Tips to Decorate Your Bathroom to Give It a Touch of Elegance

sketch6Your bathroom can be the hardest room to decorate in your home. This can be due to outdated colors, old fixtures, poor lighting, and other issues. Below are simple tips that you can consider to give your bathroom more style and elegance.


Storage Space


You can start by creating more space in your bathroom by adding functional décor. This could be a nice cabinet storage unit above your toilet or elegant storage shelves installed in your bathtub or shower. You can opt for modern pieces or more traditional ones depending on your taste and your bathroom’s current design. By doing this you can reduce clutter and hide everyday items from view, even if your bathroom is small.


Reflective Surfaces


You can incorporate light reflective materials in order to create contemporary and airy environment. The best materials are high-shine metallic light fixtures, towel racks, and faucets. These can have a ridged, sleek, modern design or an embossed, more traditional design.


Resurface Instead of Replacing Cabinets


Depending on your preferences, you can paint your cabinets in any color, or you can even strip them and stain them if they are wood. Make sure that the color you choose blends well with the other colors in the bathroom but that you avoid too much of one color. You don’t want the bathroom to be overwhelmed with color, or possibly too sterile with all pale neutrals.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall


Replacing a basic bathroom mirror design with a nice framed mirror can change the whole look of your bathroom. You can choose from large or standard size, and other options including color, finish, and frame design.


And if you decide that new décor isn’t enough, and you are in the Columbus, Ohio area, you can contact Kresge Contracting Inc. for a full bathroom remodel.

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