Kitchen and the Holidays (Part 3 of 4 Part Series)

Week three….feeling inspired yet?


Last week we learned that layout is king when it comes to entertaining….not large spaces. With layout efficiency, traffic flow and work zones established…let’s look now to convenience!


When guests gather, keep it simple and self-serve as much as possible. As you consider entertaining, free yourself to enjoy your guests with attention to a few simple touches.


Keep needed items at the ready! Utilize your pantry as a great asset in the entertaining kitchen. It will allow you to keep items commonly used for entertaining in a central spot. Whether it’s a separate room or integrated into the kitchen with a cabinetry unit items will be ready when you are.


pantry 2


Help yourself!

beverage station


Establish a beverage station for wine storage, cocktails, coffee, and tea service. Don’t forget to place needed cups, spoons, ice etc. at the ready as well. Nice touches in this area can include a refrigerated beverage drawer or wine cooler. Use it all year for personal enjoyment of that morning coffee or evening cocktail.


And for the food….kitchen islands can be a fun easy place to create a buffet style side board. Include service items for your guests’ access to free yourself up to enjoy the company!


Almost there….next we’ll look to making it cozy and comfortable.

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