New Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

In the past few years, there's been a shift in kitchen remodeling trends. For a while, stainless steel, commercial-driven appearance was what most homeowners wanted in their kitchen. However, that's becoming less popular as a warmer, more familiar design theme moves in.


Experts call it “modern cottage,” warm and inviting, but nothing fussy. There are a few features that are getting more attention, and the Witchita Eagle

agrees and lists them:


White cabinets are classic, and they're staging a major comeback. It's clean, crisp, and goes well with the modern but soft cottage style currently taking over in popularity.


Quartz counters. Quartz counters are becoming popular because they fit well into a kitchen, are incredibly easy to care for, and reasonably priced. 


Gray Shades. Many different shades of gray have started making impact, in everything from furniture to accessories. Gray is a great choice because there are plenty of colors that build off of it. Yellow, creamy brown, teal, and pink all complement it well.


LED Lighting. Not only is LED Lighting more cost effective in the long run, it also can bring a certain kind of mood to a bathroom, and you can add a dimmer switch for more control.


Electronic Faucets. This is kitchen tech we've seen in commercial use for years that's starting to become popular in homes. Having automatic, motion-detected sinks is becoming a fast feature, and it makes sense—hands dirty from cooking? Just put them under the faucet!

Which trend do you find the most appealing? A cottage kitchen that's warm, inviting, and comfortable is a great place to spend time with family and friends!

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