Kitchen Centers of Activity (Part 3 of 5 Part Series)



Thanks for joining us again this week as we look to design in kitchen centers of activity. This week we are turning our attention to the home planning center.   As you can imagine, the home planning center can be very elaborate or simple based upon your taste and budget considerations.   No matter the size of your space, this is often the mail dropping, calendar keeping, paper posting, message alerting area of the home.


page5 DSC 0085 editWhile this center of activity often includes a desk, a system of wall hangings can work as well to help with planning. The home planning center often includes cookbooks, a magnetic chalkboard or dry erase board, family calendar, menu plan, and bins for mail sorting. Take some time to think about how your family functions and design your space to conform to your unique needs.  


This is a fun area to get creative! Use a chalkboard for family members to write down notes and pantry staples that need restocked. If magnetic, students can also attach important papers. A family calendar is helpful to include and serves as a great reminder of upcoming activities and important dates. If you use a digital calendar to record family commitments and schedules, print out a copy each month so everyone can view and update it as needed.

DSC 0049



If the home does not have a separate office, incorporating a desk and cabinetry for storage would be an important consideration to keep you organized. Without an office, the kitchen planning center can be the area where important household records are kept, mail is sorted and financial needs are attended to in addition to keeping track of the calendar. Consider your needs for seating, lighting, electronic components such as phones or computers in this area and plan for the required outlets. It can be helpful to keep this area separate from your food prep zones to ensure important papers are not compromised with an unfortunate spill.


Whatever the configuration, make it uniquely you and enjoy your space! Next week we’ll look to having a little fun in the kitchen….


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