The Importance of 3D Visualization Technology in Remodeling

No industry goes untouched by changes in technology, but few have enjoyed the convenience and benefit of 3D visualization technology like remodeling industry.


Not only has it become an indispensable tool for contractors, it is also a great way for homeowners to actually see the projected results of their basement, bathroom, or kitchen remodeling. Seeing the finished product, like the image on the right, before completion improves the project for everyone.


How it Helps Contractors


In the past, remodeling and building designs were limited to blueprints and two-dimensional images. While great tools for determining how to construct elements, it took a keen eye to determine from a blueprint exactly how a room would look, and even with two-dimension pictures, one person’s view might differ from another’s.


Adding 3D visualization creates an opportunity to share among contractors, builders, carpenters, and designers exactly what to expect at each level of completion. When everyone on the team can visualize the goal, it is easier to work together in the same direction.


What That Means for Homeowners


Not sure how this color or that feature will look in your kitchen? Wondering what your designer really means when they start describing where the toilet or sink will go in your bathroom?


Computer software that allows you to see the room and how different elements will look inside of it once it’s completed takes a level of guesswork and imagination out of the equation. In this way, if there’s a feature or element you are unsure of or undecided about, the design can be easily adjusted so that you can be certain of your choices as our design consultants and contractors lead you through your remodel.


Because we use this technology as part of our remodeling services, you can know beforehand what to expect from your remodeling project, giving you confidence in the process and the final result. Know what to expect from your remodel, and you will get what you want!

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