of the hinge that extends out from the barrel and is screwed into the door and frame.


The pin is the rod running through the length of the barrel. High-end hinges are shipped assembled with the pins installed.


Leaf width is the dimension of the leaf from the center of the pin to the edge of the leaf.


Open hinge width is the overall dimension of the hinge when the two leaves are open flat.


The arm is associated almost exclusively with concealed hinges. It is the part of the hinge that extends from the hinge and is attached to the inside of the cabinet.


The cup is the part of a concealed hinge that is attached to the door.


Barrel is the circular, hollow section at the center of the hinge that the pin runs through.


Knuckles are the joining parts of a hinge through which the pin passes through.


Butt hinges, also referred to as mortise hinges, are what most homeowners in Columbus, OH associate with kitchen cabinets. A butt hinge comprises two matching leaves of metal connected by a central pin and barrel system. One leaf of the butt hinge is mortised, or recessed into the door, while the other is attached to the cabinet frame. When properly installed, the two leaves of a butt hinge should sit flush against each other, which allows the door to sit perfectly flush with the frame.


Most butt hinges specified for homeowners in Columbus, OH are made of brass or stainless steel and can be finished to match the cabinet or other hardware in the kitchen. Butt hinges can be enhanced with finials or decorative tips that allow homeowners in Columbus, OH to put their own personality into their cabinet hardware.


Concealed hinges, as the name implies, are not visible when the door is closed and often are spring activated or provide a soft-close feature to the cabinet door. Concealed hinges are often preferred by homeowners in Columbus, OH because of the clean, modern look that they provide and ease of use.


A third popular cabinet hinge is a surface mount. This is a hinge where one leaf is attached to the face of the door and the other leaf attached to the face of the frame. Neither side is mortised. A half-surface mounted hinge has one leaf attached to the face of the door and the other is mortised into the edge of the frame.


What’s the right hinge for the cabinets in your dream kitchen? That depends on the look, feel and functionality you desire. To determine what’s best, give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231.

As an increasing number of homeowners in Columbus, OH spend more time in their homes and rely increasingly on subscription and delivery services for groceries and household goods, pantries have become almost a necessity in a well-designed kitchen. If there is space, we often recommend a walk-in pantry because first and foremost a pantry provides added storage space for nonperishable items and more refrigerator space for items that are perishable.


Having a place for everything provides several valued benefits to homeowners in Columbus, OH.


A pantry reduces the number of trips you have to make to the grocery store or online orders that you have to make and helps to ensure that you don’t run out of the items you need to prepare your favorite meals.


A walk-in or even a pull-out pantry provides more flexible space than can be offered by a drawer or cabinet, enabling a kitchen to function more efficiently. Pantries are the great organizer. Storing items in clear containers that are labeled ensures that you will never confuse salt from sugar.


We often recommend to homeowners in Columbus, OH to organize their pantries in food group categories such as canned goods with canned goods, spices with spices, pasta with pasta, grains with grains and so on. Doing so enables homeowners in Columbus, OH to easily find whatever they need to prepare a meal quickly and easily.


Pantries also serve as a welcome home for large countertop appliances that are only used occasionally such as a stand mixer, toaster, sandwich press, slow cooker and similar items, thereby freeing up valuable counterspace and heling to ensure a modern clean look. Similarly, the pantry can also house large roasting pans, stock pots and other cookware items that are only used occasionally, freeing up drawer and kitchen cabinet space for items that are relied upon almost daily.


If your current cabinets and drawers are stuffed to the gills, you will truly appreciate the benefits of a walk-in or pull-out pantry. Pantries can all but eliminate purchasing duplicate items because you did not know that the jar of peanut butter or the box of cavatelli was hidden behind your five-pound bag of flour.


Pantries make cooking easier. They save money and time and avoid waste. Plus, they make your kitchen much more enjoyable to use. Can your new dream kitchen accommodate a walk-in or pull-out pantry? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231 and let us show you the possibilities of incorporating a pantry into your new dream kitchen.

We always ask homeowners in Columbus, OH who want to create the kitchen design of their dreams to describe who in their family will use the kitchen, for what specific purposes and how often. Today’s kitchens need to serve multiple functions especially if homeowners in Columbus, OH are working from home either part time or full time. Always the most used and important room in the home, kitchen spaces now serve as offices, conference rooms, studies, cafes, coffee shops, dining rooms, planning centers and a host of other activities. Given that today’s new kitchen design need to be multifunctional, it has become even more important to make it easy and less time consuming for homeowners in Columbus, OH to clean and maintain their kitchens.


The amount of effort required for everyday kitchen cleaning and maintenance depends on the type and style of products that you select for your kitchen.  Stainless steel appliances are a go-to option for many homeowners in Columbus, OH.  Stainless steel shows water stains and fingerprints. Additionally, dirt, grease, grime and dust can cause stainless steel surfaces to rust if they are not cleaned regularly.  Homeowners that prefer stainless steel appliances should opt for the smudge-proof options offered by many manufacturers. For cooktops, ovens and ranges, we advise homeowners in Columbus, OH to select models with knobs that are far enough apart to enable someone to clean them easily.  Flat surfaces are easier to clean than detailed surfaces.  Induction cooktops are not only easy to use and make cooking more enjoyable, their flat surfaces makes them one of the easiest appliances to clean without sacrificing the benefits of cooking with gas. Stained kitchen cabinets show fewer fingerprints, smudges, dirt and grime than painted cabinets.  Medium stains hide more dirt and fingerprints than lighter or darker stains.  Painted cabinets with semi-gloss finishes are the easiest to clean.  Painted cabinets with a matte or high gloss finish show more fingerprints and dirt and require more frequent attention. 


Flat front cabinets are easier to clean than cabinets with insets, grooves or ridges. Quartz and stainless-steel countertops are stain-resistant, nonporous and the easiest to clean countertop materials.


Glass and one-piece backsplashes that don’t require grout or have seams are the easiest materials to clean. Tile is as popular backsplash choice, but the exposed grout can be a haven for grease and dirt.  If you prefer a tile backsplash that is easier to clean, consider large format tiles with thin grout lines.


Another often overlooked consideration that makes kitchen cleaning easier is the placement of recycling and trash bins.  An ideal location is underneath the sink space permitting or next to the sink.  And if there is adequate space, consider having additional trash and recycling containers in a walk-in pantry, next to the fridge, in an island or close to the area in the kitchen where most meals will be prepared.  


Investing in a high quality, high performing range hood that has the capacity to remove most grease, dust and grime from the kitchen will also make cleaning a lot easier. Open shelves in a kitchen can be a focal point and are favored by many homeowners in Columbus, OH to store and display plates, vases, cookware and collectables.  Open shelves also require more care and maintenance because you need to remove the items placed on the shelves to clean them.


What additional products and designs can make it easier and less effortless to clean and maintain a dream kitchen?   Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH  43231 and let us show you how you can create the kitchen you want and deserve that’s easy to use, clean and maintain.

Bathroom remodeling is among the most requested projects among homeowners in Columbus, OH. The ability to create a private refuge that provides homeowners in Columbus, OH a few minutes a day all to themselves, devoid of texts, tweets and even little feet can be priceless. If you are considering renovating your primary bath, there are certain features and design strategies that can help you create the bath of your dreams.


For many homeowners in Columbus, OH, space is a premium for their primary bath.  You can maximize your space by eliminating common fixtures that you rarely or never use.  Many homeowners in Columbus, OH do not use their tubs for bathing.  Instead, they rely on showers.  If space is at a premium, consider eliminating the tub.  And if you and your family use both the shower and tub, a combination system can meet those needs while maximizing space.  


A well-designed bath is an organized bath. Determine the items that you and your family will use most often that need to be within arm’s reach. Some items may be stored in a drawer, medicine cabinet, vanity, rack, hook, etc.  Explain to your designer the items that you use regularly and request a storage plan that meets your daily needs.


Determine the functionality that is most important to you. If you and your family exercise regularly or suffer from arthritis or other muscle and join ailments, you may want to opt for a tub with hydrotherapy systems that can relax tired muscles or a steam system for the shower that can provide similar benefits. Your primary bath should feature functionality that complements and improves your lifestyle.


Lighting can make or break how your primary bath looks, feels and functions. Lighting is equally as important as tubs, shower systems, vanities, toilets and faucets. Simply placing flush-mounted or recessed fixtures in the center of your bathroom ceiling can provide functional light, but that type of lighting may do little to beautify the space, create a mood or evoke favorable emotional responses. Effective lighting illuminates a space in layers using different components and strategies to paint the final picture.


Are you ready to create the bath of your dreams?  If so, give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH  43231.

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is the largest trade fair for kitchen and bath manufacturers, showrooms, designers and trade professionals in North America. One of the reasons KBIS is such an important industry event is that manufacturers typically introduce new kitchen remodeling products, prototypes and technologies at the show. 2022 continued that tradition. Several highlights of what the future may possibly hold for homeowners in Columbus, OH are as follows:


Manufacturers responded to the impact COVID has had on the way Americans work, entertain, relax, exercise and live. We have found that many homeowners in Columbus, OH that want to create the kitchen design of their dreams plan to continue and expand their frequency and ability to entertain at home.  Appliance manufacturers have responded by creating new types of refrigeration that make entertaining easier. Several manufacturers featured flex drawers in their models and compact fridges that can fit into a cabinet drawer.  A great, convenient and space-saving option for wine storage.


Smart appliances appear to have taken significant leaps to the next level.  Featured ovens offer multiple functionality that include air frying, convection, rotisserie and steam cooking and broiling capabilities all controlled through easy-to-use apps.  New technology enables a vent hood to communicate with an induction cooktop to optimize performance of both appliances that can work with any appliance brand.


Another exceedingly cool product featured at KBIS was a modular outlet that enables homeowners in Columbus, OH to switch inserts depending on what you want to charge.  If you are frustrated by Apple and other tech manufacturers constantly changing the way their products connect to charging stations, this new product ends your frustration.


Wellness was front and center at KBIS.  Everything from air purifiers to smart water systems and touchless faucets were on display.  For bathroom remodeling projects, there were numerous styles, types and functional options for bidet-seated toilets, self-cleaning toilets, tubs and shower systems that offer multiple therapies and the next generation of steam showers.


Making kitchens and baths easier to use and clean was another significant KBIS trend.  Almost every dishwasher at KBIS featured a third rack and manufacturers have upped the ante when it comes to quiet performance.  We were impressed by a new linear drain that includes a built-in device to catch hair and an in-shower system that replaces the need to towels by offering a drying system.  


How can the advancements in technology, performance, ease of use and aesthetics help you to create the kitchen and/or bath of your dreams? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH  43231 and let us show you how to turn your dream into a reality.  

Our showroom designs many new bathroom remodeling project for homeowners in Columbus, OH. There are several design features that homeowners in Columbus, OH may not consider in their research and planning, but simply could not live without once they experience the benefits those features, products and design elements deliver. Some of our favorite and most cherished recommendations include the following.


There’s nothing that says “wow” better than a heated floor. Imagine on a chilly winter night you walk into your new dream bath not on cold floor covering, but on a warm and toasty surface that surprises and delights your toes.  Heated floors are universally adored by homeowners in Columbus, OH, and many are surprised by their affordability and relative ease to install.


Similar to kitchen design, you can’t have too much storage in a dream bathroom remodeling project. Depending on the available space, we often recommend a combination of shelves, drawers, cabinets and niches to create homes for towels, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, grooming aides, medicines and other common products that homeowners in Columbus, OH store in their baths.


A great storage enhancer are niches in the shower and/or tub areas where homeowners in Columbus, OH can place shampoo and other bath products such as conditioner and body wash.  Many homeowners appreciate when we design two niches for the shower or bath area.  The larger one can be used for larger bottles and a second smaller cutout that can hold bars of soap, razors and other grooming aids. 


We also recommend to many of our clients that they make the investment in high-performing, long-lasting plumbing fixtures. You want faucets, showerheads, hand showers and other plumbing fixtures to withstand the test of time.  A high-quality faucet will feature a ceramic disk cartridge (leak proof) and a lifetime finish. A high-quality shower system offers a thermostatic valve that enables you to set your shower to a predetermined temperature and the valve maintains that temperature until the water is turned off.


Speaking of hand showers, they are considered a must-have by homeowners in Columbus, OH who have installed them in their homes.  Hand showers are used to clean the shower enclosure, for rinsing freshly shaved legs and for bathing small children and sometimes even the dog.  


A sculptural freestanding tub, gorgeous vanity, statement-making light fixture or other-worldly tile or stone can help create head-turning focal points in your dream bath.  


Invest in lighting because lighting can make or break the look and feel of your dream bath.  We recommend a layered approach to lighting that provides the right light to prepare for the day or a night on the town, for general illumination and even LED strips that can light the way to the water closet in the middle of the night without disturbing your partner.  


What design features can take your new dream bath from good to great?  Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit us at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH  43231 and let us show you how to create the bath that exceeds your most lofty expectations.

Homeowners in Columbus, OH spend months, if not longer, researching options to create the kitchen design of their dreams. This research is invaluable because it provides insights into what is most important and also enables a professional designer to curate information, desires, wants and must-haves to develop a design and specification that enables homeowners in Columbus, OH to have it all.


We encourage homeowners in Columbus, OH to think big when they envision the kitchen of their dreams.  In every product category, there can be tradeoffs based on performance, functionality and price. However, there may not be a need to compromise.  Here are several ideas to help you think bigger.


Quartz is the number one preference for kitchen countertops in Columbus, OH and for many good reasons. Quartz looks comparable to granite and marble however, it is not porous and won’t stain, making it easy to maintain and clean. There are an almost limitless number of colors, patterns and finishes available. With quartz, you can even incorporate veins in interesting patterns to resemble marble and natural stone. Typical quartz slabs are the same thickness as granite, 3cm. However, quartz is heavier than granite and much stronger, allowing for larger tops and longer overhangs. 


Attention to detail is essential to creating a dream kitchen.  To get exactly the look, feel and functionality that you want, gravitate to custom cabinets. As the name suggest, custom cabinets provide a blank canvas to get whatever size, wood type, color and finish that you desire. Most custom kitchen cabinets are built to order on a project-by-project basis.  If you plan to stay in your home for an extended period of time, custom cabinets will provide multiple returns on your investment.


Custom cabinets also provide a blank canvas for appliance selection because the cabinets will be constructed to fit whatever size refrigerator, range, oven, dishwasher, wine fridge or other appliance that you want.  This will allow for a clean and cohesive look in your kitchen and account for the variation in depth among appliance manufactures that often can result in a counter depth appliance exceeding the depth of the countertop.


Speaking of appliances, a welcome new trend favored by homeowners in Columbus, OH is a drawer dishwasher that is more environmentally efficient, easier to use and provide more flexibility.  You don't use as much water or energy because you can wash one drawer while the second drawer stays idle.  It's a great feature for everyday life and dinner parties and family gatherings.


Multifunctional ovens are another investment that provide multiple returns.  Today’s multifunctional ovens offer different cooking systems that deliver healthier meals by maintaining more nutrients in the foods being cooked and make cooking easier and more uniform.  Ask your designer about the benefits offered by ovens with convention, steam, air frying and conventional functionality. 


Invest in a deep and wide sink, especially if you enjoy cooking and entertaining. Larger single bowls have been dominating the primary sink market.  Today’s homeowners in Columbus, OH like the ability to place dishes, pots and pans, and large trays into the sink simultaneously.  These sinks make it easy to lay a large tray or pan flat in the bottom of the sink to be able to soak, making them easier to clean. Most of these sinks are large and rectangular, ranging from 28” to 36” wide and 10" deep.  Similar to cabinets, you can order a custom sink to fit any space or size that you desire.


The most used appliance in the home is the kitchen faucet.  Once you have experienced the joy and ease of using a smart faucet you will never return to a conventional model. Smart kitchen faucets can activate the flow of water by touch or voice command, which is a welcome feature of home bakers who want to rinse hands covered in dough.


A secret to designing a great kitchen is to account for your storage needs and desires in the initial planning phase. A storage plan will address how often you cook, entertain and hold gatherings. A great kitchen must not only look out of this world, it also must incorporate the best functionality that meets your needs.


What other features do you want in the kitchen of your dreams?  Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH  43231and let us show you how you can have it all!

We understand that not all homeowners in Columbus, OH have the footprint in their kitchens for long islands, endless countertop space and walk-in pantries. That does not mean that homeowners in Columbus, OH can’t create the kitchen design of their dreams. In fact, smaller spaces can outperform their larger counterparts, because smaller kitchens tend to maximize every inch of space.


Designing a smaller kitchen for homeowners in Columbus, OH requires determining how to best use cabinets, maximize countertops and develop a flow that makes it easy to use the kitchen for multiple purposes.


Smaller kitchens by their very nature tend to be more efficient spaces. Efficiency translates to less waste. Because storage is typically limited, food in the fridge or pantry areas does not get overlooked, misplaced or allowed to go bad. Similarly, smaller kitchens required homeowners in Columbus, OH to prioritize their tools, gadgets and countertop appliances. Every item in smaller kitchens tend to be used frequently. You may not have space for the sandwich press or apple slicers.


Less clutter is another benefit of a small kitchen because most of the items in the kitchen have been curated to maximize their use. Smaller kitchens also tend to be cleaner, because there just is not room to stack dirty dishes, groceries or cookware.


A smaller space does not have to appear or function as small. Open shelves provide the flexibility to change the look and feel of the space whenever you want, thereby maintaining a fresh new look all the time. We often recommend to homeowners in Columbus, OH who opt for open shelves to paint them the same color as the wall. This allows homeowners in Columbus, OH to create focal points with the items they place on shelves. Eliminating cabinet hardware is another technique to make smaller space function and look larger without compromising functionality. Drawers and kitchen cabinets can be opened using a lip or touch latch. You also don’t have to worry about bumping into a knob or pull in tighter quarters.


Maximizing the use of corner spaces can help enhance the look and performance of a smaller kitchens either for storage or as the location for sinks.


Other techniques to make smaller spaces appear and function as larger is to use light colors for cabinets, patterned floor covering and running backsplash from the counter to the ceiling.


If you would like to know how you can create a dream kitchen in a smaller space, please give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom located at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231.

There is a reason that more than 50% of homeowners in Columbus, OH and nationwide choose white as the primary color for their new dream kitchens. White offers a bright, crisp look that can make a kitchen space look more expansive and provide a feeling of calm and serenity. Several reasons why white kitchens are the go-to option for so many homeowners in Columbus, OH include the timeless nature of a white kitchen. White is never out of style. Additionally, because of white kitchens’ ability to withstand the test of time, your new white kitchen remodeling project increases the value of your home when you are ready to sell it.


Predominately white kitchens have the potential to emit a cold and sanitary feeling. This can be avoided by selecting the right shade of white and strategically incorporating pops of color in your backsplash, countertops, lights, kitchen cabinet hardware, appliances, sinks or fixtures. We often encourage homeowners in Columbus, OH that want a predominately white kitchen to select primary hues for their pops of color.


When it comes to color, red, blue and yellow are the source of all other colors and black and white are typically used to create tone and value. A key to incorporating pops of color into a white kitchen is to achieve the right balance to elevate and energize the look and feel of the most used room in your home.


What are the right pops of color that can energize and inspire your new dream white kitchen? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231 and let us show you how you can make a distinctive, personal design statement in your new dream kitchen.

Homeowners in Columbus, OH that make an investment in a new dream kitchen and/or bath are not only making the lives of their family members more enjoyable, they also are making an investment that increases the value of their homes. Many homeowners in Columbus, OH decide that they want a new kitchen design, primary bath, powder room, etc. to increase the enjoyment of their home, to provide a haven to reduce stress and spend a few moments of the day all to themselves. Homeowners in Columbus, OH recognize that a new kitchen will bring years of enjoyment to their family, make meal preparation and clean up more enjoyable and easier, provide additional space when they work from home, schooling from home or having an enjoyable meal with friends.


Relating the primary purposes for your new kitchen design or primary bath assists professional designers better understand needs, wants and budgets. Many homeowners in Columbus, OH recognize that the kitchen and primary bath are the two most important rooms in the home. If homeowners in Columbus, OH want to capitalize on the red-hot housing market and obtain maximum value for their homes, updating the kitchen and primary bath makes a lot of sense. If the primary goal of improving the sale value of the home based on an update, that provides a different paradigm to designers. Regardless of the primary reason for a new kitchen or bath, making the investment will increase the value and enjoyment of your home.


What are the primary reasons that you want to create a new kitchen, primary bath, powder room or other space in your home? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit us at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231 and let us show you how to receive the return on investment that you expect and deserve.

Increasingly, homeowners in Columbus, OH who continue to spend most of their time in their homes, want their homes to perform better. The desire for better home performance has caused home renovation and bathroom remodeling in Columbus, OH to boom. As a leading expert on kitchen and bath renovations in Columbus, OH, we help homeowners create new spaces that not only improves their homes’ performance, but also improves their family members’ lives and happiness.


Many homeowners in Columbus, OH need a space in their home that they can call their own; a space where they can take a few minutes of the day all to themselves, devoid of texts, tweets and even small feet to relax and wash away the stresses of the day. That space can be the primary bath.

A good starting point to creating the bathroom of your dreams is to determine how you would like the finished space to look, perform and feel when the project is completed. The first step is to determine priorities:


  • Do you and your family prefer to take long soaks in a tub?
  • Would you and your family prefer a high-performing multifunctional shower?
  • Can the space accommodate both tub for soakers and a high-performing shower?
  • Are you interested in taking advantage of the health benefits of water message, color, light, aroma and steam therapies or combinations thereof?
  • Do you plan to age in place in your existing home?
  • How many sinks do you prefer?
  • Are you aware of the benefits of a high-performing toilet?
  • How smart do you want your bathroom to be?
  • Does a heated floor on cold winter nights and days have an appeal?
  • How much storage to you require?
  • What other functions and fixtures are most important?


After you prioritize functionality, the next step in a bathroom remodel is to determine the look and feel you want to achieve. Of course, you want your new primary bath to be beautiful. That’s a given. Determine the style that is best suited to your tastes and existing décor. What color schemes make you smile? What textural elements do you want? Our most successful projects don’t necessarily reflect the hottest trends. Instead, we work with homeowners in Columbus, OH to provide a primary bath that makes them smile every time they cross the threshold.


Space can be a challenge. Many primary baths in Columbus, OH are not in large spaces but that does not mean you can’t create a primary bath that wows. We often can find and create space by identifying opportunities from unused work areas or adjoining rooms. Lighting is often a key component to achieving homeowner goals, especially where space is at a premium.


How can you take advantage of the most successful bath renovation practices to create the bathroom of your dreams? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit us at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231 and let us show you how your new primary bath can become a personal refuge from the stresses of the day.

Mudrooms are the first line of defense against clutter in a kitchen design for homeowners in Columbus, OH. Mudrooms provide a place for coats, hats, gloves, shoes, balls, toys, backpacks, grocery bags and a host of other items that homeowners in Columbus, OH and their families have when they enter their home. And those items often find their way to the floor, furniture, railings and countertops if there is a not a defined space to store them.


Designing a mudroom, like designing a kitchen, begins with focusing on the functional. What does your family need to store when they use the main entrance to the home? How much space is available? Even if you don’t have a dedicated “room” you can create mudroom functionality in an area off your kitchen or a wall in a hallway. That’s why functionality is the first, but certainly, not the only consideration. How many hooks, bins, shelves, benches, seats, rings, etc. will you need and how will they be used? Once basic functionality is addressed, imagine how you can maximize the use, look and feel of the space. We have incorporated the laundry room as part of a mudroom and also have included pantries in our mudroom designs. Many homeowners in Columbus, OH love having a sink at their primary entrance that enables them to wash their hands as soon as they enter the home. If the sink is deep enough it can double as a pet washing station as well. We often recommend placing a shower over the sink to help clean garden tools, rubber boots and even fruits and vegetables.


Most mudrooms tend to be smaller spaces that benefit from bright cabinetry and color schemes. The more light that can be added to the space serves not only to make the mudroom appear to be larger, but also easier to navigate.


For floor coverings we often recommend natural stone or porcelain tile. Both are durable materials that offer almost unlimited color and texture options and are easy to clean and maintain.


How can a mudroom enhance the enjoyment and functionality of your kitchen design? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231 and let us show you how you can eliminate clutter and make your home more enjoyable.

As many homeowners in Columbus, OH have spent a majority of their time in their homes for that past 30 months or so, several trends have emerged. One is the need for quiet time away from the demands of emails, texts, tweets, schedules, and other daily life chaos. That trend is reflected in the 2021 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study. Two-thirds of homeowners who renovated their primary bathroom did so to provide a space where they could rest and relax. In other words, they created an in-home spa.


The desire for an in-home sanctuary has encourage many homeowners in Columbus, OH to remodel their primary baths. After making the decision, they quickly realize the benefits of having a calming, hygienic space where they can spend a few minutes all to themselves to wash away the stresses of the day. Regardless of style preference – modern, transitional or traditional – homeowners in Columbus, OH can easily create an in-home spa that feature many of the following components:


  • Freestanding soaking tubs with optional message, color, audio and aroma therapies.
  • High-performing, multi-jetted showers with thermostatic valves that allow you to preset water temperature to an exact setting, rain showerheads and optional steam, color, audio and aroma therapies.
  • High-tech toilets that can clean themselves, with built-in nightlights, bidet functionality, heated, self-opening and closing seats and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Smart lighted mirrors, sconces and chandeliers.
  • Colorful vanities that include those with blue and wood tones to bring warmth and texture to the primary bath.
  • Marble flooring, in-shower floor and wall tile and on non-shower walls.
  • Multiple LED lit mirrors with anti-fog capabilities and television and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Multiple medicine cabinets with internal and external LED lights, electrical outlets and in-cabinet charging capabilities.
  • Towel warmers.
  • Makeup and shaving mirrors with multiple magnification levels.


If you would like to create an in-home spa that can help you and your family take a few minutes every day to relax and recharge, give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231.

Many homeowners in Columbus, OH spend many hours researching different options, styles, colors, textures and products for the kitchen of their dreams. Thankfully, many homeowners in Columbus, OH create idea books and save pictures of kitchens and products that they like. This information can make your customer journey a lot easier and less stressful and time consuming.


The style of kitchen cabinets that homeowners in Columbus, OH select for their dream kitchen sets the tone for the space and generates the vibe that determines how a kitchen will look and feel. Door options are almost unlimited depending on your style, taste and budget. The following guidance can help you determine the right door for your dream kitchen.


Door Types

The two most common types of kitchen cabinets are overlay and inset.


Overlay cabinet doors come in full or partial overlay versions. Full overlay doors and drawers completely cover the face frame. When two overlay cabinets are viewed side-by-side, only a very small portion of the frame is visible, creating a nearly seamless and streamlined look.


Partial overlaydoors and drawers partially cover the face frame and are typically associated with more traditional decor.


Inset doors fit inside the face frame. This type of cabinet construction gives a full view of the cabinet frame, with only minimal spacing or gaps between the cabinet components. Inset cabinetry offers clean lines, flush inset doors and features that can change the look of a standard cabinet with a full overlay door. With inset cabinets, you can personalize the design with either beaded or non-beaded inserts to create your own look and complement your home’s décor.


Cabinet Door Styles:

Shaker design is the most popular type of cabinet door for homeowners in Columbus, OH. Clean lines that add depth and interest without being visually overpowering characterize Shaker doors. The most basic Shaker style is a five-piece door with a recessed center panel and no additional edge detailing.


Slab doors are simple and stylish. They are devoid of panels, molding or detailing to produce a clean minimalist look. Slab doors typically are made of wood or laminate.


Arched doors have a curve at the top that is either recessed or raised within the door panel. Cathedral arch doors have a medieval arch at the top. This style is almost always limited to wall hung cabinets.


Beaded cabinets are often associated with the cottage look feature decorative wood paneling with vertical grooves on the interior panel.


Glass inset cabinets feature a clear or frosted piece of glass that allows you to see the contents of the cabinet.


Mission-style cabinets are usually made from oak and stained to highlight the grain of the wood. They employ a square frame molding to produce a simple elegant style.


Thermafoil doors are molded from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) that are wrapped in a coating and then baked under extremely high heat to create an impervious seal. Thermafoil doors are extremely durable and budget friendly. This type of door only comes in solid colors or imitation wood grain.


Custom doors provide a blank pallet for homeowners in Columbus, OH to create a unique design that is all their own.


What is the right door for your new dream kitchen? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit us at our showroom 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231 and let us help curate many different options to identify the perfect door type, style, color and texture for your dream kitchen.

The kitchen sink is the most used fixture in your kitchen design. Think about how many roles your sink plays. It’s the place for dirty dishes. It’s where you wash fruits and vegetables. It’s where you fill pots and pans. The list can go on and on. And there is no shortage of options. Kitchen sinks come in an infinite number of sizes, textures, materials and depths. Which one is right for homeowners in Columbus, OH? That depends on several; factors and questions that homeowners in Columbus, OH need to answer to specify the perfect sink for their lifestyle and family.


It may seem like common sense, but the size of the kitchen sink should be proportional to the size of the kitchen. Homeowners with a large kitchen that can accommodate multiple countertops, have more options than homeowners in Columbus, OH with smaller sized kitchens. A smaller footprint generally calls for a sink that will meet most kitchen requirements without compromising countertop space or storage areas. As a rule of thumb, if you place your kitchen sink in front of a window, the sink’s width should be no wider than the window.


Many homeowners in Columbus, OH who entertain and cook frequently often are attracted to the idea of making their sink a focal point in the kitchen design by selecting a larger fashion-forward sink made from copper, fireclay, composite or another material.


Your kitchen sink should not only look beautiful, the sink should also meet your functional needs. Homeowners in Columbus, OH who are avid cooks often prefer double or triple bowled sinks. These sinks are generally wider than standard sizes requiring wider sink bases that are generally more appropriate for larger kitchens. Multiple bowl sinks allow more than one person to use the sink at the same time without getting in the way of one another.


Sink depth is another important because it affects ease of use. If the main users of the sink are less than 5 feet 6 inches tall, a shallower depth may be most appropriate because family members won’t have to lean into the sink to use it. Deeper sinks typically are preferred by more avid cooks because they tend to use a lot of dishes, pots and pans when preparing meals and deeper sinks allows them to hide dirty dishes from the view of guests and others. Bakers also prefer deeper sinks because they can easily accommodate sheet pans and cutting boards.


Increasingly, homeowners in Columbus, OH are attracted to workstation sinks. A workstation sink resembles a standard sink but comes with an array of accessories and options that not only enhance its functionality, but also makes it easier to prepare meals and helps overcome potential space problems. Most workstation sinks serve multiple functions that convert the sink into a countertop, food prep areas and drying rack. Accessories such as cutting boards, drying racks, colanders make meal preparation and clean up faster, easier and more efficient.


Another attractive feature of workstation sinks is their multifunctionality. Homeowners in Columbus, OH can simultaneously defrost food, wash fresh veggies and clean dirty dishes in their workstation sinks. It’s also a more sanitary option because it allows you to keep fresh food, dirty dishes and other items completely separate thereby avoiding the possibility of cross contamination.


What’s the perfect size, material and configuration of the sink for your dream kitchen? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231 and let us help you determine what’s best for you and your family.

Planning a dream kitchen design is not something that most homeowners in Columbus, OH do at the spur of a moment. Almost every one of our clients comes to our showroom after having spent considerable time researching different products, styles and options. Yet, we find that many homeowners in Columbus, OH don’t know where to start. Our showroom is here to help. 


Begin with the big picture. Determine how you want your kitchen to function, look and feel. What tasks will you and fellow family members do in your new kitchen? Are you or a member of your family a gourmet cook or do you approach meal preparation as a task? Will you want to kitchen to double as a classroom, office social hub or offer some other functionality? What is most important? What type of design statement do you want to make? What feeling do you want to experience every time you enter the kitchen after the renovation is completed? These are big picture questions that once answered help to provide a professional designer with a blueprint to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Answering these questions also helps to make other decisions easier and faster because you have identified the goals for the project and your family.


After establishing goals, determine where you want to splurge and possible opportunities for compromise. Investing in high quality cabinets, countertops, pantry and an island (space permitting) are wise and sound investments because they are the functional and aesthetic workhorses of a kitchen. You also may be attracted to smart appliances, lighting and plumbing fixtures.  


Determine if you want to expand the current space to connect to outdoors or other rooms. If you decide to expand your existing space, recognize that this will add to your budget and timelines.


Another major consideration in creating a dream kitchen is storage and organization. The most common buyer’s remorse among homeowners in Columbus, OH after they have completed their kitchens is not make additional investments in organizational tools and storage. A well-designed kitchen results in a well-organized kitchen. 


Determine how involved you want to me in the creating and remodeling of your new dream kitchen. Some homeowners in Columbus, OH want to receive daily updates of their project and others are happy with weekly progress reports. Let your designer know what you want to be involved with and how often.


Once you have answered the big picture questions, you can dive selecting products which is often the most enjoyable aspect of a renovation.  


If you have questions or would like additional guidance to help in the planning of your new kitchen, please call our showroom at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit us at 5841 Emporium Square, Columbus, OH  43231.

Last year was among the busiest and most hectic times ever experienced by most kitchen and bath showrooms, ours included. Do we want a repeat in 2022? Not really, because of the continued uncertainty with supply chains, labor markets, pricing and scheduling. Homeowners in Columbus, OH, confined to their homes, realized that their homes did not work as well as they needed to and homeowners did not work as well for their homes either. Our neighbors in Columbus, OH realized that they needed their kitchens and baths to serve multiple new functions and were willing to make the investment to improve their homes for their families. They recognized the value of a dream kitchen design that also could serve as classroom, dining room, café, and office among other functions. Homeowners in in Columbus, OH relished the thought of an in-home spa where they could spend a few minutes of everyday just to themselves, devoid of texts, tweets, family demands and outside noise to relax, recharge and wash away the stresses of daily life.  

For our showroom it was a perfect storm and then the reality of supply chain challenges raged across our bow. The supply chain is currently not working and there is no easy fix. Cabinet, countertop and appliance manufacturers can’t get the materials, products, labor or transportation to offer delivery dates that were once considered standard. Omicron has given no rest to the weary. Major ports remain backed up in record numbers. Shipping and trucking companies can’t find a sufficient number of drivers to meet demand, further exacerbating delivery times and scheduling. Attracting installation and trade professionals that homeowners in Columbus, OH expect and deserve is nearly impossible. All of these challenges affect timelines, but there is no need to delay planning the kitchen of your dreams.


The Solution


First, don’t abandon your plans for a new kitchen or in-home spa. Our showroom has learned to adapt and work with homeowners in Columbus, OH to address as realistically as possible supply chain challenges and to communicate with complete transparency. Several of our cabinet manufacturers report delivery time improvements. Appliances remain challenging, however. Homeowners in Columbus, OH that want a new dream kitchen or bath should start the process now, understanding that it may be months before construction can begin.  


Several best practices include:


  • Do not start demolition until all products needed for your renovation are in stock.
  • Determine if you have room to take delivery and store your new cabinets and kitchen materials in your home before demolition starts. This can be a big advantage.
  • Agree to an air-tight design and construction plan because it can take months to obtain new parts and materials if you decide to change during the course of your renovation.
  • Have a plan A and plan B for every product that you need that will enable your designer to access products that meet your quality standards and design requirements more quickly.
  • Have a realistic budget that you openly share with your professional designer. Similar to most other products, labor and product price increases are affecting cabinets, countertops, tile, hardware and other products that are needed for new kitchens and baths. Prices have gone up so be prepared when you start your journey.
  • Remember that patience is a virtue and the joy and benefits that a new kitchen and bath can add to your home are – priceless.


If now is the right time for you to start creating your new dream kitchen or bath, please call our showroom at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit us as 5841 Emporium Square, Columbus, OH  43231.

If you are planning to create a dream kitchen in 2022, take advantage of one of the industry’s largest and most respected surveys of trends to use as a source of inspiration.

Key takeaways for homeowners in Columbus, OH from the 2022 Kitchen Trends study include:

  • Homeowners investing more in their new kitchens than in prior years
  • Homeowners are demanding more private/enclosed spaces
  • Relying on professional designers and remodelers are increasing
  • Islands remain a top priority in new kitchens
  • Homeowners are splurging more on countertops

The survey results mirror trends we see among homeowners in Columbus, OH. Almost half of homeowners reconfigure the layout when creating the kitchen of their dreams. However, open floor plans where the kitchen opens to other rooms in the home are decreasing. The Houzz survey found that only 38% of homeowners opted for an open floor plan compared to 46% in 2020. This is not surprising given that so many homeowners in Columbus, OH require their new kitchens to provide flexibility and serve multiple functions such as classroom, office, cafe, dining room, etc. This places a premium on separate and enclosed spaces.


Almost 90% of homeowners from the Houzz study retain professional assistance to remodel their kitchens and that too makes sense, especially in light of the difficulty in obtaining products and materials caused by supply chain challenges and finding qualified labor.  


Countertops are replaced by 91% of homeowners remodeling their kitchens and quartz is the most popular countertop material. Again, this mirrors our experience with homeowners in Columbus, OH. Quartz is extremely popular because of its antimicrobial properties, it’s easy to clean, extremely durable and comes in a rainbow of color options. White is the most popular color for countertops, selected by 39% of homeowners, followed by multicolored (24%) and gray (12%). Granite is the second most popular countertop material selected for new kitchens.


Nearly a quarter of homeowners (24%) building a new dream kitchen selects a countertop color for their island that contrasts with other countertops in the kitchen. White also is the most selected color for island countertops followed by wood tones.


Homeowners in the survey and in Columbus, OH also invested more in their backsplash material. Ceramic and porcelain tile were specified for 56% of new kitchens, marble’s popularity is on the rise, selected by 11% of homeowners.  


Hardwood remains the top choice among homeowners in Columbus, OH for flooring, followed by an increase in popularity for vinyl flooring.


White remains the most popular color for cabinets, selected by 41% of homeowners, followed by medium-toned wood (12%) and gray (10%). Gray also was the second most popular color selected for kitchen walls, behind white and stainless steel was the most popular finish for appliances.


Shaker continues to dominate cabinet preferences, selected by 64% of homeowners followed by flat panel (17%).  


Nearly 60% of homeowners renovating their kitchens added an island that on average was more than 7 feet long. Rectangular islands were most popular shape selected by 83% of homeowners. The increased size of islands responds to the multiple functions homeowners in Columbus OH demand from their islands. These include entertaining, socializing, eating, homework and serving as a workplace.  


Please call us at (614) 794-9222 to determine how you can leverage the most common trends to build the kitchen of your dreams or make an appointment at visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square, Columbus, OH  43231.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association released its 2022 Design Trends study based on survey responses from kitchen designers, showrooms, product manufacturers, remodelers, contractors and architects among others. Key findings reflect the trends industry professionals anticipate that homeowners in Columbus, OH will prefer in the coming year. They include:


    • Large islands that are used for meal preparation, dining, homework and as a home office.
    • Pantries that provide storage and small appliance working areas for coffee stations, blenders, mixers, toasters, etc.
    • Workstation sinks with built-in drying racks, colanders, cutting boards, etc.
  • Easy to clean, antimicrobial surfaces.
    • Quartz continuing to be the countertop of choice for homeowners in Columbus, OH.
    • Large format tiles or slabs requiring less grout.
  • Smart faucets (touchless, voice activated, app activated).
  • Increased demand for outdoor living spaces adjacent to the kitchen.
  • Smart appliances (voice activated; app controlled).
  • Smart lighting (voice activated; app controlled).
  • Increased demand for organic and natural styles.
  • Increased use of natural light in the kitchen from large high-performing windows and doors.
  • Color palettes moving away from gray and white as primary colors to using whites as neutrals and more color and lighter wood grains.
  • Increased demand for warm hues and nature-inspired colors, including greens and blues, golds and other metallics.
  • Plumbing fixtures and kitchen cabinet hardware with more matte and brushed finishes with black, stainless, nickel and pewter to be in the highest demand.
  • Environmental efficiency product and operations that include:
    • LED lighting
    • Recycling stations
    • Low-E windows and doors
    • Energy Star/energy-efficient appliances
    • WaterSense faucets and fixtures
    • VOC-free paints
    • Products with recycled materials
    • Radiant flooring
  • Universal design features that include:
    • Designs that enable homeowners in Columbus, OH to age in place gracefully and with dignity.

How can you create an on-trend kitchen of your dreams? Call us at (614) 794-9222 to discuss the possibilities or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square, Columbus, OH  43231.

Homeowners in Columbus, OH are overwhelming desiring healthier, multifunctional, convenient and technologically advanced kitchen designs, bathroom designs in the home. The global pandemic has placed health and wellbeing at the top of homeowners wish lists. These desires have translated into increased demand for touchless faucets, deeper sinks and countertops, sinks, hardware, flooring and other common kitchen components that perform better, are easier to use and resist germs, bacteria, mold and mildew.


Because the role of the kitchen has expanded to include office, classroom, café and many other functions, many homeowners in Columbus, OH are more open to larger windows, glass doors, nature-inspired textures, comfortable areas to eat and multiple workstations in their dream kitchens. Open floor plans that can integrate with other rooms in the home and offer seamless transition to outdoors have been and are expected to remain extremely popular among homeowners in Columbus, OH.


A well-designed kitchen is an organized kitchen. As an increasing number of homeowners in Columbus, OH are spending more time in their homes and cooking more often. They desire kitchens that maximize the use of countertop space and offer designated areas for meal preparation, cooking, cleanup, dining, studying and working. The desire for clutterless countertops has increased demand for enhanced storage solutions that include pantries, frameless cabinetry and open shelving that can display clear containers to organize food not only on the shelves, but also in the fridge, pantry and other areas of the kitchen.


Smart functionality in both kitchen and bath also promotes health and wellbeing. Everything from smart device charging stations incorporated into kitchen drawers to waterproof televisions being installed in kitchen backsplashes, technology is making kitchens and baths easier, more enjoyable and healthier. In the bath homeowners in Columbus, OH are creating in-home spas that allow for a few minutes of calm and relaxation, devoid of texts, tweets and emails where they can wash away the stresses of the day. There has been a boom in demand for smart toilets that clean themselves, automatically lift seats and flush, connect to personal digital assistants and offer bidet functionality.


Advanced shower systems have become a staple for homeowners in Columbus, OH that provide steam, light, aroma and sound therapies that reduce stress, remove toxins from the body, rejuvenate skin, message and restore tired and/or arthritic muscles and provide a sense of calm and wellbeing.


Freestanding soaker baths can also include similar therapies to advanced shower systems. Solid surface materials are often the choice for soaking tubs because of their ability to retain heat and are easy to clean and maintain.


Flooring tile for the kitchen bath and shower area also can help promote a healthy and safe environment. We are specifying antimicrobial, slip resistant tile that is easy to clean that resists mold, mildew and bacteria.


If you want to know how you can make your kitchen, bath and other rooms in your home healthier, easier and more enjoyable to use, please give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square, Columbus, OH 43231.

It’s common for homeowners in Columbus, OH to spend six months or longer researching before making an appointment to visit our showroom to discuss creating the kitchen remodel of their dreams. Often, however, all of the prep work leaves homeowners in Columbus, OH with more questions than answers and not having a firm grasp on where and how to begin the process of creating their dream kitchen.


The kitchen is the epicenter of any home, but the way that the kitchen is used varies greatly among homeowners in Columbus, OH. A good starting point is to determine who will use your kitchen and how — will you use the space to prepare meals, entertain friends and family, etc.? What other activities will take place in your kitchen? Does your kitchen double as a home office or place for remote learning or homework? Listing all of the uses and users will help you determine your priorities and budget and provide the information your designer needs to meet your functionality requirements.


The size of your space is another critical factor. Take pictures of your existing space. Also, it’s helpful if you measure the length, width and height and bring those figures with you to the showroom. Quality designers will always re-measure the space in order to assure accuracy once you decide to move forward with a project. Additionally, if you have a copy of the original kitchen plans, bring those with you to the showroom as well. Bringing dimensions with you to a showroom enables designers to determine if an island, one of the most requested kitchen features, is possible. If space is at a premium, a peninsula might be a fall back.


Another important consideration is traffic flow. Your new kitchen should make it easier to prepare meals, eat, clean up and navigate through the room without bumping into things or others. If you currently bump into other family members while in the kitchen, let your designer know.


Make another list identifying all of the things that you want to store in your kitchen and note the approximate sizes of those items. A well-designed kitchen is an organized kitchen. Most homeowners in Columbus, OH appreciate clean, clutter-free countertops. When a designer knows the utensils, cutlery, plates, pots, pans, books, computers, small appliances, etc. that you want at your fingertips they can develop the right storage solutions for your project.


Think about how you want the new space to feel. What are your favorite colors and styles? Do you prefer to make big bold statements or lean towards more serene environments? Create idea books on Pinterest or and include photos of and information about the appliances, faucets, sinks, lighting fixtures, cabinets, door hardware, tile, granite, stone or other materials you would like to use in your new kitchen. Once your designer knows your preferences, he or she can develop the solutions that meet your needs, preferences and budget.


Think about how you want the new space to feel. What are your favorite colors and styles? Do you prefer to make big bold statements or lean towards more serene environments? Create idea books on Pinterest or and include photos of and information about the appliances, faucets, sinks, lighting fixtures, cabinets, door hardware, tile, granite, stone or other materials you would like to use in your new kitchen. Once your designer knows your preferences, he or she can develop the solutions that meet your needs, preferences and budget.


Let your designer know what you like and would like to change about your existing space. If your space is too small, your designer may look to open up the kitchen to create more space. Adding windows or doors that allow natural light can change the look and feel of a room. An experienced designer will know how to incorporate your preferences and achieve the functionality you desire.


Don’t be afraid to have a budget in mind. Most clients are reticent to talk about budgets up front. Sometimes budgets are realistic and other times they are not. What you see on home improvement television shows rarely reflects the real world. On television they don’t account for the cost of labor, and labor is typically 30 percent of the cost of a new kitchen and 70 percent of the cost of a new bath. A good rule of thumb is to budget 10 to 20 percent of the value of your home for your new kitchen. The range will depend on scope of the renovation, size of the space and materials selected. Sharing your budget with your designer helps to set the tone, saves time and reduces the likelihood of the unexpected. Also consider how involved you want to be in your project. Do you want to be involved in every detail or would you prefer to rely on your designer to develop solutions for your review and approval? Either option is fine, but to help your designer save you time and energy, communicate this information up front.


Action Items to That Help Save Time and Provide the Place to Start Creating Your Dream Kitchen:


• Jot down who will use the kitchen and for what purposes.

• Measure the space (length, width and height).

• Take photos and videos of the kitchen and locate plans if you have them.

• Write down what you like about the space and what you want to change.

• Make a list of cookware, small appliances, cutlery, plates, cups, saucers, bowls and other items that you want to store in your kitchen.

• Create idea books on Pinterest, Instagram or identifying products and styles that you like. • Have an idea of how much you want to spend on your kitchen and what your priorities are. Every new kitchen involves give and take. • Determine how involved you want to be in the project.


How else can you arrive at the right place to start your new dream kitchen. Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit us at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231.

We know that many of homeowners in Columbus, OH will make New Year’s Resolutions to either improve their health, lose weight or both. There are numerous reasons to make weight loss resolutions. Losing weight makes you healthier, gives you more energy and helps to reduce fat and builds muscle. If you subscribe to a particular diet or simply elect to eat healthier, there are certain kitchen tools that can help guide your way and make dieting easier. Also, a good kitchen design is important too.


One of the first appliances that people turn to when starting a diet is a blender. We prefer blenders with high-torque motors that can easily convert solids into liquids in a few seconds to create healthy shakes, smoothies and other drinks that every homeowner in Columbus, OH can enjoy.


Emersion or hand blenders enable you to mix, chop, whisk and blend, at the stove, countertop or anywhere else in the kitchen that you prepare meals. If you don't already have a hand blender, look for one with multiple speeds.


A food processor can slice, dice and chop foods in a matter of seconds. Food processors are great for making healthier snacks and appetizers such as fresh hummus or homemade granola.


An air fryer gives you the taste and crunch of fried foods using approximately 75 percent less oil than a conventional fryer. An air fryer is a convection oven that circulates hot air around food to cook it. Air fryers come in a variety of sizes. The largest of which can cook a meal for a family of four looking to reduce fat and calories.


One of the cool new gadgets for dieting is a spiralizer that takes vegetables such as zucchini, squash and carrots and turns them into spaghetti.


Cooking beef, duck and chicken in a rotisserie convection toaster oven will help reduce fat and calories.


A mandoline is another tool that helps to increase the enjoyment of eating veggies. Mandolines cut veggies into extremely thin slices that are easy to prepare and more enjoyable to eat.


Sous vide equipment cooks food to the exact level of doneness consistently. Because whatever you select cooks in its own juices the food is juicier, tastes better, more tender and less wasteful.


A slow cooker prepares food as its name implies slowly. The dietary benefits of slow cooking is the process preserves nutrients in the food thereby making your meals healthier, tastier and easier to digest.


A good quality kitchen scale can help with portion control. Portions are based on weight and not size. To get in the habit of eating the right portions, you need to weigh what you will eat.


A brand new kitchen design de will make meal preparation easier and more enjoyable. We can help with that as well. Please call as at (614) 794-9222 or visit us at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231 to determine how a new kitchen for you home can help you live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

The Pantone Color Institute has selected Very Peri, a purple-blue, as its 2022 color of the year. “Encompassing the qualities of the blues, yet at the same time possessing a violet-red undertone, Very Peri displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression, states Pantone Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman.Very Peri used in kitchen and bath designs provide homeowners in Columbus, OH opportunities to make unique and personal design statements that are modern, fresh, playful and creative. A purple-blue palate is not common in most kitchens. However, we see it working extremely well as an accent color to provide a pop of freshness to a white kitchen motif. Other applications for Very Peri that could work extremely well in a dream kitchen is to use it on lower base cabinets or as the base of an island.


Color selection for dream spaces in the home depend very much upon how homeowners in Columbus, OH want their home to look and feel. Very Peri invokes a sense of calm and relaxation, which could be perfect for homeowners in Columbus, OH that want to convert their primary path into an in-home spa. In bathrooms, Very Peri can be effectively used as a spot color or on an accent wall. Very Peri also can be an effective color to make smaller bathroom spaces appear larger.


How can Very Peri or another color make your dream kitchen, primary bath, mudroom, laundry room or other space in your home, bring joy and a sense of calm and relaxation? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231 and let’s discuss how to use color to create exceptional spaces in your home.

Did you know that 85% of homeowners in Columbus, OH rely on a professional designer when they want to create a dream kitchen? There are many good reasons why that percentage is so high. Building a dream kitchen involves numerous processes and details. Principal roles that designers play are that of guide and curator. Homeowners in Columbus, OH spend hours, days, weeks and even months researching options before making an appointment with a designer. We know that the Internet is both our friend and foe. While the Internet provides access to every product and service that you could ever need for a remodeling project, the amount of information available online can be overwhelming, is often incorrect, is likely to cause analysis paralysis, contributes to unrealistic expectations and elevates stress levels. That’s where a professional designer and showroom can be your greatest asset. Showroom professionals specialize in making order out of chaos.


Because kitchen designers specialize in kitchens primarily, they not only bring a specific expertise not available from other sources, they also provide homeowners in Columbus, OH fresh perspectives, often providing new layouts, configurations and floor plans that homeowners in Columbus, OH had not previously considered. These new perspectives often result in a more functional, beautiful and enjoyable kitchen. Providing a new and enlightened perspective is especially important to homeowners in Columbus, OH because of the multiple roles that kitchens now serve.


Homeowners in Columbus, OH should expect their showroom professional to narrow product choices based on needs, preferences and budgets. That’s why you should expect to answer a lot of questions during initial interviews and meetings ranging from what you like about your existing kitchen and what areas would you like to improve, what style do you prefer, how often do you cook in your kitchen, how often do you entertain, other than meal preparation what other functionality would you like your kitchen to provide, how do you want your dream kitchen to feel like every time your cross the threshold and on and on. When you research a potential showroom, look on their website for completed projects that reflect your style, but also look at the different styles that are featured. A range of project types and styles that include traditional, transitional, modern, farmhouse and contemporary reflects that the showroom has not only the skill set to meet different tastes and preferences, but also the flexibility to do so.


When you interview a potential designer, ask how they plan to manage the project, the scope of services that they will provide and how they troubleshoot problems. Given today’s supply chain challenges, you should expect your showroom designer to provide a realistic timeline and suggest alternative options in the event that products that are first choices are not available in the timeline needed.


Always ask to see photos of similar projects that the showroom has designed and don’t be shy about asking for references. Additionally, have realistic expectations. There are unforeseen events that happen on almost every project, especially when renovating existing spaces. That’s why we encourage homeowners in Columbus, OH to ask during the interview process how a designer troubleshoots problems and responds to unforeseen occurrences.


A professional showroom and designer’s primary responsibilities are to make things work and positively change clients’ lives and living spaces. If you would like to ease the stress of the renovation process and increase the happiness of your home and family, give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit us as 5841 Emporium Square, Columbus, OH 43231

Cersaie is the International Exhibition of Ceramics, Tile and Bathroom Furnishings that opened its doors to the public at the end of September for the first time since the pandemic started. Cersaie is an important international exhibition because it reveals the trends of tomorrow for kitchen designs, baths and other rooms in the home that use ceramics and porcelain.


The top trends from Cersaie that will influence renovations for homeowners in Columbus, OH are as follows:


Splashes of color everywhere. Bold colors were found in nontraditional products such as shower bases, radiators and faucets. This trend allows homeowners in Columbus, OH to make personal design statements, use color to escape from daily routines and bring a natural vibe indoors through earth-tones, pastels and light shades of blue.


Connecting with natural elements expanded to tiles that resembled marble. Featured were porcelain vanity tops that mimicked different shades of onyx, Carrara, Calcutta and Verona red marble. Additionally, there were tiles that looked like hardwood. The ability to connect with nature was also found in bathroom displays at Cersaie. There were brightly colored floral tiles with tactile surfaces and jungle-styled décor on display.


Combining smooth and textured surfaces for countertops, cabinet doors and tile finishes was another strong trend at Cersaie. Utilizing cutting-edge digital printing technologies, combined with a variety of glaze applications and textures transformed tile to provide the decorative and expressive qualities of wallpaper while boasting the durability and versatility of ceramic.


The use of the same tile to transition from indoors to outdoors to create continuity between spaces was another hot trend in Cersaie.


Large format tiles as big as 10 feet by 10 feet also turned heads at Cersaie, enabling homeowners in Columbus, OH to tile an entire bathroom or kitchen wall with a single slab. And for wow, Cersaie showcased an innovative technology that featured a chef preparing and cooking a meal on a countertop where there was no burner to be found. Instead, this technology integrates an induction cooking system into a countertop and transfers heat to cookware while the counter cool remains cool to the touch. This technology is expected to come to the U.S. next year.


How will these new trends enable you to create a kitchen or bathroom of your dreams?


Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit us at 5841 Emporium Square, Columbus, OH 43231


The kitchen is the epicenter and most used room in the home for almost everyone who lives in Columbus, OH. Homeowners in Columbus, OH come to our showroom armed with months of research, having scoured kitchen design magazines, home improvement television shows, the Internet and friends and family who have recently renovated. They finally make the decision to move forward. It’s both an exciting time, but also a bit disconcerting. Remodeling your kitchen is not always easy, but it is definitely worth it. After homeowners in Columbus, OH make the decision to remodel, there are certain steps we advise that they take to make the renovation process less stressful, costly and time consuming.


Creating a dream kitchen Columbus, OH provides a great opportunity to curate what currently exists and that process will help define storage needs for the future. The number one regret among homeowners Columbus, OH after they have renovated their kitchen not investing enough in storage and organization. We recommend sorting your kitchen gear into three categories:


1. Items you will need to store.

2. Items you will need to use during the renovation.

3. Items you want to recycle/donate/dispose of.


The recycle/donate/dispose of option is often most important. Homeowners Columbus, OH should determine how many sets of dishes they actually need or want. Do you really want to keep dinnerware and serving dishes that are faded, cracked or chipped? How often to you use a saucer with your coffee cup? If never is the answer, do you really need to keep saucers? If you have serving pieces or fine china, real silver and large pots and pans that are used occasionally – think turkey roasting pans – then determine if you can store those items in other rooms in the house to make more room in your kitchen for the items that you use daily.


Mugs and food storage containers are additional items that most homeowners Columbus, OH have in abundance. Many mugs have sentimental value if they were acquired from trips, art shows, etc. Determine if they are needed or wanted in your new kitchen. Also determine how many storage containers you actually use and the right sizes. Small appliances and cooking utensils are additional categories ripe for curation when planning a new dream kitchen. We encourage homeowners Columbus, OH to give away the small appliances and gadgets that they don’t use or whose functionality is covered by other appliances.


Looking toward the future and what your lifestyle is likely to be in the next three to five years and beyond can aid in the curation process. What items will you need? What items do you love and can’t part ways with and what new items will make your life that much easier and enjoyable?


After you have curated, the next step is to create a temporary kitchen in your garage, basement, utility room or other location to simplify cooking, eating and cleaning up at home during the renovation. You will minimize the expense of dining out and ordering takeout by creating a place to cook and store groceries. You may use a combination of the following to create a temporary kitchen:


• Grill

• Microwave

• Hot plate

• Camping stove

• Refrigerator (If you are replacing your existing refrigerator, the renovation provides a perfect opportunity to move the fridge to the basement, garage or other location that provides additional refrigeration space).

• Toaster oven

• Sandwich press

• Stick blender

• Pressure cooker and/or slow cooker


Depending on the scope, a kitchen renovation can take several weeks to several months. Simply replacing what currently exists in the same footprint can take less time than expanding or reconfiguring space, ventilation, plumbing, electrical and structural components and systems.


Planning For Life Without a Kitchen


• Coffee maker

• Electric skillet

• Folding or portable tables and chairs

• Temporary trash and recycling bins


Your grill, toaster oven, microwave or camping stove offer functionality comparable to an oven. A pressure cooker or slow cooker enable you to make one pot meals that can satisfy even the most finicky of palates.


Maintaining a positive attitude and a good sense of humor help. Remember that the inconveniences you experience during the renovation process are temporary and the reward of having a brand-new kitchen that serves as the epicenter of your home is long lasting and priceless.


If you would like additional guidance for curating your kitchen, effective storage solutions in your new dream kitchen and creating a temporary kitchen, please call our showroom at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit us at 5841 Emporium Square, Columbus, OH 43231.

Imagining what a dream kitchen would look, feel and act like gives many of homeowners in Columbus, OH goosebumps. Planning your dream kitchen is exciting, invigorating and thrilling. Homeowners in Columbus, OH spend months researching on, Instagram and other sites to curate products and concepts that they want in their new kitchen. It’s great to dream. Too often the latest and greatest products and kitchen design concepts only tell half the story. Our role is to turn your dreams into reality and part of effective kitchen design is discuss both the opportunity and challenges of different concepts and products so that homeowners in Columbus, OH have realistic expectations and the kitchen design meets their lifestyle needs. Here are several of the pros and cons of trending design concepts and products.


Open Floor Plan Kitchens


Pro: Open floor kitchen remodeling plans connect the kitchen to other rooms in the house, primarily living and dining rooms, creating a great room look and feel to the home. Advantages include ability to move through the space effortlessly, ability to bring in natural light from other rooms, multiple more decorating options and space that can serve multiple purposes for working, entertaining, studying, schooling, meeting, etc.


Con: Lack of privacy, noise, cooking odors travel to adjacent rooms, constant upkeep because even the smallest amount of clutter can make the space appear messy. Dishes in the sink or toys on the floor are easily visible from the other rooms and on Zoom calls.


Marble Countertops


Pro: Marble is luxurious, gorgeous and timeless.


Con: Difficult to maintain. Acids from citrus and common cleaning products can damage marble’s finish and grease from cooking can cause permanent stains.


Wood Countertops


Pro: Cost-effective, warm, durable, heat resistant and relatively easy to repair.


Con: Easily scratched, not naturally waterproof, susceptible to rings from water and wine glasses. Require frequent sealing.


Shiplap Backsplash


Pro: Great way to add character to your kitchen. Cost-effective.


Con: Difficult to maintain, especially the gaps between the boards which can be a magnet for dust. Can warp if not properly installed.


White Backsplash


Pro: Classic look. Bright, clean aura.


Con: Difficult to keep clean and pristine.


Glass Front Cabinets


Pro: Ability to showcase collectables, glassware, plates, etc.


Con: Not designed for all products that you want to showcase in your kitchen such as ordinary mugs and glassware, water bottles, Tupperware, etc.


Open Shelves


Pro: Warm and inviting vibe. Cost-effective. Easily customizable.


Con: Limited storage. Difficult to maintain. Everything you put on the shelves needs to be cleaned regularly even if not used.


Stainless Steel


Pro: Extremely sanitary. Works with any design motif. Durable. Easy to clean.


Con: Fingerprint prone requiring constant cleaning. There are pros and cons to almost every component of a new kitchen.


The advantages and drawbacks depend on your lifestyle, how and how often you plan to use your new kitchen and for what purposes and your lifestyle preferences. What do you need to know to design the kitchen of your dreams? Give us a call at (614) 794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square, Columbus, OH 43231 and let us tell you the pros and cons of different elements you want in the kitchen of your dreams.

Historically, significant economic changes have been followed by the emergence of new design trends. Following the Great Depression, design favored bright, bold colors, sexier silhouettes and fun elements. Coming out of the 2007-9 financial crises, we saw the advent of ruffled miniskirts, low rise jeans and rhinestones seemingly everywhere. Similarly, COVID-19 has pushed kitchen design in a new direction. Many homeowners in Columbus, OH are moving away from the sleek, clean and stark lines of minimalist kitchen remodels``, opting instead for a bigger and bolder pallet. We believe this is the result of spending so much time indoors at the expense of experiencing the hustle and bustle of the outdoors, cafes, restaurants, stores, airports and so on.


The trend towards maximalism, which is defined as more of everything, involves using more colors, fabrics and accessories that are repeated throughout a space. Maximalism isn’t about trying to create a perfect space; it’s simply about creating a space that represents your unique personality. In kitchens, this translates to pops of bright or bold color and patterns in backsplashes, accent walls, kitchen artwork, kitchen cabinets and countertops.


We also are seeing a return to 1980s styling. The 80s were a decade of opulence, change and upheaval that translated to designs that featured bold, colorful and out-of-the ordinary furniture, glass-block walls, Lucite, pastels and shabby chic. New furniture and light fixture designs offer 80s color palettes, art-deco inspiration and more geometric patterns and shapes. Translating 1980s style to the 2021 needs of homeowners in Columbus, OH involves tapping into more geometric shapes and patterns but using different materials such as stone instead of plastic or glass. In kitchens we are seeing more homeowners in Columbus, OH gravitate to glossy cabinets in bold colors such as blues and greens and tiled backsplashes and countertops.


A third trend among homeowners in Columbus, OH is a desire to shop and support local businesses and artisans that have been immensely challenged by COVID-19. Increasingly, homeowners in Columbus, OH are asking about materials used to manufacture and produce cabinets and countertops and are looking to buy artisan-produced accent pieces not only for kitchens and baths but for other rooms in their home. We attribute this to the growing recognition of the importance of community and connection that was lost while sheltering in place. Homeowners in Columbus, OH, after having spent more than a year shopping mainly online, want to see, feel and experience the products that they bring into their home.


Are you ready to a make a personal and perhaps colorful statement in a new kitchen, bath, laundry room or other space in your home that truly reflects your aesthetic and personality? Let’s discuss the possibilities. Give us a call at 614-794-9222 or make an appointment to visit us at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231.

Increasingly, homeowners in Columbus, OH need their homes to function more effectively and efficiently. As the role of the home continues to serve multiple functions including office, gym, café, lounge, restaurant, studio, etc., homeowners in Columbus, OH are remodeling bathroom and creating in-home spas that serve as a refuge, a place where they can enjoy a few quiet moments daily all to themselves and wash away the stresses of the day.


Homes are getting smarter and the primary bathroom is no exception. Especially in the last 18 to 24 months, demand for smart bathroom design has skyrocketed and manufacturers are responding to that demand with technologically advanced and connected shower systems, toilets, mirrors, faucets, medicine cabinets, leak detection devices and lighting, among other bath features and components. Technology in the bath makes life a lot easier, healthier and more enjoyable.


Common Features of a Smart Bathroom Remodeling


Smart toilets offer self-rising and closing seats, automatic flushing, self-cleaning capabilities, heated seats, massage night lights, Bluetooth connections to music services and personal digital assistants, integrated exhaust systems that remove odors and bacteria and washlet systems that incorporate dryers that eliminate the need for toilet paper.


Smart mirrors feature app- and Bluetooth-controlled lighting, USB sockets, motion sensor activation, Bluetooth audio speakers that allow users to connect smart phones to them and play music or watch a video, electric defoggers and even 3D scanners, multispectral cameras and gas sensors to assess the health of the person looking into them.


Smart lighting can be voice-, app- or motion-activated. We are placing LED strip lighting under toe kicks on vanities or along walls that can light the path to the bath without having to activate sconces or overhead lighting and wake your partner in the event you need to use the bath in the middle of the night.


Smart tubs offer a range of therapies that include light, sound and aroma, jets and air systems that can relax and rejuvenate tired muscles, soothe aches and pains, remove toxins from the body and wash away the stresses of the day.


Smart shower systems, that can be activated with smart phone apps, allow you to set the water temperature to match the needs and preferences of every member of your family and often include steam systems, audio, color, and aroma therapies.


Smart faucets also can be voice or motion activated that are not only easier to use, they also help save water. Similarly, voice or motion activated soap dispensers provide the perfect amount of soap for handwashing and can be installed in every bath in the home.


Televisions are making their way into baths and are particularly appreciated by homeowners in Columbus, OH with family members who enjoy long soaks in the tub. Bathroom TVs can be found in bathroom mirrors or wall mounted at the foot of a tub or on a wall.


Other features of a high-tech, smart bathroom remodeling project include heated floors and towel warmers.


How can you leverage technology to convert your primary bath into an intelligent, smart refuge that functions as an in-home spa? Give us a call at 614-794-9222 or make an appointment to visit us at our showroom 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231

COVID-19 has transformed the role and functionality of modern kitchen designs in Columbus, OH. While the kitchen has long been considered the heart of the home, it now serves multiple roles that include classroom, office, hobby center, restaurant, study, game room and conference room, among others. Increasingly, homeowners in Columbus, OH are creating the kitchen of their dreams for the long term, that includes design considerations for a multi-generational household and for aging in place. Aging in place is the term to create spaces that can be used by anyone regardless of age, physical condition or mobility, employing universal design principles.


Access is a key to universal design. Open floor plan kitchen remodels are ideal for multigenerational and aging in-place kitchen use because they typically provide access to other living spaces and feature multiple pathways that can accommodate those who may be confined to a wheelchair or need to use a walker. When homeowners in Columbus, OH request a kitchen where they can age in place, we look at entryways into the kitchen. If we can eliminate doors, that’s great. If not, we determine if they can be expanded. Most doorways are 24 inches wide. You need at least 36 inches to accommodate a wheelchair.


Floorcoverings are another important consideration of a universally designed kitchen. Concrete, tiles and other hard surfaces can put a strain on hips, back and knees. We often recommend textured small format ceramic or nonslip tile or wood, vinyl or linoleum.


Countertop, kitchen and appliance height, reach and safety considerations are also addressed in a universally designed kitchen. Multi-level or adjustable countertops with rounded corners eliminate the possibility of a family member being injured by a sharp corner and can be used by every member of the family regardless of height. Matte and other nonglare finishes make it easier on the eyes to prepare and cook meals, read recipes and perform other tasks.


For cabinets, the standard for an aging-in-place kitchen is to position cabinets three inches lower than standard height. We will recommend cabinets with pull down shelves on upper cabinets and pull-out shelves or drawers for base or floor cabinets.


For faucets, touchless and app-controlled fixtures can be used by every member of the household. The sink should not be more than six inches deep.


Smart lights that can be controlled by voice command, motion or an app also make for not only a smart kitchen but also one that can be safely used by every member of your household regardless of age or physical limitations. Similarly, smart appliances that can be controlled by apps and voice commands via personal digital assistances helps promote safety and ease of use. Ovens that are positioned at waist height or eye level are easier and safer to use than those that are positioned on the floor. We often recommend a designated area for placing hot pots and pans next to the stove or cooktop.


There are multiple storage solutions that provide ease of access to pots, pans, pantry items and other utensils and tools that are used daily in the kitchen. Rest assured that if you want to create a dream kitchen for the long-term, you don’t have to compromise style, functionality, look or feel. Want more information how you can create a dream kitchen for every member of your family that survives the test of time? Give us a call at 614-794-9222 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231

Modern and contemporary kitchen designs and motifs have increased among homeowners in Columbus, OH. Modern design offers clean lines, open floor plans and a clutter-free pallet. They often feature natural materials such as stone, quartz and solid wood frameless cabinets. Color options for modern kitchen remodels are almost limitless, allowing homeowners in Columbus, OH to push the envelope and make distinctive and personal design statements.


A potential downside to a modern kitchen is the look and feel. Some modern designs can appear to be cold and austere. That’s not a problem. There are numerous ways homeowners in Columbus, OH can add warmth and bring joy to a modern motif. Many modern kitchens feature vivid contrasts and that’s one strategy for softening the edges of a modern kitchen. Wood tables and chairs and kitchen knobs or even a countertop caddy that holds wooden spoons, spatulas and other utensils can create a different vibe.


Color plays a huge role in how a kitchen looks and feels. Lighter colors evoke a sense of calm. White is associated with purity and cleanliness. Yellow is associated with sunlight that offers a sense of welcome, cheerfulness and energy. Green equates to plants and grasses. Another option to introduce color into a modern kitchen is to upholster kitchen chairs. Fabric brings to a kitchen color, texture and comfort. Other ways to introduce fabrics into your kitchen color pallet include window coverings, dish towels and display napkins.


Shapes play a role in bringing more serenity and joy to a kitchen. The sharp edges of a contemporary design can be softened with a round table, round bar stools and round light fixtures. A number of homeowners in Columbus, OH soften their kitchen spaces by hanging favorite works of art or displaying pottery, colored glassware and ceramics. Additionally, growing herbs on a windowsill or bringing plants into your kitchen is another easy way to add color and a sense of calm and joy.


How can you make your dream kitchen warm, hospitable and joyful? Give us a call at 614-794-9222 or make an appointment to visit us at 5841 Emporium Square Columbus, OH 43231 and let us show you how you can create the kitchen of your dreams.

Create the Atmosphere


Breathe deep. Exhale….. repeat.  A great component of relaxation techniques is a deep breath.  Shouldn’t your home calm you with its air quality too?  Yes.


One way a good designer helps you create the desired atmosphere in your home is through proper ventilation.


Cook surfaces vented to the outdoors eliminate excessive steam, hot oil residues and smoke, and strong odors that would otherwise linger.  No one wants to start their day in the kitchen by smelling the fish they fried the night before.


Proper ventilation not only includes exhaust air, but heated and cooled air.  Be sure to work with your designer to plan for comfort as well. 


Our final point of consideration as you create your calm, peaceful home is color.  This goes beyond the wall colors.  Let your designer help you consider all the elements of your update to encompass the harmonious blending of colors and materials to soothe your mood.


Ahhhh.  Little things make all the difference.  They are the touches that warm the heart, creating that calming, comfortable environment that makes living in and using your home a pleasure.



You know, it’s more than just a room.  Let us help make it uniquely, comfortably, calming, peace inducingly yours.


Welcome, new year!

Kresge Contracting Inc of Columbus Receives
Best Of Houzz 2015 Award


Over 25 Million Monthly Unique Users Rated Top-Rated Home Building,
Remodeling and Design Professionals in the United States and Around the World


Columbus, OH, January 20, 2015 – Kresge Contracting, Inc. of Columbus, OH has been awarded “Best Of Houzz” for Customer Satisfaction by Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. Thefull-service design/build remodeling company that has been serving Central Ohio since 1983 was chosen by the more than 25 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than 500,000 active home building, remodeling and design industry professionals.


Remodeling and Home Design


The Best Of Houzz award is given in two categories: Design and Customer Satisfaction. Design award winners’ work was the most popular among the more than 25 million monthly users on Houzz, known as “Houzzers.” Customer Satisfaction honors are determined by a variety of factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2014. Winners will receive a “Best Of Houzz 2015” badge on their profiles, helping Houzz users around the world who discover and love a professional’s work to learn even more about that business’ popularity and satisfaction rating among their peers in the Houzz community. 


“Houzz provides homeowners with a 360 degree view of home building, remodeling and design industry professionals, empowering them to engage the right people and products for their project,” said Liza Hausman, vice president of industry marketing for Houzz. “We’re delighted to recognize Kresge Contracting Inc among our “Best Of” professionals as judged by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts who are actively remodeling and decorating their homes.”


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About Kresge Contracting, Inc.


Kresge Contracting, Inc. is a full-service remodeling company. We offer a full spectrum of remodeling services to assist you from start to finish, including design, remodeling, warranty, and service-work follow up for all our clients. When working with Kresge Contracting, Inc., you can expect fresh and custom designs based on a thorough understanding of your needs and design style, personalized customer support, helpful and friendly staff, a clear outline of all costs before you sign a contract and a final product worthy to show off to your neighbors and friends.


About Houzz


Houzz is the leading platform for home remodeling and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish - online or from a mobile device. From decorating a room to building a custom home, Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world. With the largest residential design database in the world and a vibrant community powered by social tools, Houzz is the easiest way for people to find inspiration, get advice, buy products and hire the professionals they need to help turn their ideas into reality. Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, Houzz also has international offices in London, Berlin and Sydney. For more information, visit

Get Organized


Quality organization calms your world.


Who likes kneeling on the floor and shining a light into the recesses of their base cabinets for the pizza peel or baking stone?  Or pulling everything out of a cabinet to get to that one item…  Homemade Gourmet Pizza Night is a lot more fun when the cabinets are organized and easy to access with roll-outs.


Pantries with fixed wire shelving don’t adapt to personal needs and can be difficult to organize and access.  Consider adjustable shelving and full roll-outs to provide the customization and easy access that make food prep and shopping list creation a breeze.


Pull out drawers for commonly used spices are a great help for cooks of all ages and proficiencies.  Large items, like trays, platters, and cookie sheets can be stored easily and efficiently in vertical spaces. 


Incorporate storage into your planning.  Reduce the frustration of and fight in finding items in your kitchen….put them where you need them. 


As you plan your project this new year, plan for organization needs.  Your designer is an invaluable asset in this area.

Start with Quality


Quality materials.


Yes, they are a worthwhile investment. Home remodeling can be expensive, but it’s worth it to work with your designer to look for ways to always invest in high quality materials. An obvious area most impacted as one thinks of materials, is cabinetry.


Poorly made, low-quality materials don’t feel good to use. A common complaint is with pull-out drawers: the resistance when pulled, the dark recesses of the drawer where your needed utensil is hiding, and the sound of the drawer closing are all little annoyances. However, the sensation of pulling on a quality handle attached to a solid-wood drawer box that quietly glides with full extension, so you can see what you need and get it quickly, is a joyful alternative. Okay, maybe not joyful….but gratifying, yes!


Daily interaction with frustrating, poorly working materials increases frustration. If you are contemplating a renovating or remodeling project this year…go for the highest quality materials you can afford. You won’t regret it.

Calming Heart and Mind with Thoughtful Design


Our houses are starting to feel quieter after all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  The demands of the daily routine are returning to normal as we put away the seasonal décor for another year.  Yet, just as the right décor creates the desired look in our homes, the atmosphere of our space is impacted by more than decorations.  There are some often overlooked (and admittedly, unglamorous) details in our homes that can either heighten the peace and enjoyment of our homes or contribute to an undercurrent of stress.


As we begin this new year, we are going to look to those pesky little things that can rob our sense of peace.  We are most impacted by….amazingly…Quality!  Quality in the materials that inhabit our space, quality in the organizational options we have, quality in our air, and the sense of harmony we feel with our surroundings. 


Make this the year to calm your world…..

Create Your Own Masterpiece


Your home is your own personal masterpiece.  Whether you are an Entertainer, Comfort Seeker or Nature Lover!


Imagining the big picture, dreaming big about your whole home, can open up ideas you may not have considered. 


The right designer and remodeling team can help you plan, evaluate, and then see your project through renderings before any work is performed, so you know it will be just right.


Your design and remodeling team will help you navigate the tough decisions, give expert advice and ideas for your personal needs.  You deserve to have a home that isn’t just a house, but indulges that which is uniquely you. 


The New Year is here!  It’s the perfect time to create your masterpiece….we’re here, at Kresge Contracting, to help you make it uniquely you!


DSC 0019-435-800-600-80Being able to sit down and plan your dream kitchen can actually be far more stressful than you may realize. You see, once you get into the actual planning of it, you might find that all kinds of thoughts and ideas fly through your brain and before you know it you will have run out of space, as well as money. However, there are some steps that you can put into place that will make life easier and deserve some serious consideration.

Think About the Essentials

First, think carefully about all of the essentials and where they need to go in the kitchen. By making an attempt to work out where the sink is going to be situated as well as the main kitchen appliances, you will have a much better idea of the space that is left available for everything else. You should then think about working around these items when planning your dream kitchen.

Decide On the Style

You need to really nail down the look that you are going for with your kitchen from the outset, and the rest of your home can act as a guide. Do you want something traditional? How about something Quaker style? Perhaps modern and funky with colored tops and fronts with crazy lights on the kick boards would be better? Draw inspiration from anywhere you can as the last thing you want is to make the wrong decision and regret it instantly.

Get Some Professional Advice

Finally, you need to get some professional advice from a qualified contractor like someone from Kresge in Columbus, as they will make it so much easier with designing the layout, taking your ideas and turning them into a stunning reality. You will also receive some help to get you your dream kitchen within your budget, so not only will you be happy visually, but happy financially as well. This may be a big undertaking, but with the correct help it need not be stressful.


Build Your Plans around the Main Items


Choose the style of your kitchen carefully. Seek inspiration from a number of sources. Get professional advice. Budget appropriately and stick to it. Enjoy your dream kitchen once the work is complete.

For the Nature Lover


Ahh, nature lovers.  A sweet home style personality that enjoys connecting with the outdoors even if they are indoors!


Nature lovers want to be connected to the outdoors.  Touches the nature lover enjoys can include enclosing a porch or adding a three-season room. This allows the nature lover to create an outdoor living space to enjoy the summer sunsets, the brilliant changes of autumn, and the first cheerful chirpings of spring.


They enjoy incorporating natural elements into their home such as stone, wood, and windows with views of nature.  Their homes tend to be warm, inviting, open and comfortable.


Does this describe you?

nkba horizontal rear-441-800-600-80Undertaking a remodeling project, such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel, is one of the best ways to give your indoor living space a fresh look and enhance your daily life. By making smart changes and adding new fixtures, you can enliven your home’s interiors and make your house more efficient and easier to use. But, while at it, you’ll need to address one question that always pops up during remodeling: is it necessary to redo plumbing?

The answer for this question actually depends on a number of factors. These include:


The Type of Remodeling Project


Part of enhancing the look and efficiency of a drab bathroom or kitchen during a remodeling job is redoing or upgrading the plumbing. But other small or medium sized projects such as re-purposing spaces, finishing a room or basement, expanding a room by removing the separating wall or building an outdoor patio may not require redoing, upgrading or installing new plumbing fixtures.

The Extent of the Home Alteration or Remodeling


You may need to implement a larger remodeling project that will interfere with the existing plumbing. As a result, you'll have to redo the plumbing so you have the option to redesign the existing piping and have more choices for how to design the new room. The upgraded plumbing will be better equipped to handle your new luxury features, the layout of the room will be more fluid, and different fixtures can be put in your desired locations.

Age of the House


If you have an older home with outdated plumbing materials such as iron or galvanized steel, a remodeling project gives you the opportunity to redo and upgrade by fitting safer, modern materials that are damage- and corrosion-resistant. This will eliminate the risk of plumbing problems like corrosion or rust, water contamination and leaking.

Where there are Signs of Trouble


If your existing plumbing is showing signs of trouble such as stains, scratches, flaking, discoloration or badly exposed pipes, then you might want to consider replacing the plumbing.

Hire a Professional Plumber for Your Remodeling


In each of these instances where you may need to redo plumbing during a remodel, it’s important to seek the help of a professional plumber like the experts at Kresge Contracting in Columbus to help you redesign your plumbing, find the right fixtures and choose the best materials that stay within your project budget. Also, with a professional plumber on hand during a remodel, you’ll have more options for your remodeling because the plumbing can be altered to fit whatever configuration you desire. Additionally, you can have assurance that the remodeling project won’t interfere with older plumbing and create problems.

Last week we introduced the “Entertainer” home style personality!  This week let’s peek at the “Comfort Seeker”.


Comfort seekers often have a lot of stress and need to indulge in making their home a haven. 


So, the master suite is often the big priority, including large custom showers with space for two with multiple water ports and zero threshold entrances. 


Other favorite indulgences are heated floors, high quality cosmetic storage at eye level, towel warmers, aromatherapy, and therapeutic bathtubs.


Stress reduction and pampering is king for comfort seekers to re-charge.  Home is their refuge.

5452-101413-gs5452Every so often, homeowners renovate their residences by adding new facilities and removing old ones. When they do this, they also have to contend with the idea of moving out for a while once the repairs begin, or staying put to monitor the entire process. Well, this decision depends on a lot of factors such as those discussed below.


Do You Trust the Workmen?


One can decide to stay if they own precious properties at home and would like to keep a keen eye on them, lest somebody steals them. However, if the renovators have a good reputation, like Kresge Construction in Columbus, then you can leave rest assured that the possessions will remain intact until your return.


The Number of People Living in Your Home


 If there are too many individuals staying at your place then it would be appropriate to find a rental, lest they distract the workers. Those who have young kids also don’t have another option but to leave, the noise and clamor produced during renovations can prove too much for them.


Scope of Work


If the repairs only affect one or two rooms, then it would not make sense to move out since the makeovers may not affect you in any way. On the other hand, jobs that encompass a greater portion of the house or affect key areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms rule out staying at home. Some families can cope without a place to cook, but without a bathroom there would be nowhere to clean up.


Most home repair firms charge clients a fixed fee per hour, so by keeping the family away you can reduce the chances of people, especially children, interrupting their progress with unnecessary questions that only extend their stay at your residence and lead to more costly fees. These are some of the points to consider before making the decision to leave or to stay.

Welcome to the home style personality test!  Just kidding…but, if you stay tuned in the coming weeks, you may walk away knowing a little more about why certain home touches are important to you.


This week let’s look to “The Entertainer”!


The entertainer loves to host gatherings and wants to make an impact.  Looks are important! 


For the entertainer, home appointments like the embellished features around a range hood, attention to detail with decorative millwork, and custom backsplash are desired.  But, the entertainer is looking for more, like the warm wooden countertop on the island instead of cold granite, wet bar, large screen television, and comfortable seating. 


They are about relationship and warmth and connection.  Does this describe you?  

07fertel laundry after2-140-800-600-80Having an up-to-date bathroom can be very important. Regardless of how much you may love the vintage look and feel of your bathroom, it could be setting you back with its quaint and charming appeal. Check out the benefits that can come with transforming your bathroom and having it modern and up-to-date.

You Can Make it How You Want it


One of the advantages to redoing your bathroom and making it more up to date is that you can design it to be just the way you want it. No more having to accept that bathroom how it is! Now you can design everything about it, from the look of the floor to the types of fixtures you have installed. Hated that vintage old toilet? Get a new one. Some of the newest models even have heat warming seats and a bidet that comes with it. You can move out of the past and into the future, feeling good about your latest journey.


You Can Have an Open or Closed Shower with Better Pressure


If you're making your bathroom up to date, you can actually design your shower to be any type of way that you want it. Want an open door shower? That's fine. Want a fancy closed shower? That works too. The best part is, since you're replacing everything anyway, you can get a shower head that has better water pressure, giving you a more effective, calming, and quicker shower experience.


Your House Gets Some Fresh Energy


Every time you fix or remodel something in your home, your house gets infused with that fun, fresh energy. An up to date bathroom can be the wow factor your house has been wanting. Now it can reflect you instead of reflecting several decades earlier and a life completely out of sync with your own.

At the end of the day, an up-to-date bathroom is a rejuvenating experience. It's new, it's fun, and it expresses your taste and looks the way you want it to look. There's no reason why you shouldn't go for it! Pursue the experience and remember to make it uniquely you. Your bathroom will feel totally refreshed and up to date, and so will you.

christmas decorations



The holidays are a time of indulgence: festive gatherings, delightful décor, decadent desserts, redolent aromas, and generous gifts for those we love. This is also a time to indulge in yourself; dreaming about how to make your home a place you really love, a place that inspires comfort and joy.


A helpful exercise is to look at your home as a whole and make a dream list of all the things you would like to do. Write everything down, from the practical replacement items, like upgrading the furnace, new doors, maintenance projects like roofs and driveways, to the indulgence projects like a luxurious master suite or the perfect entertainment-focused living space.

Dolash counter


Record what is going to make this a home you really love. Then prioritize what projects will give you the most satisfaction to complete first.


Now is the time to contemplate your unique style and approach to life if your new year will include a home update!


In the coming weeks we will take a look at some home taste personalities…what’s yours?

6359-101413-gs6359A kitchen island has many practical uses, including the provision of extra storage space and more working surface. Most people can attest to the fact that you can never have too much space in the kitchen. In addition, a kitchen island can provide more seating to accommodate your family and friends.


There are many designs of kitchen islands you can choose from ranging from traditional to sleek and modern. Here are a few design options to consider.


1. A Bar-Style Island


This comes in a long curved shape. It looks like a semi circle with lots of storage space and a large working surface. This type of island provides a big space that can seat several people. It is ideal for those with large families and big kitchens.


The most common choice for many buyers is the two-level counter. The lower level is on the inside of the island and is used as a working surface. It usually includes a sink. The outer higher level is where people can place their food or drinks.


2. Small and Circular Kitchen Islands


For those who would prefer something smaller and more compact, this one will come in handy. It comes in an oval or circular shape. It lacks a lot of storage space but is ideal as an eating area for a two or three people. It can also be used as an extra surface to work on.


3. A Movable Kitchen Island


A mobile kitchen island is perfect for those with smaller sized kitchens who are concerned about space in the area. It is usually small with storage spaces and a working surface. It can be moved in place when needed and removed later on to create more space.


4. The Kitchen Island Table


What if you want a kitchen island that has a big working area but can still be used as a family dining table? This is where the kitchen island table comes in. It lacks many storage cabinets since the space underneath is used as leg space when people are seated. The top simply protrudes out from the side to fit seats and provide room to face forward.


Lastly, no matter design you choose; the most important thing is to ensure that it complements your existing kitchen space. If you are in need of a kitchen remodel, Kresge Contracting serves the Columbus Ohio area and surrounding cities and can provide several ideas to maximize your area space.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Can you believe it is here already?  But you're ready, right?  Your layout is efficient, work zones defined, pantry is stocked and ready, beverages and buffet all set to go.  Now for the final consideration...comfort. 


As a final touch before your guests arrive, plan gathering spaces which offer guests comfortable places to visit and relax.  Upholstered seating, island perches, built-in nooks are all great options.

dolash after 1

knoll island

Set the mood with lighting. Lighting design is an important kitchen element. Go for well-lit, offering various lighting features which are controllable to achieve the desired look for any gathering or event.

Further the ambiance through multimedia available in the greater kitchen space. Set the mood with music! Or never miss a play in the big game!


This is your gathering and your home....let it be....YOU!  Thanksgiving is here...embrace your guests and enjoy all the season has to offer.


Here at Kresge Contracting, we believe every home should be a reflection of the homeowner! If you're ready to make yours uniquely you, think about how to incorporate design elements that reflect your unique tastes and interests.


Ideas include:

  • focal points above the range with a decorative slab of granite, marble, or special tile design
  • decorative glass in cabinetry doors
  • shelving to display works of art
  • special backsplash design or materials
  • creative lighting such as decorative pendants and art highlighting
  • furniture style cabinetry to achieve a custom built-in look

For more ideas and a complimentary kitchen planner, visit


Warm wishes to you for a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Kresge Contracting!

3081-101413-gs3081As originally discussed in Part 1 of this topic on innovative bathroom ideas, lighting and color schemes play a huge role in the comfort, relaxation, body energy levels, room functionality, and area appeal. This content continues on that topic with focuses on bathroom flooring suggestions, shower curtain features, and fixture options. You want to keep those important benefits rolling to maintain a gorgeous room that guests will love, as well as ones that potential buyers will enjoy if you go that route in the future. Here are some informative thoughts to keep in mind in relation to those particular subjects.


Bathroom Flooring


Dependable Floor Options


The floor of the bathroom must be anti-slippery, good looking, durable and hard. In summary, a bathroom’s floor should be easy to clean while at the same time be spill and dump proof. Laminate floor planks and marble flooring are usually the most preferred since they preserve the home’s décor. They provide the benefit of having water tight seals between the gaps.


Less Dependable Options


Other less expensive floor options can include rolls of laminate flooring and vinyl tiles. Laminate floors simply roll out onto the floor and get installed by floor cement. They create a water barrier and are easy to clean, but do not last as long as previously mentioned flooring types. They tend to crack, peel, and chip over time. If you have an uneven floor, they will accent that drawback wherever there is a bump or a raise in the subfloor.


Vinyl tile flooring can be beautiful, but also is prone to cracking, chipping, and peeling. Water can seep into the cracks between tiles and develop mold if not properly cared for. These tiles also get applied with an adhesive, one by one.


Shower Curtains and Accessories


The Curtains

A shower curtain says a lot about your bathroom. It can make or break it with ease. There are hundreds of colors and color combinations, as well as designs and materials. Choose wisely and you will accent your bathroom well.


Shower curtain materials can include vinyl, standard plastic, cotton, polyester, etc. A lot of the fabric curtains can be washed in the machine to make life simpler. Some vinyl and plastic versions can also get thrown into the washing machine, but a lot of them don’t have that option.


Vinyl and plastic curtains tend to show creases easier than fabric types. However, the fabric options must be removed from the dryer right away to prevent wrinkles.


Shower Curtain Rods


A shower curtain rod attaches to the wall and holds the curtain of your choice. They often come in various designs, colors, and types. A cheap one will not last very long and usually just spins to tighten against both sides of the wall. They may very well tear up the wall as the curtain gets constantly pulled on a daily basis.


More dependable options will usually include mounts that fasten to the wall sides, followed by having the curtain resting inside them. Designs can include color choices, imprinted imagery, and thicker materials. Thin ones that fall on the cheaper side of things will often bend and break or will experience dings that take away from the beauty of the room.


If you get to the point to where you feel that you need a bathroom renovation, Kresge Contracting in Columbus Ohio has tons of options and can help get your ideal bathroom to become a reality. Minor touchups as previously discussed can make a huge difference, but the rust on a car destroys the hard work put into it like waxing it and shining the tires. Hope that makes sense to you. Your bathroom is no different than that rusted out car. But if a remodel is not in your budget, these suggestions will improve the room at the least.


View Part 1 on Innovative Bathroom Ideas Below:


Revealed: The Best Innovative Bathroom Ideas (Part 1 of 2)

Kresge Contracting, Inc has been awarded the 2014 NARI ACE Award - Achievement in Consumer Excellence. NARI (National Association of The Remodeling Industry) issued this award to recognize Kresge Contracting, Inc's attention to customer service and quality workmanship as evident through the responses NARI receives from the company's clients.

Week three….feeling inspired yet?


Last week we learned that layout is king when it comes to entertaining….not large spaces. With layout efficiency, traffic flow and work zones established…let’s look now to convenience!


When guests gather, keep it simple and self-serve as much as possible. As you consider entertaining, free yourself to enjoy your guests with attention to a few simple touches.


Keep needed items at the ready! Utilize your pantry as a great asset in the entertaining kitchen. It will allow you to keep items commonly used for entertaining in a central spot. Whether it’s a separate room or integrated into the kitchen with a cabinetry unit items will be ready when you are.


pantry 2


Help yourself!

beverage station


Establish a beverage station for wine storage, cocktails, coffee, and tea service. Don’t forget to place needed cups, spoons, ice etc. at the ready as well. Nice touches in this area can include a refrigerated beverage drawer or wine cooler. Use it all year for personal enjoyment of that morning coffee or evening cocktail.


And for the food….kitchen islands can be a fun easy place to create a buffet style side board. Include service items for your guests’ access to free yourself up to enjoy the company!


Almost there….next we’ll look to making it cozy and comfortable.

268-101413-gs0268A good soakinginyourbath lifts your spirits and refreshes both your body and mind. But a good looking bathroom in general adds extra warmth when inhabiting the room. A well designed, decorated and nice looking bathroom serves the home with coolness, refreshment and even appeal. If you need any renovation work completed to help it along, Kresge Contracting in Columbus, OH can handle it for you in an affordable and efficient way.


It should be noted that a well decorated bathroom may also provide a better chance of closing a deal when selling your home. Therefore, if you want to get the most value for your home; you have to invest heavily on the creative and innovative part of your bathroom. Below are some of the best bathroom design elements to consider.


Bathroom Lighting


Light Placement and Features


A bathroom must be illuminated with a good lighting scheme to provide various illuminated purposes like using the mirror to fix your hair, shave, or brush your teeth and creating overall lighting in the room for easy maneuvering and usage. That way, you can productively get the job done and be able to see better to clean your face, put on facial cream, pluck your eyebrows, etc. In summary, good lighting provides better detail and will also increase energy levels more than dull lighting or misdirected lighting would. That certainly helps get the morning started well.


Lighting Styles and Types


You may decide to install vanity or mirror lights such as traditional or contemporary styles. Remember, bathroom lighting should not be placed at a height that does not form shadows. In fact, it’s recommended to install a lighting system which illuminates your face clearly.


To better explain the theory of lighting, you need to find the style and type you need to accent your bathroom well and also need to choose the right lamps, as each one has different color outputs or brightness levels.


Bathroom Color Scheme


A bathroom needs to have a color scheme that makes it look refreshing and cool at the same time. The theme you decide on should be coordinating the colors of the tiles, faucets, walls and accessories as well.


Color Ideas


Blending a blue serene with a white scheme has been found to be very attractive and pleasant to the eye.


You can also experiment with tones of red, gray, tan, orange, yellow, and green. If you are a Buckeye fan, scarlet red with a touch of gray can make the perfect relaxing atmosphere you desire.


Brown has often been found to give a room a warm feeling, but does make the area feel smaller. If you have a larger sized bathroom, this is perfect for you with a mix of tan or maybe a deep green.


Blend with the Fixtures


Color ideas can go on forever, but you get the picture on where you can go with them for your bathroom. Regardless of your desires, remember to take the fixtures into consideration when planning your colorful environment.


View Part 2 on Innovative Bathroom Ideas Below:


Revealed: The Best Innovative Bathroom Ideas (Part 2 of 2)

Come on in…! You’re going to be “floor-ed”. A little humor there, but seriously, you might think entertaining is all about having A LOT of floor space to move in. But, you might be surprised to know that layout is king!

Open floor plans seem ideal for entertaining. The space feels larger, is easier to move about with fewer visual barriers. However, layout efficiency, traffic flow and work zones, are more important than an open floor plan.

Here are a couple of examples from some of our recent projects….

These photos feature some smaller footprint kitchens with separate zones for cooking, prepping, clean-up and hanging out.  Small but mighty spaces!

knoll island

Drawing to Edge of Cook Zone

For entertaining ease, try to establish separate cooking and clean up zones. Utilize raised countertops or visual displays to separate guests from your food prep. Keep in mind that great kitchens draw guests to the edge of the cook zone but not into it!

This holiday season don’t be intimidated by size or lack of it. Establish some defined areas, recruit some guests, and enjoy. That’s what this time of year is all about, gathering together!

03fertel bath after coloredited-136-800-600-80A bathroom is one of the most popular rooms in the home and most people end up remodeling their bathroom at some point in their lives. Remodeling isn’t an easy task, but it is possible provided that you have a basic knowledge of the tools, products, methods, steps, and safety precautions. Kresge Contracting in Columbus, OH can provide the options and complete the project in no time should you decide to hire a remodeler.


Regardless, undertaking this work on your own will save you a lot of cash, as long as it is done correctly to prevent short term problems from arising and prevent malfunctioning products. Whether you need to repair, refinish, or change the entire plan of your bathroom, knowledge will take you a long way. In this article, we will list a few things to remember when it comes to bathroom remodeling.


The Theme of Your Bathroom


The first step involves choosing the kind of theme you would love to go for. It is advisable to stick with a single style throughout the entire home including your bathroom. Having multiple styles in your space may give the impression of being disorderly. If you intend to market your home in the future, you should stick to one theme as potential buyers will shop for one style and almost certainly will be turned away by many variations.


Bathroom Colors


Next is the color. If you want to set the tone of your bathroom, use appropriate colors. Most home owners want to add a color to a monochromatic bathroom design scheme. Nonetheless, in small areas such as bathrooms, many different colors can overwhelm the space. Don’t pick any color that can make your space feel moresqueezed than it already is. Orange is good for the complexion, while green is not.


Bathroom Mirrors and Lights


Finally, add a mirror or two and some lighting. A mirror that comes with a gold or silver frame can do the trick. These mirrors will make great additions to your bathroom scheme since they give your space a feel that is bigger and can make excellent décor for dull walls. When it comes to lighting, pick appropriate lighting solutions based on the purpose and the type of light output desired. Use lights that mimic natural lighting or those that are somewhat soft since they work very well in smaller spaces. Bright white and daylight work great for vanity lighting while cool white adds a comforting touch to ceiling lights.


There are myriads of ways in which you can give your bathroom a new lease of life. Use the tips above and you will have a different atmosphere that causes functionality to meet well with comfort.

Dolash counter

In the midst of the holiday season, kitchens tend to be the gathering place for guests. Great entertaining is enhanced with an efficient kitchen layout that seamlessly meets the needs of homeowner and guest. In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving we will look at how to Incorporate some simple ideas for getting the most out of your entertaining kitchen during the holiday season.


For a sneak peek…we will take a quick glimpse at making the most of your kitchen layout, how to set up for convenience to all, how to maximize your space for comfort and finally a look at customized touches!


You’ll be confidently ready for those guests in no time!

Welcome to the final part of our series on renovating vs remodeling….and the unveiling!

Note in this completed project all elements of the client’s desires were met and exceeded:

  • Kitchen is transformed from boxy and closed to open with flow to rest of first floor. Wow!
  • Improved layout and organization
  • Efficient day-to-day use and entertaining
  • Professional grade appliances
  • Incorporated existing windows
  • Incorporated natural elements

From this…..

Kresge Johnstown Columbus Remodel Floorplan Kitchen00003

To this! Your turn! Whether you renovate or remodel, let Mark help you make your space uniquely you….

After of Food Prep and Cook Zone After view from kitchen into dining

After of Island Island After


Did you enjoy the photos last week? Many times for homeowners it can feel an impossible task to visualize their familiar kitchen as a new space. This is where the design expertise of a designer like Mark can be invaluable. Through his careful consideration of the client needs and desires and his creative and expert knowledge, he was able to offer a winning design!

A good design is essential to plan out your project. In process photos highlight the many components your designer needs to consider to ensure a project is on task, on budget and on time….

For a remodel project such as this, the space is first taken down to its bare bones and then reconfigured.

the kitchen guttedplumbing in ceiling

The first step in a remodel, is the demo stage. This includes taking out all that needs to go! Effort to reduce mess and dust includes sealing off the work area.

Once the old is gone, work begins on framing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. These are elements that are unseen in the finished work but so very important to consider. After these elements are in place attention turns to flooring, wall finishes, cabinetry, lighting installation and other final finishes.

As you can imagine, the inconvenience during this stage of a project can be difficult to endure. As you’ll see next week….it is worth it!

After  10 -603-800-600-80Most homeowners can agree on one thing: the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the one common area where the family can get together to cook healthy meals while they laugh and converse about their hectic days. With so much time spent in the kitchen, it makes sense to invest time and money to highlight this important space, and the perfect kitchen cabinets can make a world of difference.


While most modern kitchens today use glass and stainless steel materials, natural wood offers a unique and “homey” feeling while adding natural warmth to your kitchen. Here are the options you have when choosing wood for your cabinets.


Types of Wood

  • Alder
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Oak/Rift Oak



Alder is a hardwood that is significantly softer than cherry or maple. It is a high-quality wood that provides stable surfaces and accentuates stains and finishes. Alder’s beauty stems from its rustic nature, which can range from extremely rustic—enough to highlight open knots, pin holes, and streaks—to not-so-rustic, which isusually clear and unmarked.




Kitchen cabinets made of maple wood exude true character. This wood material is versatile enough to suit many different styles and elegant finishes. Maple wood cabinets have a color complexion that can range from pale, reddish brown, to a creamy, white shade. You can also find maple with a smooth and uniform appearance.




If you are looking for darker wooden cabinets, then cherry is your best bet. Hues of cherry wood usually range from golden red to deep yellow. These wooden cabinets are extremely versatile and give a truly classic and timeless appearance.




Oak is a perfect wood for making cabinets, whether they’re used for a rustic, traditional, or casual look. This material has a distinct, artistic look that makes it suitable for many cabinet design styles; it can also look very modern if accentuated correctly. Oak wood cabinets often have open-grain patterns, with hues ranging from a dark cinnamon color to salmon red.


Contact Kresge Contracting, located in Columbus, Ohio, to plan your next remodel. Their friendly and highly-trained staff is ready to help you build your perfect home.

KCI Blog Date:October 13, 2014 (Part 2 of 4 part series)

Renovate or Remodel?….that is the question.


Welcome to our dust free journey through a remodel project. This week we will review the project prior to start. Our clients had determined they were ready for a remodel of their kitchen and dining areas.

           Before Kitchen view from Dining2         Kresge Johnstown Columbus Remodel Floorplan Kitchen00003

Their project goals included: 

  • Transform kitchen from boxy and closed to open with flow to rest of first floor
  • Improve layout and organization
  • Redesign for efficient day-to-day use and entertaining
  • Install professional grade appliances
  • Incorporate existing windows in design
  • Incorporate natural elements in design

before view of cook zone

This remodel was going to involve soffit removal, brick chimney removal, wall removal, rework of wiring and HVAC.

Enjoy the before photos…stay tuned next week as we’ll look at the process…..



383-101413-gs0383Because your kitchen is the most heavily used room in your home, it should be organized well so that it is simple to use and makes your life a lot easier. Below are 5 steps to an organized and orderly kitchen.


1. Empty Cabinets


Empty each cabinet and check it for least used items, duplicate items, broken or forgotten items that you had and either donated or discarded. This should be done for each cabinet and drawer. Since most kitchens do not have a lot of storage space, only keep things that you love or use.


2. Group “Like Items” Together


All your baking items need to be sorted and grouped together and this also applies to your cooking items. Put together the dishes that you eat from, holiday or the seasonal items used only rarely, glassware and those special serving or entertaining pieces that you use just occasionally.


3. Organize the Cabinets


At this moment, you have groups of items laid out on your floor. Make up your mind on where each of these items needs to be stored.

  • • Keep baking and cooking utensils near to where food preparation is done.
  • • Keep glassware near refrigerator or the sink.
  • • Come up with a tea or coffee station and this includes mugs, filters and sugar and keep close to water source.
  • • This ensures that you do not have to go back and forth the kitchen for items you require only to make your beverage for the morning.

4. Store Items in Clear Containers


Put together items such as gravy mixes, cocoa envelopes, hot cereal packets and sauce mixes packets in small plastic containers. This ensures that these do not get scattered all over your cabinet. For food in tiny boxes like pudding mix or gelatin, the best way to store them is to use clear plastic shoeboxes.


5. Keep Empty Storage Containers and Lids at the Same Place


All containers without lids have no use for you, which is why you should discard them. Then keep the containers with the lids on or put their lids together in another container. The same needs to be applied for the lids for the pans and pots.


If following these suggestions does not satisfy your space or appearance needs, it may be time for a kitchen remodel that will. Kresge Contracting in Columbus, OH can get your kitchen the way you want it and keep the home’s appeal going.



Fall is upon us and as the weather changes and holidays begin to descend we tend to spend a little more time indoors. This is the time when many homeowners begin to look at their home and consider making a change.

image of floor plan

If that describes you, an initial goal could be to answer the question “Are you going to renovate or remodel?” For many homeowners these terms seem synonymous, but they are very different. Understanding the differences can help you define your home project and give you a realistic set of expectations for the process.


To renovate is to literally “make new again”. A renovation project would include utilizing your existing space and refreshing it. The key defining element here is to make the space new without changing its use or structural components. A kitchen is still a kitchen, a bath, still a bath. A typical approach is to update fixtures, cabinets, counters, wall colors, flooring, etc. to refresh the space.


To remodel is to change the way a home is designed. In contrast to a renovation, a remodel project would include redefining a space which includes changes in structural elements. For instance, a remodel could be the combination of a kitchen and dining room into one large eat-in kitchen. As you can imagine, such a change would involve changes in framing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC ducts, flooring and many other finishes.


The inherent differences in these projects impact the homeowner in many ways. Impacts can be seen in planning, budget, project length, homeowner disruption, and personalization.


Renovations involve less planning as they tend to be simpler in nature. With the simpler nature of a renovation, budgets are more modest, time frames shortened and disruptions reduced. These are real benefits to renovating. The drawback to this type of project is a more limited opportunity to personalize the space for unique needs.


Remodeling allows you to create the space that best serves your needs, tastes and passions through personal customizations. By definition, remodeling projects bring with them lengthier planning, greater investment, additional time to complete and increased disruptions to the homeowner. In the end you are rewarded with a home that is uniquely you.


No matter your project aspirations, selecting the right team is important to ensure creative and accurate planning, realistic budget considerations, and timely project completion. Undertaking home projects can seem daunting, but with the right professional team supporting you it can be fun with dramatic results!


So, as fall grips us, grab that cup of hot cider and define your desired project….start a renovation soon or plan a  remodel for next spring?….hmmm  


   Join us over the next three weeks as we highlight a dramatic remodel project we undertook. You won’t believe the difference!

minimalicon kitchen-equimentWhether you have an oven, a toaster, a bread machine, a coffeemaker or any other appliance that you regularly use to heat and cook food, maintaining these appliances can be tough. Proper and regular maintenance ensures that your heating, toasting and roasting appliances are safe and dependable. Here are some of the most crucial tips you can use to maintain these appliances.


Thorough Cleaning


Debris and food remnants take up extra energy, which would have been used elsewhere. Debris crusted on food such foils may restrict the unfettered flow of hot air within your appliance. This reduces the efficiency of your appliance and it may even compromise the manufacturer’s standard lifespan stipulated for your particular appliance. Cleaning it regularly to remove this debris will allow your oven, toaster or coffeemaker to work optimally and even beyond your expectation.


Checking the Gaskets


Most of these cooking appliances are often compromised by degraded or a faulty gasket seal. If the seal is not in good condition, there is no way that your appliance will reach or even maintain higher temperatures. By checking regularly these gaskets, you can replace them if faulty to make your appliance work, as it was when you bought it.


Calibrate the Temperature


When your oven or bread maker isn’t calibrated well, checking and regulating the temperatures may be tougher than you may think. Improper calibration means that you’ll certainly under-cook or over-cook your food. Whenever you experience such as a problem, don’t hesitate, just contact a professional or refer to the user manual on how you can fix it. Although, it may be costly, replacing the temperature device is worth it.


These cooking, roasting, toasting and heating appliances are essential items in your kitchen. Most of them are not that expensive but you wouldn’t want to purchase a new one each time one of them malfunctions. Consider replacing the worn out parts to get your appliance working again. If you need a kitchen renovation instead, Kresge Contracting in Columbus, OH can provide design estimates and get your project going. Your appliances may function well and look great, but the condition of your kitchen can hinder appeal too.



Over the past 4 weeks we’ve looked at four important activity centers for a kitchen. With a little planning and evaluation of your own home, you can make this active time of year more organized, less stressful and more enjoyable for you and your family. If you are undertaking a kitchen project to make the most of these needed spaces, good design is important.



For food prep centers, consider a long, uninterrupted counter placed near a sink and cooking surface or fridge.


For your pantry, tall storage cabinetry or closet type spaces offer great options for food and small appliance storage.


The home desk/planning center can be the heartbeat of the home, keeping everyone on task and time. Make it work for you. Utilize calendars, cookbooks, chalkboards, bins to help you keep it all together.


And finally, enjoy your space. Make it a place where it’s easy for you to live and to incorporate your family and friends. Offer seating for those that are coming along to chat and visit during culinary tasks. Plan for an outlet to catch up on shows or relax to music while moving about the kitchen.


While these areas are not all inclusive elements for your kitchen, they are areas of great importance. With an eye to design, make your space reflect your tastes and passions! We consider that our top priority…because it’s more than just a room…it’s uniquely you!


568-101413-gs0568One of the biggest areas in your home is the floor, so the flooring you choose in each room makes a difference. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, you’ll want to consider the types of flooring you want to use.


The first step to deciding what kind of kitchen flooring to use comes down to determining what you need from your floor. To decide what will suit you best, ask yourself these questions before considering your kitchen remodel:

  1. Do you have children? Pets?
  2. Do you spend all your time in the kitchen?
  3. Do you entertain in the kitchen?

Considering the impact these things have on what you need from your floor in terms of style and durability will help you choose.


Flooring Types


There are 5 main types of floors to consider:


Hardwood is the most classic type of flooring and never loses its appeal. It’s durable, but it does require some maintenance and cleaning in order to keep it looking beautiful.


Laminate is tough when it comes to stains and scratches, is incredibly easy to clean, and comes in many different styles.


Bamboo/Cork are both natural materials; bamboo has a stylish, sophisticated look, and cork has a sponginess to it, making it more comfortable if you spend a lot of time on your feet in the kitchen.  It’s important to note that these floors sometimes need special care because they expand and contract with temperature and humidity changes.


Vinyl is less expensive than many other options and comes in a variety of styles, even hardwood or stone, if you prefer, and it’s easy to clean.


Linoleum has less stylistic options than some of the other choices, although it does come in a variety of colors and patterns, but it is extremely durable and can stand up to the many feet that pass through your kitchen.


Once you have narrowed down your options, talk to a professional in kitchen remodeling like the team at Kresge Contracting in Columbus, OH, for some additional insight before making a decision.

gs34000-110413-lilesijA bathroom remodel can bring a fresh perspective to your home, but there are so many choices to make when you do a remodel. One of the things you’ll have to choose when you’re planning your bathroom design will be lighting.


The lighting you choose will depend on the mood you want in your bathroom and what fits your personal style. Here are a couple of options to consider:


Chandelier – These elegant lighting fixtures aren’t just for dining rooms anymore. You may not have considered putting a chandelier in your bathroom, but the right size and type for your style can bring a richness and luxury.


When looking at chandeliers for your bathroom, it’s important to consider both the style and how it fits into your overall design as well as the size. If your bathroom is smaller, a large chandelier could be imposing, so think of proportions as you look at your options.


Wall Sconces – Sconces are some of the most classic lighting fixtures, and certainly appropriate for any bathroom. Sconces are a great choice because they come in a huge variety of styles. You can most certainly find one that fits your design.


Take a look at your bathroom design to decide where you want to put the sconces so that they’ll provide the appropriate amount of light while also looking sophisticated and fitting into the scheme of your design.


Recessed Lighting – Want something more modern or just less obvious? Recessed lighting is an excellent lighting choice for bathrooms and has grown in popularity in the past ten years.


There are a lot of different opportunities and spaces in your bathroom for recessed lighting, but you’ll want to talk to your remodeling professional to make the best plan for fitting recessed lighting into your design.


Remember, as well, that you can certainly have more than one type of fixture filling your bathroom with light! To get the best plan for your bathroom remodel, check with the experts at Kresge Contracting in Columbus OH. Their experience can help pave the way for the perfect bathroom.


September’s arrival is here! It marks the time of year when leaves begin turning red and gold, the weather is mellowing, and families once again face the hectic schedule of school days, activities and homework. This is a great time to assess how your home can help create calm in the aftermath of summer vacations and the typical back-to-school chaos. . .

This month we will be looking at utilizing some kitchen “Centers of Activity” for maximum organization and efficiency. If you’re anything like us, your kitchen is often the center of the home’s activities. While there are many areas considered when designing a kitchen, we will focus on just four activity centers including: food prep, food storage, home calendar management and socializing. In the coming weeks we are going to break it down to focus on one of these areas each week.

The Food Prep Zone!

The food prep zone is the area carved out very simply for…um…food prep.

page16 CharnasAfterl057 edited

When designing a kitchen, your designer will consider and plan for a long, uninterrupted counter that is placed between the sink and cooking surface as an ideal location to consider. It can also be placed between the sink and the refrigerator. If your kitchen sports multiple cooks, there will be more than one preparation area. Often designs will include a secondary sink associated with the food preparation center.


This should be the perfect place to launch meals and lunch prep efforts. It is a good idea to keep utensils and supplies nearby for ease of access and to limit wasted search efforts. Store lunch packing materials, such as plastic baggies, twist ties, napkins, and storage containers close by. This can be accomplished by utilizing cute storage baskets on the counter, storing in drawers or in the cabinets under the counter. Have your students drop their lunch boxes here after school so everything stays central.  For meal prep, keep needed items in close proximity such as knives, cutting boards, bowls, spices, measuring containers, and food wraps. It is helpful to have your prep zone near a sink for ease of cleaning any fruit or vegetables used. This is an area that is important to keep clean, especially if working with meats.


As you can image, your food prep zone will be unique to you and your family. Be creative and let this be a space where you are inspired!


Join us next week as we take a look at the pantry…..



Range View

In the past few weeks we have spent a little time looking at the design considerations for your dream kitchen. While it is fun to consider all the wonderful options for your space, undertaking such a remodeling project can feel overwhelming at times. So many style options, lifestyle considerations, price breaks, schedule needs….


Relax. When you start by engaging a certified kitchen designer to evaluate your personal needs and goals, the process becomes much easier and can be quite enjoyable! Here at Kresge Contracting, Inc. we specialize in turning homes into a unique reflection of the client’s needs, dreams and passions – because a remodeled space should be “more than just a room, it’s uniquely you.” In order to assist in your efforts to secure that dream kitchen, please take the time to request your complementary personal kitchen planning guide that walks you through all the steps of planning your own kitchen remodel. It is available via the Kresge Contracting website.


Sweet dreams!



Have you been dreaming of your style and priorities as regards your kitchen? Well, this week we will look at two very important components to your project….budget and timelines. While these project topics are not as exciting as style and use, they sure get us excited if they are not dealt with up front. These are not areas we like surprises.



As you dream of your new kitchen, setting a budget range will help refine your focus. Your budget will help you determine realistically how far you can go with your project.   Budget parameters help define whether you will undertake a simple remodel or a full redesign, which cabinetry line to consider, what countertop material is the best fit, and how much you can spend on organizational tools and other finishes and details. The key to staying within your budget surprisingly is starting with a certified kitchen designer in tandem with a reputable remodeling firm. This decision allows you to understand pricing up front as selections are made with a view to the entire project goals. They can help with wise decisions to ensure the end result is all you hoped for both stylistically and monetarily.



The scope of your project is a determining factor in the length of time to complete your project. Simple updates can take 4-6 weeks, while a full-scale custom remodel may take 3-5 months. This is the area of a project that can often present the greatest challenge…living in the project! It is important to plan for and anticipate the challenges that are to come. Key at this stage is working with a reputable remodeling firm with GREAT communication skills. You should reasonably expect to know what will be happening and when. You should know when the project will start and end. You should be able to plan according to the information provided.   A good project manager should provide regular updates on your project, keep it moving on schedule and ensure the end result is all you expected it to be.


Join us next week as we pull this all together…



We will begin to dig into a couple of design considerations for your dream kitchen this week. Last week we offered some important questions to reflect upon to help bring your desires for you project into focus. Let’s refine the process now by considering two important elements….style and personal priorities.

 page30 DSC 0009 edit


Some homeowners feel it can be hard to define their style. We all have one, even if we don’t know what it is. Some little steps can help in that process. Collecting magazine photos and online ideas on Pinterest and Houzz, can help provide ideas of what you like and don’t like. Common styles include contemporary, rustic, chic, traditional, transitional, and country. Some homeowners understand their style, while others need help refining theirs. An experienced certified kitchen designer can assist in sorting out the many options you need to consider. Working with a remodeling company that has a good showroom is a tremendous asset. They can provide inspiration and great ideas as you view and handle product samples and understand how they contribute to specific stylistic influences. Samples can often be taken to see how they look and feel in your own home.


Personal Priorities

Many homeowners have personal priorities for their kitchens. Perhaps there are certain elements they particularly desire, such as an island, pantry, dining area, recycling, desk center, tv/entertainment area, wine storage, or special cooking zones. Other homeowners are most concerned about how to open their space up to join the kitchen with adjacent living areas. Your designer can help evaluate how you live in your space. They are prepared to offer solutions to ensure your project achieves your goals for function and uniquely reflects your interests and lifestyle.


Next week we will look at a two more design elements to ensure your project is a success: Budget and Timeline.



In the past few weeks we’ve look at the utility of the kitchen. Now, let’s get to the fun. Did you know that in a University of Minnesota survey, 69% of the time, someone was in the kitchen with the cook, but NOT necessarily cooking! With such a reality, let’s design for fun and company in the kitchen by incorporating socializing and media centers in the kitchen!


Kresge Powell Columbus Remodel Kitchen Rustic Eclectic001 35 TV hutch

Many families find that creating a socializing center for family members to visit and talk while preparing meals helps them stay more connected and makes use of the precious moments between home, school, work, and activities. Planning for seating and socializing allows you to extend visits with your guests while finishing meal prep or undertaking clean-up. This can be achieved with a simple island bar or other additional seating. Space constraints and budget impact how best to incorporate seating considerations in the kitchen, but don’t be afraid to explore your options.

Consider as well a media center with sound bar or television. A television allows the cook to make the most of kitchen time by keeping up with news or weather reports or favorite shows. A sound bar allows the cook and guests to relax to or heat up with some music. By incorporating media options in the kitchen you can make the time spent more enjoyable.


Don’t be afraid to explore how to incorporate seating and media considerations with your designer to create a space that is functional and fun!


Next we’ll wrap up before we head into October!




Thanks for joining us again this week as we look to design in kitchen centers of activity. This week we are turning our attention to the home planning center.   As you can imagine, the home planning center can be very elaborate or simple based upon your taste and budget considerations.   No matter the size of your space, this is often the mail dropping, calendar keeping, paper posting, message alerting area of the home.


page5 DSC 0085 editWhile this center of activity often includes a desk, a system of wall hangings can work as well to help with planning. The home planning center often includes cookbooks, a magnetic chalkboard or dry erase board, family calendar, menu plan, and bins for mail sorting. Take some time to think about how your family functions and design your space to conform to your unique needs.  


This is a fun area to get creative! Use a chalkboard for family members to write down notes and pantry staples that need restocked. If magnetic, students can also attach important papers. A family calendar is helpful to include and serves as a great reminder of upcoming activities and important dates. If you use a digital calendar to record family commitments and schedules, print out a copy each month so everyone can view and update it as needed.

DSC 0049



If the home does not have a separate office, incorporating a desk and cabinetry for storage would be an important consideration to keep you organized. Without an office, the kitchen planning center can be the area where important household records are kept, mail is sorted and financial needs are attended to in addition to keeping track of the calendar. Consider your needs for seating, lighting, electronic components such as phones or computers in this area and plan for the required outlets. It can be helpful to keep this area separate from your food prep zones to ensure important papers are not compromised with an unfortunate spill.


Whatever the configuration, make it uniquely you and enjoy your space! Next week we’ll look to having a little fun in the kitchen….



Welcome back! Last week we began our series on the design considerations for the different types of Centers of Activity in a kitchen.  


Now that you’ve got your food prep zone organized, let’s turn our attention to the all-important pantry…

DSC 0023 Final


When designing a kitchen, most will incorporate a pantry. The pantry can be as elaborate as a large walk-in space with shelving or as simple as a pantry cabinet. Many pantry centers include floor-to-soffit or floor-to-ceiling storage for food which is located near the food preparation area. No matter is configuration, a pantry can provide a multitude of space to store your kitchen essentials.


A kitchen pantry is a great place for snacks and shelf-stable lunch items to be kept. If you have children, designate a shelf for healthy snacks that kids can grab quickly and easily. Keep snacks and lunch items organized in clear bins so you can quickly see what is available and what needs restocked. You can employ a similar strategy in the refrigerator with pre-cut veggies, fruit and other lunch items. Organized storage can help reduce clutter in the kitchen, and make lunch and meal prep a breeze with easy access to needed items.


So far we’ve looked at kitchen centers of activity for food prep and pantry storage. Next week join us as we look at ways to keep everyone on track in your family with the Home Planner Center!



Are you planning your dream kitchen? An important first step should be assessing YOUR needs. What do you love and hate about your existing kitchen? Is it too small, too sprawling, is it disorganized, is the style a good fit, does it function well for your lifestyle and family? What is most important for you to accomplish with the project? How are you hoping your dream kitchen will function?

page30 DSC 0009 edit


Thinking through these and the following questions help to establish your project goals. The focus gained will guide the decision making process and help increase satisfaction with your remodel. Consider: Do you want more space or just a more organized space? Does your kitchen connect well with living areas? What family changes do you anticipate in the coming years, such as additional children, graduating children, or parents coming to stay? Are there any physical issues you should plan for, such as effects of aging? What are your entertaining needs?


The kitchen is easily one of the most utilized rooms in a home. With so much time spent there it should be a unique reflection of you and suit your needs. With so many elements to consider, a very wise first effort, should be finding an experienced certified kitchen designer. An experienced designer can help navigate the myriad of options related to your project.


Over the next month, we will be looking at some of the most important considerations in securing your dream kitchen! So, take the time now to dream a little of your space, and what your unique desires are for your space.



This week we will wrap up our series on Design Considerations for a Bathroom Remodel. If you’ve been reading along with us, you are aware of just how many different design elements there are to focus on in undertaking a project. The key to success in your project is PLANNING!


The planning phase is critical to avoiding many of the challenges and headaches common to remodeling projects. Your remodeling professional can help you define your style, guide you through the design process, and provide samples from their showroom. An experienced design team is able to envision the best possibilities for your space and offer computer design plans so that you can visualize the space before any physical work is started. The end result is a new bathroom that not only meets your needs, but is a unique reflection of your personality, interests, and style.


Join us next month as we turn our attention to the kitchen!



Welcome to the third part of our 4-part series on Design Considerations for a Bathroom Remodel!


Last week we took a quick peak at Vanities and Showers. This week we will turn our attention to the flooring and lighting. These components are so important to your project and yet are often taken for granted and not given adequate consideration.   Speak with your designer to understand all the options available to ensure your bathroom reflects your style and enhances your enjoyment of the space.



It seems that bigger IS better, at least in regards to bathroom flooring. Large tile use in the bathroom is on the rise since it has a simpler, cleaner look and is easier to maintain. Many homeowners are also choosing heated bathroom floors with customized presets that adjust the temperature similar to modern central thermostats to keep floors cozy.



Never underestimate the value of lighting planning in a bathroom! Even simple lighting arrangements can make a big difference in the look and feel of the room. Current trends include dimming options, side lighting, shower lighting, and other light balancing effects. An experienced designer can help customize the space to maximize client considerations.



Welcome back to our series on Design Considerations a Bathroom Remodel! This week we are going to look at two of the most common elements that are updated in a typical bathroom project.


As with any project, a good designer can be invaluable in assisting the homeowner their specific project. Engaging a good designer can help ensure your project incorporates the elements desired and reflects your personal style to make your space uniquely you!

 Big Showers


Bathroom cabinetry and vanities are moving from the simple to the complex. Vanities are being utilized not only for basic function but to reflect interesting design elements and to maximize storage capacity. The European style floating vanity is a growing trend. These units are wall-mounted and easy to clean under, but needs an experienced designer's expertise to be sure you get the best results.


Showers & Tubs

While many homeowners still opt for a pull-and-replace shower and/or bath, others are looking for personal luxury through custom designs and complex shower systems. Luxury is no longer limited to high-end designs! As you evaluate which option best suits your needs, the experience of a certified designer in the planning phase makes all the difference in the end result. The complexities of integrated walk-in showers, in particular, should be given adequate planning consideration with your designer.


iStock 000018042301Medium---CopyReplacing the handles and knobs on your kitchen cabinets is akin to painting rooms in your house. What might look really great in the store may not look so hot in your actual home. So how can you be sure that the cabinet fixtures that look so good in the store will also look great in your kitchen? The answer is cabinet handle samples. Kresge Contracting in Columbus, OH knows this and has hundreds of samples that can be brought to your home to visually see what kitchen cabinet handles would fit your needs.




Is there such a thing as a cabinet handle sample? Yes, there is. Manufactures prefer to avoid returns, so they create samples of their products you can obtain directly from the manufacturer through their website as well as through large fixture stores such as Lowes and Home Depot.


The policy on samples will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and store to store. Generally, you are going to be allowed to take one sample handle home to try in your kitchen for free if it is smaller than three inches or so. Larger handles or handles that are made from a unique [expensive] material may require the payment of a small deposit. Regardless, you should be able to get at least something you can try out in your actual kitchen.




When you get the sample home, go ahead and actually install it. Don't just try it on one cabinet. Do as many as you can and consider taking photos with your smart phone so you'll have a reference if you decide to consider other styles as well.


Importantly, don't just consider the visual appearance of the sample handle on your cabinets. Actually use the handle to open and close the cabinets. Depending on the height of your cabinets and the angle of your arm to the handle, you may find certain styles pinch your hand or are just uncomfortable to manipulate. On average, you are going to use the new handle for 10 years, so comfort and ease of use are legitimate topics you need to take into account.


Once you've tried out a few different samples, it should become fairly obvious which one is the best for your particular kitchen. Now you just need to order a sufficient number of the handles and install them.

How to Plan a Bathroom Remodel (Part 1 of Four Part Series)


Bath Remodel A well planned bathroom layout and design helps you make the most of your space, reflects your personal style, and gives you the features and elements that make using the space a joy each day. There are many ways to undertake your bathroom remodel, from the complete DIY (do-it-yourself) approach to engaging a design-build firm.  Apart from the decision of whether you are undertaking this project on your own or hiring a professional, it important to define the scope of your project before any work commences.


To define the scope of your project, it helps to contemplate a few details as you plan your remodel. For example, consider whether you want to update the current elements or create an entirely new layout. Some projects are simple renovations where outdated elements are simply replaced with updated items.  Some projects may involve moving existing elements to a new location, enlarging the current space, removing or adding walls, moving plumbing, adding electrical.  This is what is known as a remodel project.  While some simple updates can be easily performed yourself, more complex updates and new layouts benefit greatly from a designer’s expertise. A designer's expertise at the front end of a project can help avoid a headache after the project has begun.  They assist the homeowner in identifying key considerations from plumbing and electrical, wall placements, adequate clearance for new elements as well as movement around the space.  Four major updates most often considered are vanities, showers/tubs, flooring and lighting.  We will expand our discussion on these areas in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!



1791724-wooden-floor-040214-1538The timeless, outstanding and gorgeous looks of wooden floors capture the beauty of nature besides enhancing the value and aesthetics of your home. Companies like Kresge Contracting in Columbus, OH offer the latest trends and carry wide selections to choose from if you need a floor installation. Elegant, rich tones in smooth lacquers and hand-scraped planks bring an undeniable appeal that is luxurious and rustic at the same time. If you don’t need new floors, cleaning and maintaining them is easy to do. To maintain a rustic and natural look in your wooden floor, pay attention to the wooden flooring care options below.


Daily Care


Wooden floors should be dusted daily to keep dirt and other particulate matter off the floor. This will not only prevent scratching but it will also extend the glamor and life of your floor. Frequent dust-mopping will ultimately reduce the allergens in your home. Other traditional methods of dusting wooden floors, such as electrostatic materials that attract particles and allergens,are ideal. These microfiber materials reach into pores to lift up debris with ease.


Weekly Care


All wooden floors should be cleaned on a weekly basis. Too much liquid can damage wooden floors that are why keeping wooden floors dry is essential. When cleaning these floors, look for nontoxic, PH-neutral and biodegradable homemade detergents to safeguard yourself and your family from toxic substances. For example, when you use vinegar can eat away at finish even if you dilute it with water. You should use a washable microfiber pad, which will get rid of bacteria and keep waste out of the environment.


Quarterly Care


Polishing should be done on quarterly basis to restore the shiny luster. This should be done every three months. Use water-based polishes as they don’t leave residues or emit harmful substances. These cleaning agents are effective as they prevent stripping and over-cleaning your wooden floor. Urethane-based polishes are durable, no waxy buildup, fast dry times and provides a protective layer that fills micro-scratches and they assist in evening out the appearance of your floor.


Every other floor should be dusted, cleaned and polished for it to last longer. If you observe the above flooring care options, be sure that your floor will retain its original aesthetics for the longest time possible.

sketch6Your bathroom can be the hardest room to decorate in your home. This can be due to outdated colors, old fixtures, poor lighting, and other issues. Below are simple tips that you can consider to give your bathroom more style and elegance.


Storage Space


You can start by creating more space in your bathroom by adding functional décor. This could be a nice cabinet storage unit above your toilet or elegant storage shelves installed in your bathtub or shower. You can opt for modern pieces or more traditional ones depending on your taste and your bathroom’s current design. By doing this you can reduce clutter and hide everyday items from view, even if your bathroom is small.


Reflective Surfaces


You can incorporate light reflective materials in order to create contemporary and airy environment. The best materials are high-shine metallic light fixtures, towel racks, and faucets. These can have a ridged, sleek, modern design or an embossed, more traditional design.


Resurface Instead of Replacing Cabinets


Depending on your preferences, you can paint your cabinets in any color, or you can even strip them and stain them if they are wood. Make sure that the color you choose blends well with the other colors in the bathroom but that you avoid too much of one color. You don’t want the bathroom to be overwhelmed with color, or possibly too sterile with all pale neutrals.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall


Replacing a basic bathroom mirror design with a nice framed mirror can change the whole look of your bathroom. You can choose from large or standard size, and other options including color, finish, and frame design.


And if you decide that new décor isn’t enough, and you are in the Columbus, Ohio area, you can contact Kresge Contracting Inc. for a full bathroom remodel.

981-101413-gs0981Many homes have basements that are cluttered with boxes, littered with cobwebs, or others may even have exposed plumbing and wiring. However, a basement has a potential to be a functioning living space in your home. You can renovate your area and turn it to a bedroom, family room, or an office, just to mention a few.Here are the top tips to help you get started:


Planning Your Space


Before you start any remodeling in your basement, you need to know how you want to utilize the space. Your construction design will depend on what the finished room will be. For example if you want a spare bedroom, you may want to include an extra bathroom also, which will require new plumbing and wiring. Or if you will be using the space as a family room or game room, you may want to include built-in storage shelves, or extra outlets for gaming and entertainment equipment.


Covering Your Home’s Exposed Underbelly


An important element of your basement remodeling project is covering the plumbing pipes and electrical wires that are usually exposed in unfinished basement areas. You can create access panels for plumbing and electrical systems by installing suspended ceiling, which is ideal if you run into problems later.


Lighting and Flooring


Lighting and flooring is other elements that need to be changed. It’s not likely for your basement to receive enough sunlight, so you will be required to light it. Finding the best lighting for your intended use of the space is important.  On the same note, your basement flooring also needs to be suitable for your intended use for the room.


Renovating any part of your home can be fun an interesting experience. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area Kresge Contracting Inc. can assist you in designing and remodeling your basement space, or any other space in your home.

gskm-042114-dsc 8969-856Kitchen remodeling can be a beautiful and luxurious way to improve the space and functionality of one of the most important rooms in your home. Whether you like to spend time in front of the stove or around the dinner table, this home renovation project is a great way for your family to eat better and live better. There are a number of recent advances in technology and trends that you can take advantage of to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your renovation budget. You can overhaul the entire look and feel of your cooking space by following a few simple kitchen remodeling tips.


First, be sure to utilize the free online tools available for kitchen remodeling tips. Upload photos of your current cooking space and alter the colors or cabinet layout with free online tools to get an idea of what the new space will look and feel like. During the planning stages, it is important to ensure that you have open and clear communication with your contractor in order to make sure that your ideas are clearly heard and understood. This helps with overall satisfaction during the process and once the project is complete, you will be happy with the results for years to come.


When you are contemplating plans for your kitchen remodeling project, it is often better to go bolder and brighter. Big, bright colors are becoming more popular and bold styles open up spaces with remarkable results. Long gone are the safe and tame cooking spaces of your grandmother in which apple pies were left to cool on the counter. Instead, make way for the busy lifestyle of your active family and make room for a kitchen design that keeps everyone well fed.


More than any other room in your home, upgrading appliances is perhaps one of the most important parts of kitchen remodeling projects. As such, it is important to keep these costs in mind when planning your overall budget and allocating space in the layout plans. Talk to a professional contractor like Kresge Contracting in Columbus, Ohio for more information and for an initial consultation that will help get your design ideas going.

We are pleased to announce that Mark Kresge has acheived Master Certified Remodeler status!  Congratulations to Mark. 


The NARI Master Certified Remodeler designation recognizes Certified Remodelers that have demonstrated commitment to the remodeling industry through support of their local chapter, NARI National, and/or their local community.   The MCR identifies Certified Remodelers that have withstood the test of time and continue to be succesful within the industry. 


The MCR must be engaged in remodeling, must hold the Certified Remodeler designation for a minimum of 10 consecutive years and hold additional NARI Certifications (CRPM, CKBR, GCP, CLC or UDCP).  They must adhere to the NARI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, must have been involved with their local NARI Chapter on a committee, as a board member or an officer or they must have involvement as a leader in their community. 


Congratulations, again, to Mark.  The achievement demonstrates his continued commitment to excellence in remodeling.

bathroomrevExploring cabinets for your bathroom remodel before you decide on a given type of cabinet is very necessary. This is simply because after you take your time and explore different options available you will easily decide on the best. For instance, there are different styles of kitchen cabinets which you can have in your home but you need to consider factors such as the cost of the cabinets and the availability of experts who will help you in installing them. The best cabinets you consider should be readily available where you can access experts to help you in installing them easily. The following are factors you need to consider when exploring cabinets for your bathroom:


Consider the materials used in making the cabinets.


The best cabinets to have in your home should be made out of durable materials which will ensure you make use of them for a long period of time before you develop any need to look for repair services. If possible you should buy from manufacturers who are known to sale durable materials which will serve you well.


Consider the color of the cabinets.


If possible, you should go for cabinets which are made out of a color which you will appreciate having in your home. There are some colors which you love the most, so you should go for such colors when installing cabinets in your bathroom. In the bathroom there are high chances that water will spill onto the cabinets, so if possible you should go for cabinets that will resist spoilage by water. This will be possible after you take your time and consider buying the cabinets from stores that sale those that are resistant to water. In case you do not have a clue on the best cabinets for you to install, then it is better for you to ask the experts at Kresge Contracting in Columbus, Ohio before going for one.

The counter in your kitchen has a visual impact on the overall theme in the room, but it also gets used for various activities and many purposes. When you are looking at a kitchen countertop install, the first step is to decide on materials. Each type has different features/benefits and is used for different purposes. Here are some common materials to choose from.


Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are one of the most commonly desired types, mainly due to the beauty they provide from their unique marble design and because they hide dirt and imperfections well. No marble surface is alike and the design helps hide imperfections, scratches, dirt, and stains. Marble is available in several finishes, including brushed, sandblasted, flamed, or polished. It is more expensive, but it increases the home’s value and offers the durability level that many households need. Nevertheless, it is more difficult to maintain than other types and requires occasional sealing to protect from stains. The corners can get chipped and it is heavy and labor intensive to install, but well worth it because it works great as a multi-purpose kitchen surface.


Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are a form of natural stone. They are one of the most durable choices for the kitchen because they resist heat and water, as well as knives and stains. Quartz counters are easier to maintain than Marble and they fight bacteria. They have a glossy, beautiful sheen to them and Quarts is naturally stain resistant so the gloss finish is an added bonus. Nevertheless, patterns may not be uniform and corners can break and need repaired by a professional.


Synthetic Countertops (Laminated Countertops)

Synthetic countertops are constructed of particle board or plywood and are lined with a sheeted surface, often made from acrylic materials. The advantage here is design, affordability, and versatility. They are also easiest to install.

These countertops are inexpensive, yet provide great durability and are quite dependable. Synthetic counters have higher stain resistance qualities to them and clean easy. However, they are more prone to scratches and heat than other types. All you need there is a cutting board and a heat pad or a trivet. Because of the acrylic surface, designs are plentiful.


Countertops in Other Materials

Aside from the 3 countertop materials described above, you can also choose concrete, soapstone, lava stone, marble, and stainless steel materials. Each one of these has its own pros and cons. Most of them require special treatment or routine maintenance in order to keep them looking good and prot


There are two different kinds of range hoods that you can use in your home as you consider kitchen remodeling options. First, you can opt for a vented option. A vented choice can work by allowing vapors and other components in the air in your home to move out of a space by re-circulating the air that comes into the spot with as much effort as possible.


Second, you can choose a ventless range hood. This filters out particles in the air and secures them in tight spots without putting you at risk of any problems that might affect you otherwise.


A ventless range hood will not require any vents, as the name suggests. As a result, it will be much easier for you to install such a hood in your home.


However, a vented range hood will have less maintenance required. That is, the filtration unit in a ventless range hood has to be cleaned off from time to time while a vented hood will not require you to do this as the air will move outside the home. This is used to help improve the quality of the air whatever you are, thus giving off a better feeling that you can enjoy having in your home.


Either option can come in the same shapes and sizes that you may have come to expect out of such units. These include options that feature curved or slanted bodies to help take in the air that gets into a room. If this is used the right way then you will have more than enough coverage to take care of any surface that you have to work with when getting your space covered the right way.


These two options should be considered when looking for solutions relating to keeping air under control in your home. These range hoods can really do well for your kitchen if used properly.


When comparing vented and ventless range hoods as part of your kitchen remodel, consulting a professional like Kresge Contracting in Columbus, Ohio, can give you the best plan for your space.

Wanting to remodel your home, however not certain how to go about discovering the best home contractors? Here are a couple of tips that will straightforwardness you through the procedure. Building another home is the most imperative choice in an individual's life and with such a great amount of in question, you would prefer not to take any risks. 


Get Postings of Top Developers 


 Begin your hunt on the Internet. By essentially joining with the heading registries, you are certain to discover arranged postings of top positioning developers in your general vicinity. You could additionally approach companions and copartners for referrals. An alternate possible alternative is to contact your neighborhood homebuilder's affiliation and request dependable developers’ rundown in your general vicinity. When you have the schedule with you, examine and pick your manufacturer astutely. 


Confirm the Builder 


The most critical thing that you have to verify is that your builder is confirmed and authorized, with proper protection set up. A permit is all the verification that you could need to know the organization being referred to is skillful enough to handle your undertaking and convey great effects. Only on the grounds that an organization is authorized does not so much imply that the organization will be guaranteed as well. Protection is crucial to ensure you against unforeseen occasions. A guaranteed organization will repay you for any harm brought about throughout the fulfillment of the venture, because of the carelessness of the administration expert or staff. 


Check Referrals and Testimonials 


 Here is the time-tried trap to confirm the soundness of the homebuilders. Check with close companions or cohorts who have former working knowledge with the organization. Few key inquiries that you have to ask is - their experience working with foreman, did they experience any obstructions along the way, whether the builder demonstrated correct to their dedication, and so on.


Last Deeds 


When you have concluded the builder that you need to work with, the last step is drafting the agreement. Whether you are making minor changes around the house or are looking to reconstruct your home sans preparation, it is paramount to have the right contracts set up. Verify the deeds given to you are intelligible and you see all the provisions given before you enter into an agreement. Each little detail that you concurred upon ought to be specified in the agreement.

Although you may feel like giving your whole house a complete makeover but where should you begin? Making some small changes to one room can often make a big difference in that area of your home. For example, your kitchen is often a big focal point in the home, and often a great place to start for remodeling. If your kitchen gets a facelift, it can bring a nice, new feel to your home.


Making Room foraKitchen Island


It's possible for you to add some class to your kitchen with the addition of a kitchen island. The truth is, if you assemble a kitchen island, it is an economical way to give your kitchen a modern appearance, and will also create a perfect focus of the whole room. There are a number of variables you should consider, when creating a kitchen island.


The Kitchen's Size


Wedging a kitchen island into a quite small space may clutter your kitchen and not be appealing despite a beautiful design. Adding a kitchen island into a more spacious kitchen, however, is a great way to make use of the extra square footage in your home.


Uses for the Kitchen Island


The extra permanent fixture in your kitchen creates a great addition, not only of counter space, but storage space, and even possibly eating space as well. Other options are appliances installed in the island, or even a sink.Your desired purpose for the kitchen island is a variable that is crucial, as it affects the design.


The Shape


A kitchen island may be designed in an oblong contour, a curved shape, a square contour, a rectangular shape, or an L-shape. Basically, the contour and layout of the island will depend largely on the space you have available, and also on what you are using it for. There are even ways of designing the island in order for it to accommodate multiple uses.


The Lighting


Your layout for the brand new island in your kitchen should additionally contain having the ideal overhead lighting for your new surface. Ambient lighting, for example, might add drama to the kitchen, but it is not enough for cooking, stirring, or chopping.


It's essential to know about all the variables you should think about before you start the task of hiring a company to design and build a kitchen island for you. If you are ready to start this process, Kresge Contracting, Inc., of Columbus, Ohio, will be happy to assist you in all your construction needs.

When hiring a home contractor consult your family members and friends who have hired one before. When you consult, they will recommend a contractor whom satisfied them or satisfied their friends.


Consult a building or construction inspector who knows the contractors in your area who meet the code requirements. You can also visit the local lumberyard that sees contractors. You can also check out the listings of all the contractors and carry out phone interviews on them. Make quick calls and ask the following questions:


Do they take contracts of your project size?

Do they have a list of the previous clients?

Do they provide financial references from banks or suppliers?

How many projects are they working on?

How long have they worked in projects?


These questions will help you gauge the company’s capability, reliability, availability and effectiveness in carrying out projects.


Based on the interviews, you should pick three to four home contractors and meet them face to face for detailed discussions and estimates. A good contractor should answer your questions comprehensively although their personality should not fool you. It is important to research whether they have had bad history and disputes with subcontractors and client.


By this time, you should have a narrower list of the contractors. Investigate the facts they tell you by calling the former clients and seeing their finished projects. Visit an ongoing project site and see how they work; observe whether the site is safe and neat and whether the workers are responsible and careful with the home owner’s property.


After settling for potential contractors make plans and start to get bids. A good contractor should have an idea of what you want and what you are willing to spend. Set a payment schedule that will speak to contractor’s work ethic and financial status. Make sure you get the best out of your money and that the project is done professionally. Get a contractor whom whether expensive, you easily communicate and agree on matters.


Finally, put the contract into writing with every detail; insist on a clear contract. Some of the details include: materials and products for the project commence and completion dates of the project, proof of liability insurance and workers’ compensation payment. Also note that incase of changes and uncovering of problems, the project period extends and also the price increases.

Cabinets are the main focal point of any kitchen. They may seem like just boxes with doors, shelves, and drawers, but they are more than that. The cabinets in a home should be built with exceptional quality, and have a beautiful design; one which represents the owner’s personality.


The cabinets from the big box store may be cheaper, but they are not a better value than custom cabinets, which will be of better quality.


Built to last


The custom cabinets are perfectly made by some skilled cabinet makers. They are made by hand and not on the assembly lines. The cabinet makers use very quality materials thus the custom cabinets are built to last. Below is an overview of differences between stock and custom cabinetry construction, and why custom cabinetry is a better choice:


Custom cabinetry

Components are plywood  vs. particle board

Screwed or nailed   vs.    joints dowel or dovetail glued

Corner braces secured with wood glue   vs.   blocks stapled plastic corners

Drawer slides hidden  vs.    under mount side slide brackets


Elements you need


With custom cabinetry, one can select the elements that will work best for him or her. And it doesnot have to be standard cabinetry either. One can choose unique drawer and cabinet combinations that perfectly fit his or her baking and cooking style, thus creating an efficient kitchen. For example, the kitchen can perfectly incorporate a spice cabinet, trash drawer, knife cabinet, cookie sheet cabinet, wine rack, or even pullout cutting boards.


Local sourcing


If homeowners are concerned about the wood’s origin used for their cabinets, then custom cabinetry should be the choice. With custom cabinetry, one has a broader choice of the wood for his or her project including use of domestic or local hardwoods.


Personal selection


Custom cabinets provide a homeowner with a completely personalselection of style, hardware, wood, and finish to address his or her needs and desires. Custom kitchen cabinetry is normally made per order using hand selected woods.


Built to fit


Custom kitchen cabinets can be made to any size according to the owner’s specifications which makes all the spaces usable thus taking good advantage of every inch in the kitchen. The custom cabinets give a fitted look that is not available with the stock cabinetry.


If you desire amazing custom cabinetry, hire Kresge Contracting for all your kitchen remodeling needs.

A bathroom is no longer a room where people go in, take a shower, and leave. Today, people are opting for designer bathrooms where they can spend a long time while taking shower or brushing their teeth. Therefore, you would want to make your bathroom very comfortable while carrying out your personal grooming. One of the best ways to liven up your bathroom design is to choose soothing color schemes. Some color schemes can energize, revitalize, and add a personal touch and freshness to your bathroom. Choosing colors for your bathroom? Well, here are a few color ideas that can transform the appearance of your bathroom.


Beautiful Bathroom Color Schemes


Fresh Turquoise and Green


A combination of a beautiful turquoise and a classy green can revamp your bathroom and turn it into a refreshing area. Using turquoise shower curtains, colored accessories, and glass tiles in either of these colors will enhance the nautical effect.


Plush Black and Dark Red


A black and dark red color combination can create an amazing space. Ensure everything is part of the scheme, including the walls, tiles, fixtures, sanitary ware and small accent pieces. You can spice it up with bronze colored accessories.


Tranquil White and Teal


This is a very pretty combination for a calming, fresh and soothing ambiance. Color your bathroom wall teal blue and add white accessories such as a mix of white and blue tiles, white or light-blue sanitary ware, and white accentuated bathroom vanity.


Funky White and Red


Adding a hot red color in maximum elements and then balancing it using white can add a lively touch to your bathing space. You can add dark red accessories or black accessories to further spruce up the area.


Classy Cream and Chocolate


Coloring your bathroom using the beautiful chocolate brown shade that blends perfectly with the natural finish of the bathroom’s wooden furniture will give your bathroom a classy look. You can use off-white floor tiles, brown wall paint, and a mix of brown and cream accessories.


Choosing any bathroom color scheme majorly depends upon your personal taste. You don’t have to consider the overall paint colors of the house, when choosing one for the bathroom.


If you’re having a hard time deciding how to handle your bathroom design and color choices, getting the input of an experienced contractor like Kresge Contracting in Columbus, Ohio, can go a long way in helping the finished product become exactly what you want. 

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