Kitchen Remodeling: Getting What You Want Without Spending Too Much

Kitchen remodeling is a great choice for any house. Not only does it make the kitchen more functional for you and your family and suit your tastes better, it also increases the resale value of your home.


Of course, remodeling is a big step. How can you be sure you get what you want without paying too much? Here are a few ideas to help:


Set the budget. This is going to require some thought, discussion with your contractor, and setting reasonable expectations. One thing you will want to do is leave space in your budget for something unexpected—it happens often enough with remodeling and building that failing to leave a cushion could leave you strapped!


Figure out what you need. Before you look at the things you want, narrow down the things you really need for functionality’s sake. For instance, perhaps the one thing you hate about your kitchen right now is the lighting—you need lighting over your workspace.


Maybe you have kids and need a countertop they can reach or have had difficulty cooking the way you want because you don’t have enough counter space. These are things that will make your kitchen more enjoyable for you and your family in a big way, and that’s important.


Prioritize what you want. It’s okay to want luxuries in your kitchen—little things that improve your enjoyment of your kitchen just because. Go in for all of the luxuries you like, though; and pretty soon you’ll be over your budget.


Instead, prioritize your luxuries. Together, answer this question: if we could only have one luxury, one “extra,” what would we want? Then continue answering that in order—“if we could only have two, only have three?” Once you have a list of three to five, you can sit down with your contractor and decide what will fit in your budget. 

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