Design Considerations for Your Dream Kitchen (Part 3 of 4 Part Series)


Have you been dreaming of your style and priorities as regards your kitchen? Well, this week we will look at two very important components to your project….budget and timelines. While these project topics are not as exciting as style and use, they sure get us excited if they are not dealt with up front. These are not areas we like surprises.



As you dream of your new kitchen, setting a budget range will help refine your focus. Your budget will help you determine realistically how far you can go with your project.   Budget parameters help define whether you will undertake a simple remodel or a full redesign, which cabinetry line to consider, what countertop material is the best fit, and how much you can spend on organizational tools and other finishes and details. The key to staying within your budget surprisingly is starting with a certified kitchen designer in tandem with a reputable remodeling firm. This decision allows you to understand pricing up front as selections are made with a view to the entire project goals. They can help with wise decisions to ensure the end result is all you hoped for both stylistically and monetarily.



The scope of your project is a determining factor in the length of time to complete your project. Simple updates can take 4-6 weeks, while a full-scale custom remodel may take 3-5 months. This is the area of a project that can often present the greatest challenge…living in the project! It is important to plan for and anticipate the challenges that are to come. Key at this stage is working with a reputable remodeling firm with GREAT communication skills. You should reasonably expect to know what will be happening and when. You should know when the project will start and end. You should be able to plan according to the information provided.   A good project manager should provide regular updates on your project, keep it moving on schedule and ensure the end result is all you expected it to be.


Join us next week as we pull this all together…


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