A Guide to Choosing the Best Kitchen Faucets

It can be difficult for a homeowner to find cost effective and functional kitchen faucets that match his or her design aesthetic. There is likelihood that a kitchen faucet will be used the most in a home. Making the right decision when choosing a faucet is important. Although the final decision will be on the basis of whether they match the kitchen design or not, it is important to know the questions to be answered when selecting the right kitchen faucet. 




When choosing kitchen faucets, the first determining factor is the size of sink. A small sink does not need more than one faucet. On the other hand, a larger or double sink will require a pull-out spray faucet or a center spout having a side spray in order to reach all parts of the sink. A spout’s reach is directly related to the sink size and should therefore be proportional. On a small sink, an oversized faucet becomes difficult to maneuver. For those who regularly wash wide dishes and bulky pots, they should go for a faucet having a high arch, as opposed to one with a standard arch as it is better for daily tableware. Another vital factor related to size is the number of holes on a kitchen sink, for it limits a homeowner’s selection of kitchen faucet choices. A majority of faucets have labels showing the number of holes needed for proper installation. 




Sinks made of stainless steel call for faucets of the same material while porcelain sinks offer the homeowner flexibility of style. When initiating a kitchen remodel, choosing a kitchen faucet that matches the homeowner’s design means figuring out the finish and shape that complements the décor. For instance, a Tuscan design requires a faucet having an antiqued brass or brushed bronze finish. 




Depending on someone’s needs, different handle options are available. Flow and temperature adjustments can be easily provided by single handle faucets, while only requiring a few holes and does not need two hands. Two-handle faucets have better flow and temperature adjustments but require at least three holes. A pull-out spray faucet can be functional and stylish, requiring only a single holes as well as holes for accessories. Faucets that are wall mounted do not need holes in the countertop. Instead, they are mounted to the kitchen wall and require water to be run above the countertop on the wall. Prep or bar faucets can come in handy for small sinks in entertainment spots.

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