Calm into the New Year…. (Part 3 of 4 Part Series)

Get Organized


Quality organization calms your world.


Who likes kneeling on the floor and shining a light into the recesses of their base cabinets for the pizza peel or baking stone?  Or pulling everything out of a cabinet to get to that one item…  Homemade Gourmet Pizza Night is a lot more fun when the cabinets are organized and easy to access with roll-outs.


Pantries with fixed wire shelving don’t adapt to personal needs and can be difficult to organize and access.  Consider adjustable shelving and full roll-outs to provide the customization and easy access that make food prep and shopping list creation a breeze.


Pull out drawers for commonly used spices are a great help for cooks of all ages and proficiencies.  Large items, like trays, platters, and cookie sheets can be stored easily and efficiently in vertical spaces. 


Incorporate storage into your planning.  Reduce the frustration of and fight in finding items in your kitchen….put them where you need them. 


As you plan your project this new year, plan for organization needs.  Your designer is an invaluable asset in this area.

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