Figuring Out Why You Have a Cold Basement

Having a cold basement can be a bummer, especially if you have it finished and you plan on using it a lot. Understanding why you have a cold basement may not be too tough of an idea to grasp, but fixing the probably may turn out to be a bigger project than you want to take on. 


First let's understand why your basement is cooler than the rest of the house no matter what the temperature is outside or upstairs. The basement is underground, blocked from sunlight and insulated by the cool earth. So no matter what you do, your basement is going to be the coolest room in the house and the hardest room to keep warm. In the summer time, it could be a plus, but in the winter time it could be brutal. 


If you are trying to warm up your basement, here are a few things to look at:


  • Do the walls of your basement have insulation?
  • Is your carpet insulted?
  • How many heat vents and where are they located at? 
  • Do you have a cold air return? 


These are all important things you need in order to find out why your basement is cold. If your walls are not insulated, the warm air will simply seep right out. And basements have concrete floors, so if you don't have some type of insulation under the carpet, just the feel of the floor will be cold.


Heat rises and in most basements the heat vents are located on the ceiling, so if you don't have a strong enough push of air coming out of the vents and enough vents to really pump the basement with sufficient warm air, this just won't get the job done. But probably the most import thing of all is the cold air return. A cold air return takes the cold air from the basement and sends it through the furnace and back out. Without this process you may be fighting a losing battle. 


If all of those seem like projects too big to tackle, you could always try to go with an extra heat source. A space heater or an electric fireplace can really help to take the chill out of the air. But nothing will work better than having a contractor come out and set you up correctly. 

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