Revealed: The Best Innovative Bathroom Ideas (Part 2 of 2)

3081-101413-gs3081As originally discussed in Part 1 of this topic on innovative bathroom ideas, lighting and color schemes play a huge role in the comfort, relaxation, body energy levels, room functionality, and area appeal. This content continues on that topic with focuses on bathroom flooring suggestions, shower curtain features, and fixture options. You want to keep those important benefits rolling to maintain a gorgeous room that guests will love, as well as ones that potential buyers will enjoy if you go that route in the future. Here are some informative thoughts to keep in mind in relation to those particular subjects.


Bathroom Flooring


Dependable Floor Options


The floor of the bathroom must be anti-slippery, good looking, durable and hard. In summary, a bathroom’s floor should be easy to clean while at the same time be spill and dump proof. Laminate floor planks and marble flooring are usually the most preferred since they preserve the home’s décor. They provide the benefit of having water tight seals between the gaps.


Less Dependable Options


Other less expensive floor options can include rolls of laminate flooring and vinyl tiles. Laminate floors simply roll out onto the floor and get installed by floor cement. They create a water barrier and are easy to clean, but do not last as long as previously mentioned flooring types. They tend to crack, peel, and chip over time. If you have an uneven floor, they will accent that drawback wherever there is a bump or a raise in the subfloor.


Vinyl tile flooring can be beautiful, but also is prone to cracking, chipping, and peeling. Water can seep into the cracks between tiles and develop mold if not properly cared for. These tiles also get applied with an adhesive, one by one.


Shower Curtains and Accessories


The Curtains

A shower curtain says a lot about your bathroom. It can make or break it with ease. There are hundreds of colors and color combinations, as well as designs and materials. Choose wisely and you will accent your bathroom well.


Shower curtain materials can include vinyl, standard plastic, cotton, polyester, etc. A lot of the fabric curtains can be washed in the machine to make life simpler. Some vinyl and plastic versions can also get thrown into the washing machine, but a lot of them don’t have that option.


Vinyl and plastic curtains tend to show creases easier than fabric types. However, the fabric options must be removed from the dryer right away to prevent wrinkles.


Shower Curtain Rods


A shower curtain rod attaches to the wall and holds the curtain of your choice. They often come in various designs, colors, and types. A cheap one will not last very long and usually just spins to tighten against both sides of the wall. They may very well tear up the wall as the curtain gets constantly pulled on a daily basis.


More dependable options will usually include mounts that fasten to the wall sides, followed by having the curtain resting inside them. Designs can include color choices, imprinted imagery, and thicker materials. Thin ones that fall on the cheaper side of things will often bend and break or will experience dings that take away from the beauty of the room.


If you get to the point to where you feel that you need a bathroom renovation, Kresge Contracting in Columbus Ohio has tons of options and can help get your ideal bathroom to become a reality. Minor touchups as previously discussed can make a huge difference, but the rust on a car destroys the hard work put into it like waxing it and shining the tires. Hope that makes sense to you. Your bathroom is no different than that rusted out car. But if a remodel is not in your budget, these suggestions will improve the room at the least.


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