Four Ideas for a Cottage Kitchen

When homeowners Chris and Kathy Parsons decided to remodel their kitchen, they new exactly what they wanted—and what they didn’t want: “We have a complete aversion to stainless steel,” Chris said.


They opted to go for a cottage kitchen with an elegant country feel. Warm colors, vintage accents, and a cohesive design make this design a work. If you want to incorporate some of these ideas in to your kitchen remodeling, here are four ideas from the Parsons’ kitchen:


1. Dark wood. The dark wood in the cabinets gives an old-world feel that goes well with the rest of the space and immediately anchors the room and makes an impression. Their Shaker cabinets were an investment with which they have been happy, right down to the creamy, flecked countertops.


2. Color. They didn’t leave the room in the dark, though; instead they brought in the creamy, buttery yellow color you see on the floor and in the walls, then accented it with pops of red throughout the room.


From the checkerboard floor to the bright red island and accessories throughout the room, you’re given a complete look that keeps your eye moving across the space—a great way to add dimension and size.


3. Accessories that fit. In choosing accessories, the couple picked things that would continue the consistency of the room. From a classic mixer to a bright red tea kettle to a crock for holding cooking utensils, every detail is accounted for throughout the room.


4. Functionality. Despite being extremely styled, the kitchen hasn’t lost its functionality. The food scale, mixer, herb carousel, apron sink, and center island all fit extremely well into the design and were clearly chosen for their ability to add to the space, but they all also provide the same usefulness you would want in your kitchen—when you can combine functionality and style, you’ve got a great space!

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