Kitchens and the Holidays (Part 4 of 4 Part Series)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Can you believe it is here already?  But you're ready, right?  Your layout is efficient, work zones defined, pantry is stocked and ready, beverages and buffet all set to go.  Now for the final consideration...comfort. 


As a final touch before your guests arrive, plan gathering spaces which offer guests comfortable places to visit and relax.  Upholstered seating, island perches, built-in nooks are all great options.

dolash after 1

knoll island

Set the mood with lighting. Lighting design is an important kitchen element. Go for well-lit, offering various lighting features which are controllable to achieve the desired look for any gathering or event.

Further the ambiance through multimedia available in the greater kitchen space. Set the mood with music! Or never miss a play in the big game!


This is your gathering and your home....let it be....YOU!  Thanksgiving is here...embrace your guests and enjoy all the season has to offer.


Here at Kresge Contracting, we believe every home should be a reflection of the homeowner! If you're ready to make yours uniquely you, think about how to incorporate design elements that reflect your unique tastes and interests.


Ideas include:

  • focal points above the range with a decorative slab of granite, marble, or special tile design
  • decorative glass in cabinetry doors
  • shelving to display works of art
  • special backsplash design or materials
  • creative lighting such as decorative pendants and art highlighting
  • furniture style cabinetry to achieve a custom built-in look

For more ideas and a complimentary kitchen planner, visit


Warm wishes to you for a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Kresge Contracting!

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