Homeowners Trend Toward Big, Luxurious Showers

With most people’s schedules completely full, baths have become a luxury of the past; not many people have time to run a bath and soak in it. No one wants to loose luxury, though; so the newest trend is towards huge, amazing showers.


The types of showers seen in today’s remodels may take up as much as half of the bathroom space, and that’s just the beginning—once the size is determined, features are added. Take a look at some of the things you’ll find in more modern showers:


1. Walk-in Showers. Showers without doors are more and more popular. With walls made of clear, uninterrupted glass and a walk-through opening, showers are now part of open, extended bathrooms. This keeps the space looking larger despite the big shower because you can easily see through and step into the shower to the tile work inside.


2. Water Technology. Imagine turning on your shower and it automatically becoming the perfect temperature—no adjustments, no hopping in and out of the water while you try to get it just right—just perfection. With shower thermostats that control water temperature on a pre-determined setting, that can be more than imagination.


If that’s not enough, add to that a shower that knows how to adjust water temperature and pressure based on other water use in the house, and now you’ve got a smart water design that works for you.


3. Lights & Music. Every bathroom comes with lights, and music is pretty easy to acquire, but what about both built right into your shower? Color therapy (or chromatherapy) involves colored lights that fill the space and attempt to help create a mood (try soothing or energizing, for instance). These panels are often built right into the tiles.


Now, with your lights, you can also have built-in waterproof speakers that pipe high-quality audio from inside your shower.


In addition to these style trends, homeowners are becoming much more aware and concerned about water conservation and low-flow devices, prompting the creation of water-efficient bathrooms with some features that reduce water usage 6from standard showers by up to 20%!

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