Is it Always Necessary to Redo Plumbing during a Remodel?

nkba horizontal rear-441-800-600-80Undertaking a remodeling project, such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel, is one of the best ways to give your indoor living space a fresh look and enhance your daily life. By making smart changes and adding new fixtures, you can enliven your home’s interiors and make your house more efficient and easier to use. But, while at it, you’ll need to address one question that always pops up during remodeling: is it necessary to redo plumbing?

The answer for this question actually depends on a number of factors. These include:


The Type of Remodeling Project


Part of enhancing the look and efficiency of a drab bathroom or kitchen during a remodeling job is redoing or upgrading the plumbing. But other small or medium sized projects such as re-purposing spaces, finishing a room or basement, expanding a room by removing the separating wall or building an outdoor patio may not require redoing, upgrading or installing new plumbing fixtures.

The Extent of the Home Alteration or Remodeling


You may need to implement a larger remodeling project that will interfere with the existing plumbing. As a result, you'll have to redo the plumbing so you have the option to redesign the existing piping and have more choices for how to design the new room. The upgraded plumbing will be better equipped to handle your new luxury features, the layout of the room will be more fluid, and different fixtures can be put in your desired locations.

Age of the House


If you have an older home with outdated plumbing materials such as iron or galvanized steel, a remodeling project gives you the opportunity to redo and upgrade by fitting safer, modern materials that are damage- and corrosion-resistant. This will eliminate the risk of plumbing problems like corrosion or rust, water contamination and leaking.

Where there are Signs of Trouble


If your existing plumbing is showing signs of trouble such as stains, scratches, flaking, discoloration or badly exposed pipes, then you might want to consider replacing the plumbing.

Hire a Professional Plumber for Your Remodeling


In each of these instances where you may need to redo plumbing during a remodel, it’s important to seek the help of a professional plumber like the experts at Kresge Contracting in Columbus to help you redesign your plumbing, find the right fixtures and choose the best materials that stay within your project budget. Also, with a professional plumber on hand during a remodel, you’ll have more options for your remodeling because the plumbing can be altered to fit whatever configuration you desire. Additionally, you can have assurance that the remodeling project won’t interfere with older plumbing and create problems.

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