Bathroom Lighting Choices

gs34000-110413-lilesijA bathroom remodel can bring a fresh perspective to your home, but there are so many choices to make when you do a remodel. One of the things you’ll have to choose when you’re planning your bathroom design will be lighting.


The lighting you choose will depend on the mood you want in your bathroom and what fits your personal style. Here are a couple of options to consider:


Chandelier – These elegant lighting fixtures aren’t just for dining rooms anymore. You may not have considered putting a chandelier in your bathroom, but the right size and type for your style can bring a richness and luxury.


When looking at chandeliers for your bathroom, it’s important to consider both the style and how it fits into your overall design as well as the size. If your bathroom is smaller, a large chandelier could be imposing, so think of proportions as you look at your options.


Wall Sconces – Sconces are some of the most classic lighting fixtures, and certainly appropriate for any bathroom. Sconces are a great choice because they come in a huge variety of styles. You can most certainly find one that fits your design.


Take a look at your bathroom design to decide where you want to put the sconces so that they’ll provide the appropriate amount of light while also looking sophisticated and fitting into the scheme of your design.


Recessed Lighting – Want something more modern or just less obvious? Recessed lighting is an excellent lighting choice for bathrooms and has grown in popularity in the past ten years.


There are a lot of different opportunities and spaces in your bathroom for recessed lighting, but you’ll want to talk to your remodeling professional to make the best plan for fitting recessed lighting into your design.


Remember, as well, that you can certainly have more than one type of fixture filling your bathroom with light! To get the best plan for your bathroom remodel, check with the experts at Kresge Contracting in Columbus OH. Their experience can help pave the way for the perfect bathroom.

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