Choosing Colors For Your Bathroom

A bathroom is no longer a room where people go in, take a shower, and leave. Today, people are opting for designer bathrooms where they can spend a long time while taking shower or brushing their teeth. Therefore, you would want to make your bathroom very comfortable while carrying out your personal grooming. One of the best ways to liven up your bathroom design is to choose soothing color schemes. Some color schemes can energize, revitalize, and add a personal touch and freshness to your bathroom. Choosing colors for your bathroom? Well, here are a few color ideas that can transform the appearance of your bathroom.


Beautiful Bathroom Color Schemes


Fresh Turquoise and Green


A combination of a beautiful turquoise and a classy green can revamp your bathroom and turn it into a refreshing area. Using turquoise shower curtains, colored accessories, and glass tiles in either of these colors will enhance the nautical effect.


Plush Black and Dark Red


A black and dark red color combination can create an amazing space. Ensure everything is part of the scheme, including the walls, tiles, fixtures, sanitary ware and small accent pieces. You can spice it up with bronze colored accessories.


Tranquil White and Teal


This is a very pretty combination for a calming, fresh and soothing ambiance. Color your bathroom wall teal blue and add white accessories such as a mix of white and blue tiles, white or light-blue sanitary ware, and white accentuated bathroom vanity.


Funky White and Red


Adding a hot red color in maximum elements and then balancing it using white can add a lively touch to your bathing space. You can add dark red accessories or black accessories to further spruce up the area.


Classy Cream and Chocolate


Coloring your bathroom using the beautiful chocolate brown shade that blends perfectly with the natural finish of the bathroom’s wooden furniture will give your bathroom a classy look. You can use off-white floor tiles, brown wall paint, and a mix of brown and cream accessories.


Choosing any bathroom color scheme majorly depends upon your personal taste. You don’t have to consider the overall paint colors of the house, when choosing one for the bathroom.


If you’re having a hard time deciding how to handle your bathroom design and color choices, getting the input of an experienced contractor like Kresge Contracting in Columbus, Ohio, can go a long way in helping the finished product become exactly what you want. 

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