Kitchen Centers of Activity (Part 4 of 5 Part Series)


In the past few weeks we’ve look at the utility of the kitchen. Now, let’s get to the fun. Did you know that in a University of Minnesota survey, 69% of the time, someone was in the kitchen with the cook, but NOT necessarily cooking! With such a reality, let’s design for fun and company in the kitchen by incorporating socializing and media centers in the kitchen!


Kresge Powell Columbus Remodel Kitchen Rustic Eclectic001 35 TV hutch

Many families find that creating a socializing center for family members to visit and talk while preparing meals helps them stay more connected and makes use of the precious moments between home, school, work, and activities. Planning for seating and socializing allows you to extend visits with your guests while finishing meal prep or undertaking clean-up. This can be achieved with a simple island bar or other additional seating. Space constraints and budget impact how best to incorporate seating considerations in the kitchen, but don’t be afraid to explore your options.

Consider as well a media center with sound bar or television. A television allows the cook to make the most of kitchen time by keeping up with news or weather reports or favorite shows. A sound bar allows the cook and guests to relax to or heat up with some music. By incorporating media options in the kitchen you can make the time spent more enjoyable.


Don’t be afraid to explore how to incorporate seating and media considerations with your designer to create a space that is functional and fun!


Next we’ll wrap up before we head into October!


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