Green Bathroom Remodeling Options With Style

Green building and remodeling is becoming more and more frequent, and many homeowners know that this is the way they want to do their own remodel. There’s still concern sometimes, though; that your options will be limited when you’re trying to do green remodeling.


The good news is, because it has become so common, there are more options than ever. If you’re looking for a green bathroom remodel, you can have both the style you want and the benefits of being environmentally friendly!




Low-flow and water-conserving plumbing and fixtures are available from several different sources now. Knowing that you want fixtures that suit your style as well as help control water usage, most of them are now designer, as well.


From sinks to bathtubs to toilets, you can have the flair you want while lowering your water bill and conserving more water than ever.




This is an area where many homeowners think it’s impossible to go green affordably, but that’s becoming less and less true. Discuss your options with your contractor, but they likely include some of these, one of which will be in your price range and style:


  • Recycled flooring.
  • Reclaimed wood.
  • Bamboo.
  • Cork.


Any of these are environmentally friendly and have enough variety for you to find one that really suits you and what you want for your bathroom.




Of all of the options, lighting is the easiest! Every year, the types and sizes of energy-efficient LED’s and CFL’s expand. It’s easier than ever to find a bulb like these that fits into almost any fixture.


You’re probably going to invest in new lighting fixtures when you do your remodel, so take a look at all of the available fixtures that are known to work well and look great with more energy-conserving bulbs.

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