Remodeling Versus Moving: Why One Might Be Better Than the Other

Earlier in 2012, the National Association for the Remodeling Industry (NARI) reported that homeowners are more likely to remodel than sell their home. If you have been considering moving, what are your reasons, and would it be more cost effective to remodel?


We have taken a look at some of the reasons remodeling services are becoming more popular, and before you start looking for a new house, you might want to think about what you could gain from remodeling, as well.


The Benefits of Remodeling Over Moving


NARI quoted a poll in their report that suggests many homeowners are choosing to remodel in order to increase the time their home will fit their family. In a fluctuating real estate market, many feel more confident staying in the home they have than gambling on a new one.


Here are some other reasons why remodeling might be a consideration instead of moving:

  • Remodeling can sometimes be less expensive than moving. Did you know moving might cost you as much as 10% of the value of your home? Remodeling can cost significantly less.
  • Remodeling isn’t as stressful as moving. While remodeling is a big undertaking for a household, it still isn’t the upheaval that moving would be. Additionally, you get an improved house in the same neighborhood, and children get to stay in their schools.
  • Get exactly what you want from remodeling. Even if the house you plan to move in is a great upgrade from your current home, it’s unlikely you will find one that has everything you want. Remodeling can get you much closer to the features you want most in your home—tailored completely to your own needs.


What About Resale Value?


There are two paths to take when it comes to remodeling and resale. If you intend to stay in the home you’re currently in for more than 5-10 years, remodel in a way that suits your specific needs and desires.


Think big in this regard. If you could have anything in your home, what would it be? Is there a way to make that—or something similar—happen through remodeling?


However, if you plan to only stay in the house for a few years before selling, focus on remodeling project that will both improve your enjoyment while appealing to a larger group of people. Kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling have repeatedly proven to be the best options for resale.


Whatever you choose, our design and contracting experts have the experience you will need to see your project realized. 

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