Popular Remodeling Projects & Return on Investment

Remodeling has been on the rise in the past decade, and it’s not a surprise. The right kind of remodel can improve a lot of things about your home, including its usefulness and enjoyment for you, its overall appeal, and its resale value.


Choosing the right remodeling projects will not only help you personalize your home and update it for your needs, but it will also get you a great return on your investment.


Here are two remodeling projects that are popular and can often do a lot for your home:


Bathroom Remodeling


Bathrooms actually have a huge impact on the value of the home and can make or break a buyer’s decision. Bathroom remodeling can reach up to a 65% return on the investment, a high number in terms of home improvements!


Also, because everyone in your family uses the bathroom, an improvement can make the space more useful, enjoyable, and personal if you plan to stay in the house for a long time to come.


Things to include in bathroom remodeling for the biggest impact:


  • New fixtures.
  • New tile.
  • A new, low-flow (energy efficient) toilet.
  • Updated vanity.
  • Thoughtful lighting

The low-flow toilet makes a huge difference on your water bill, so it’s definitely worth considering!


Kitchen Remodeling


Like bathrooms, kitchens change minds when it comes to selling a home. In fact, kitchen remodeling has an average 75% return on investment and can vastly improve your quality of life, especially if you use the kitchen frequently.


As you make changes to your kitchen, include:


  • New backsplashes.
  • New countertops.
  • Low-flow faucets.
  • Restore or replace the front of cabinets.
  • Update flooring.
  • Add energy-efficient appliances


Think about the things you’ll do in your kitchen, and if you’re going to personalize it, try to pick things that favor your activities and lifestyle.

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