Choosing New Kitchen Cabinet Handles

iStock 000018042301Medium---CopyReplacing the handles and knobs on your kitchen cabinets is akin to painting rooms in your house. What might look really great in the store may not look so hot in your actual home. So how can you be sure that the cabinet fixtures that look so good in the store will also look great in your kitchen? The answer is cabinet handle samples. Kresge Contracting in Columbus, OH knows this and has hundreds of samples that can be brought to your home to visually see what kitchen cabinet handles would fit your needs.




Is there such a thing as a cabinet handle sample? Yes, there is. Manufactures prefer to avoid returns, so they create samples of their products you can obtain directly from the manufacturer through their website as well as through large fixture stores such as Lowes and Home Depot.


The policy on samples will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and store to store. Generally, you are going to be allowed to take one sample handle home to try in your kitchen for free if it is smaller than three inches or so. Larger handles or handles that are made from a unique [expensive] material may require the payment of a small deposit. Regardless, you should be able to get at least something you can try out in your actual kitchen.




When you get the sample home, go ahead and actually install it. Don't just try it on one cabinet. Do as many as you can and consider taking photos with your smart phone so you'll have a reference if you decide to consider other styles as well.


Importantly, don't just consider the visual appearance of the sample handle on your cabinets. Actually use the handle to open and close the cabinets. Depending on the height of your cabinets and the angle of your arm to the handle, you may find certain styles pinch your hand or are just uncomfortable to manipulate. On average, you are going to use the new handle for 10 years, so comfort and ease of use are legitimate topics you need to take into account.


Once you've tried out a few different samples, it should become fairly obvious which one is the best for your particular kitchen. Now you just need to order a sufficient number of the handles and install them.

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