Remodeling Industry Seeing an Increase

More and more often, homeowners are investing in remodeling, eager to make improvements they've been putting off while waiting for the economy to approve. Now that housing prices are going up, owners are ready to see their ideas realized.


The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) noted that the industry's business conditions have been on the rise since last spring. In addition, they've seen an upswing in inquiries and bid requests.


Confidence in the Market


As the housing market stabilizes, there will be even more increase both in moving and remodeling, as thoughts turn towards investments and resale values.


Bathroom remodeling is still going to be a great return on the investment, but many remodeling projects are going to see good returns as well, especially since so many homeowners have been holding back on improvements. Custom design-build will see an increase since homeowners have had time to develop specific ideas about the things they want to see in their homes.


What This Means For You


If you've been putting off projects, as well; now might be the time. Contractors are finding themselves already full of projects until fall, so if you want to get started, the sooner you get the ball rolling, the better, otherwise you might find yourself with a pretty lengthy wait.


Whether you're looking to move into a new house or just looking to improve the one you're in, there are a lot of considerations. What will you choose to remodel? Where will you start?


Whatever your answers to those questions, getting an idea of what you want from a space and finding the right contractor are the first steps!

Remodeling and Home Design

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