Preparing for a Remodel

When you’re considering remodeling, you might be excited and ready to jump in with both feet, but there are some things you can do before you start to make the process easier on yourself (and your contractor, too!).


Communicating with your contractor is a lot easier when you have taken some time to think about the remodel and you are ready to get down to brass tacks. Here are some ideas to prepare for your next bathroom or kitchen remodeling:


Collect Ideas. One of the problems homeowners often run into is meeting the contractor and not having any ideas of what they want. When a contractor asks, “So, what do you want in this space?” you want to be able to answer with some concrete ideas.


As soon as you start thinking about remodeling, start paying attention to features you see that you like. When you see something you think you’d love to have in your home, take a picture and create an idea portfolio.


You won’t likely be able to see all of your ideas turned into reality, but it will give your contractor something to work with and a feeling of your style and taste.


Figure Out What You Need. Want is one thing, need is another. The problem is that sometimes you get so used to the way you do things, you forget about what you actually need from them.


Pay attention to the things you do and your lifestyle. What things can’t you live without? For instance, if your family is happy and comfortable eating at the kitchen bar, you might decide that you want to make sure you have a bar in your new kitchen design, as well.


The other thing to look at is practicality. How practical are certain features for your lifestyle and family? For instance, if you have small children, a wall of windows probably isn’t very practical.


Research. Look into everything. Arm yourself with information. What does remodeling entail? Who are the best remodelers in the area? How expensive is this material versus that material?


This will also help you choose a contractor, because you’ll be able to know how informed and thoughtful they are by the way they answer your questions!

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