More Tips to Consider When Hiring a Home Contractor

When hiring a home contractor consult your family members and friends who have hired one before. When you consult, they will recommend a contractor whom satisfied them or satisfied their friends.


Consult a building or construction inspector who knows the contractors in your area who meet the code requirements. You can also visit the local lumberyard that sees contractors. You can also check out the listings of all the contractors and carry out phone interviews on them. Make quick calls and ask the following questions:


Do they take contracts of your project size?

Do they have a list of the previous clients?

Do they provide financial references from banks or suppliers?

How many projects are they working on?

How long have they worked in projects?


These questions will help you gauge the company’s capability, reliability, availability and effectiveness in carrying out projects.


Based on the interviews, you should pick three to four home contractors and meet them face to face for detailed discussions and estimates. A good contractor should answer your questions comprehensively although their personality should not fool you. It is important to research whether they have had bad history and disputes with subcontractors and client.


By this time, you should have a narrower list of the contractors. Investigate the facts they tell you by calling the former clients and seeing their finished projects. Visit an ongoing project site and see how they work; observe whether the site is safe and neat and whether the workers are responsible and careful with the home owner’s property.


After settling for potential contractors make plans and start to get bids. A good contractor should have an idea of what you want and what you are willing to spend. Set a payment schedule that will speak to contractor’s work ethic and financial status. Make sure you get the best out of your money and that the project is done professionally. Get a contractor whom whether expensive, you easily communicate and agree on matters.


Finally, put the contract into writing with every detail; insist on a clear contract. Some of the details include: materials and products for the project commence and completion dates of the project, proof of liability insurance and workers’ compensation payment. Also note that incase of changes and uncovering of problems, the project period extends and also the price increases.

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