Tips for a Bold Bathroom

If your current bathroom feels boring and you are ready for bathroom remodeling, it might be time to go for an idea that’s attention-grabbing, fresh, and never dull. There are plenty of amazing options for changing up your bathroom into a bold design; here are just a few:


1. Bright, bold wallpaper. Keep your walls from feeling cold and plain by throwing on a wallpaper in a strong color with a great pattern. Try a blue, pink, purple, or green geometric or large floral pattern. Don’t forget to offset it with neutral colors for balance, and you will get a look no one can ignore!


2. A variety of shades. If you want to throw some interesting dimension into the mix, try combining different shades of the same color. For instance, you might choose purple and opt for lavender, lilac, royal purple, and blue-violet. This works especially well in tile, where you can easily control the distribution of color.


3. Make it neon! If you’re ready for a real change, a neon paint job will definitely do the trick! To keep it from being overwhelming, use the neon as an accent wall, backsplash, or the upper half of the wall color, and balance with neutrals to keep it from feeling overpowering. Alternatively, keep the rest of the room relatively neutral and make the accessories stand out in a classic neon.


Bathrooms are actually a great place to explore with colors, textures, and ideas because of its size, so don’t be afraid to jump on something you really love!

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