Calm into the New Year…. (Part 4 of 4 Part Series)

Create the Atmosphere


Breathe deep. Exhale….. repeat.  A great component of relaxation techniques is a deep breath.  Shouldn’t your home calm you with its air quality too?  Yes.


One way a good designer helps you create the desired atmosphere in your home is through proper ventilation.


Cook surfaces vented to the outdoors eliminate excessive steam, hot oil residues and smoke, and strong odors that would otherwise linger.  No one wants to start their day in the kitchen by smelling the fish they fried the night before.


Proper ventilation not only includes exhaust air, but heated and cooled air.  Be sure to work with your designer to plan for comfort as well. 


Our final point of consideration as you create your calm, peaceful home is color.  This goes beyond the wall colors.  Let your designer help you consider all the elements of your update to encompass the harmonious blending of colors and materials to soothe your mood.


Ahhhh.  Little things make all the difference.  They are the touches that warm the heart, creating that calming, comfortable environment that makes living in and using your home a pleasure.



You know, it’s more than just a room.  Let us help make it uniquely, comfortably, calming, peace inducingly yours.


Welcome, new year!

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