Time Based Wooden Flooring Care Options

1791724-wooden-floor-040214-1538The timeless, outstanding and gorgeous looks of wooden floors capture the beauty of nature besides enhancing the value and aesthetics of your home. Companies like Kresge Contracting in Columbus, OH offer the latest trends and carry wide selections to choose from if you need a floor installation. Elegant, rich tones in smooth lacquers and hand-scraped planks bring an undeniable appeal that is luxurious and rustic at the same time. If you don’t need new floors, cleaning and maintaining them is easy to do. To maintain a rustic and natural look in your wooden floor, pay attention to the wooden flooring care options below.


Daily Care


Wooden floors should be dusted daily to keep dirt and other particulate matter off the floor. This will not only prevent scratching but it will also extend the glamor and life of your floor. Frequent dust-mopping will ultimately reduce the allergens in your home. Other traditional methods of dusting wooden floors, such as electrostatic materials that attract particles and allergens,are ideal. These microfiber materials reach into pores to lift up debris with ease.


Weekly Care


All wooden floors should be cleaned on a weekly basis. Too much liquid can damage wooden floors that are why keeping wooden floors dry is essential. When cleaning these floors, look for nontoxic, PH-neutral and biodegradable homemade detergents to safeguard yourself and your family from toxic substances. For example, when you use vinegar can eat away at finish even if you dilute it with water. You should use a washable microfiber pad, which will get rid of bacteria and keep waste out of the environment.


Quarterly Care


Polishing should be done on quarterly basis to restore the shiny luster. This should be done every three months. Use water-based polishes as they don’t leave residues or emit harmful substances. These cleaning agents are effective as they prevent stripping and over-cleaning your wooden floor. Urethane-based polishes are durable, no waxy buildup, fast dry times and provides a protective layer that fills micro-scratches and they assist in evening out the appearance of your floor.


Every other floor should be dusted, cleaned and polished for it to last longer. If you observe the above flooring care options, be sure that your floor will retain its original aesthetics for the longest time possible.

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