Kitchen Centers of Activity (Part 5 of 5 Part Series)


Over the past 4 weeks we’ve looked at four important activity centers for a kitchen. With a little planning and evaluation of your own home, you can make this active time of year more organized, less stressful and more enjoyable for you and your family. If you are undertaking a kitchen project to make the most of these needed spaces, good design is important.



For food prep centers, consider a long, uninterrupted counter placed near a sink and cooking surface or fridge.


For your pantry, tall storage cabinetry or closet type spaces offer great options for food and small appliance storage.


The home desk/planning center can be the heartbeat of the home, keeping everyone on task and time. Make it work for you. Utilize calendars, cookbooks, chalkboards, bins to help you keep it all together.


And finally, enjoy your space. Make it a place where it’s easy for you to live and to incorporate your family and friends. Offer seating for those that are coming along to chat and visit during culinary tasks. Plan for an outlet to catch up on shows or relax to music while moving about the kitchen.


While these areas are not all inclusive elements for your kitchen, they are areas of great importance. With an eye to design, make your space reflect your tastes and passions! We consider that our top priority…because it’s more than just a room…it’s uniquely you!


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