Is it a Good Idea to live at Home during a Major Renovation?

5452-101413-gs5452Every so often, homeowners renovate their residences by adding new facilities and removing old ones. When they do this, they also have to contend with the idea of moving out for a while once the repairs begin, or staying put to monitor the entire process. Well, this decision depends on a lot of factors such as those discussed below.


Do You Trust the Workmen?


One can decide to stay if they own precious properties at home and would like to keep a keen eye on them, lest somebody steals them. However, if the renovators have a good reputation, like Kresge Construction in Columbus, then you can leave rest assured that the possessions will remain intact until your return.


The Number of People Living in Your Home


 If there are too many individuals staying at your place then it would be appropriate to find a rental, lest they distract the workers. Those who have young kids also don’t have another option but to leave, the noise and clamor produced during renovations can prove too much for them.


Scope of Work


If the repairs only affect one or two rooms, then it would not make sense to move out since the makeovers may not affect you in any way. On the other hand, jobs that encompass a greater portion of the house or affect key areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms rule out staying at home. Some families can cope without a place to cook, but without a bathroom there would be nowhere to clean up.


Most home repair firms charge clients a fixed fee per hour, so by keeping the family away you can reduce the chances of people, especially children, interrupting their progress with unnecessary questions that only extend their stay at your residence and lead to more costly fees. These are some of the points to consider before making the decision to leave or to stay.

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