Renovate or Remodel?...That is the Question. (Part 1 of 4 Part Series)


Fall is upon us and as the weather changes and holidays begin to descend we tend to spend a little more time indoors. This is the time when many homeowners begin to look at their home and consider making a change.

image of floor plan

If that describes you, an initial goal could be to answer the question “Are you going to renovate or remodel?” For many homeowners these terms seem synonymous, but they are very different. Understanding the differences can help you define your home project and give you a realistic set of expectations for the process.


To renovate is to literally “make new again”. A renovation project would include utilizing your existing space and refreshing it. The key defining element here is to make the space new without changing its use or structural components. A kitchen is still a kitchen, a bath, still a bath. A typical approach is to update fixtures, cabinets, counters, wall colors, flooring, etc. to refresh the space.


To remodel is to change the way a home is designed. In contrast to a renovation, a remodel project would include redefining a space which includes changes in structural elements. For instance, a remodel could be the combination of a kitchen and dining room into one large eat-in kitchen. As you can imagine, such a change would involve changes in framing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC ducts, flooring and many other finishes.


The inherent differences in these projects impact the homeowner in many ways. Impacts can be seen in planning, budget, project length, homeowner disruption, and personalization.


Renovations involve less planning as they tend to be simpler in nature. With the simpler nature of a renovation, budgets are more modest, time frames shortened and disruptions reduced. These are real benefits to renovating. The drawback to this type of project is a more limited opportunity to personalize the space for unique needs.


Remodeling allows you to create the space that best serves your needs, tastes and passions through personal customizations. By definition, remodeling projects bring with them lengthier planning, greater investment, additional time to complete and increased disruptions to the homeowner. In the end you are rewarded with a home that is uniquely you.


No matter your project aspirations, selecting the right team is important to ensure creative and accurate planning, realistic budget considerations, and timely project completion. Undertaking home projects can seem daunting, but with the right professional team supporting you it can be fun with dramatic results!


So, as fall grips us, grab that cup of hot cider and define your desired project….start a renovation soon or plan a  remodel for next spring?….hmmm  


   Join us over the next three weeks as we highlight a dramatic remodel project we undertook. You won’t believe the difference!

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