Kitchen Island Design Ideas

6359-101413-gs6359A kitchen island has many practical uses, including the provision of extra storage space and more working surface. Most people can attest to the fact that you can never have too much space in the kitchen. In addition, a kitchen island can provide more seating to accommodate your family and friends.


There are many designs of kitchen islands you can choose from ranging from traditional to sleek and modern. Here are a few design options to consider.


1. A Bar-Style Island


This comes in a long curved shape. It looks like a semi circle with lots of storage space and a large working surface. This type of island provides a big space that can seat several people. It is ideal for those with large families and big kitchens.


The most common choice for many buyers is the two-level counter. The lower level is on the inside of the island and is used as a working surface. It usually includes a sink. The outer higher level is where people can place their food or drinks.


2. Small and Circular Kitchen Islands


For those who would prefer something smaller and more compact, this one will come in handy. It comes in an oval or circular shape. It lacks a lot of storage space but is ideal as an eating area for a two or three people. It can also be used as an extra surface to work on.


3. A Movable Kitchen Island


A mobile kitchen island is perfect for those with smaller sized kitchens who are concerned about space in the area. It is usually small with storage spaces and a working surface. It can be moved in place when needed and removed later on to create more space.


4. The Kitchen Island Table


What if you want a kitchen island that has a big working area but can still be used as a family dining table? This is where the kitchen island table comes in. It lacks many storage cabinets since the space underneath is used as leg space when people are seated. The top simply protrudes out from the side to fit seats and provide room to face forward.


Lastly, no matter design you choose; the most important thing is to ensure that it complements your existing kitchen space. If you are in need of a kitchen remodel, Kresge Contracting serves the Columbus Ohio area and surrounding cities and can provide several ideas to maximize your area space.

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