The Biggest Trends in Bathroom Remodeling

In an effort to try to figure out what’s popular in bathroom remodeling right now, MSN polled several award-winning remodelers for insight on what homeowners are choosing as they redesign and remake their rooms.


It seems that how people spend their time bathing or showering is a big issue when it comes to remodeling—what kinds of things are important to you in a remodel?


Large Showers. A lot of people don’t take baths anymore. There isn’t as much time to run a bath and spend a long time in it. Instead, many homeowners are opting to make their showers much more luxurious.


Big showers with more glass are especially common, and in fact, many homeowners are removing tubs completely to make more room for their showers!


Soaking Tubs. Of course, some families still want their bathtubs, they’re just choosing different tubs than a decade ago. Many homeowners are tired of noisy Jacuzzis and are instead going with deep, insulated, quiet bathtubs designed for soaking.


The tubs hold onto heat more effectively so that you can stay in the bath longer than in a standard tub. They also don’t require the kind of deck surround

that many Jacuzzis needed, making it easier to get in and out.


Light. One of the biggest trends has nothing to do with showers, fixtures, tiles, or tubs—it’s all about light. Many homeowners want more natural light in their homes, and especially the traditionally dark bathrooms.


The trend has caused there to be a much higher desire for windows and especially skylights in bathrooms.

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