An Easy, Classic Idea for Decorating Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are now nearly a necessity for many cooks, creating more counter space for working, more storage for keeping clutter off of counters, and turning into a place to serve food and spend time with friends and family.


Just like anywhere else in your house, though; it’s nice to have your kitchen island decorated. If you haven’t been really sure where to go with it, this idea from Andrea at Willow Wisp Cottage is extremely simple and straightforward, but will make your kitchen pop.


Elements of a Simple, Natural Island


In order to keep the kitchen island looking fresh and organic, here are some of the things Andrea used:


  • Plants. While Andrea used a topiary and a fern, you could use any smaller plants, including herbs, ferns, small vegetable plants, or even flowering plants. The idea is to keep it small, though; you don’t want a vine taking up half of your kitchen island space!
  • Fruit. It’s familiar, so to mix it up, Andrea chose the aromatic lemon, which would be especially nice with herbs. Get creative if you’re going to go with fruit: add several different colors, add something more unique, and use a decorative bowl that draws attention.
  • Details. When you’re putting together any kind of decorating, the details matter. Choose pots for your plants that draw simple interest with textures or weathering. Use containers  and other elements that fill out the setting and add dimension. Look at it, then look at it again, then tweak it and look one more time, until you like what you see!


If you haven’t thought of decorating your kitchen island or haven’t gotten to it yet, will you try this? Or do you have something else in mind?


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