Kitchen Centers of Activity (Part 1 of 5 Part Series)


September’s arrival is here! It marks the time of year when leaves begin turning red and gold, the weather is mellowing, and families once again face the hectic schedule of school days, activities and homework. This is a great time to assess how your home can help create calm in the aftermath of summer vacations and the typical back-to-school chaos. . .

This month we will be looking at utilizing some kitchen “Centers of Activity” for maximum organization and efficiency. If you’re anything like us, your kitchen is often the center of the home’s activities. While there are many areas considered when designing a kitchen, we will focus on just four activity centers including: food prep, food storage, home calendar management and socializing. In the coming weeks we are going to break it down to focus on one of these areas each week.

The Food Prep Zone!

The food prep zone is the area carved out very simply for…um…food prep.

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When designing a kitchen, your designer will consider and plan for a long, uninterrupted counter that is placed between the sink and cooking surface as an ideal location to consider. It can also be placed between the sink and the refrigerator. If your kitchen sports multiple cooks, there will be more than one preparation area. Often designs will include a secondary sink associated with the food preparation center.


This should be the perfect place to launch meals and lunch prep efforts. It is a good idea to keep utensils and supplies nearby for ease of access and to limit wasted search efforts. Store lunch packing materials, such as plastic baggies, twist ties, napkins, and storage containers close by. This can be accomplished by utilizing cute storage baskets on the counter, storing in drawers or in the cabinets under the counter. Have your students drop their lunch boxes here after school so everything stays central.  For meal prep, keep needed items in close proximity such as knives, cutting boards, bowls, spices, measuring containers, and food wraps. It is helpful to have your prep zone near a sink for ease of cleaning any fruit or vegetables used. This is an area that is important to keep clean, especially if working with meats.


As you can image, your food prep zone will be unique to you and your family. Be creative and let this be a space where you are inspired!


Join us next week as we take a look at the pantry…..


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