Tips to Renovate your Basement

981-101413-gs0981Many homes have basements that are cluttered with boxes, littered with cobwebs, or others may even have exposed plumbing and wiring. However, a basement has a potential to be a functioning living space in your home. You can renovate your area and turn it to a bedroom, family room, or an office, just to mention a few.Here are the top tips to help you get started:


Planning Your Space


Before you start any remodeling in your basement, you need to know how you want to utilize the space. Your construction design will depend on what the finished room will be. For example if you want a spare bedroom, you may want to include an extra bathroom also, which will require new plumbing and wiring. Or if you will be using the space as a family room or game room, you may want to include built-in storage shelves, or extra outlets for gaming and entertainment equipment.


Covering Your Home’s Exposed Underbelly


An important element of your basement remodeling project is covering the plumbing pipes and electrical wires that are usually exposed in unfinished basement areas. You can create access panels for plumbing and electrical systems by installing suspended ceiling, which is ideal if you run into problems later.


Lighting and Flooring


Lighting and flooring is other elements that need to be changed. It’s not likely for your basement to receive enough sunlight, so you will be required to light it. Finding the best lighting for your intended use of the space is important.  On the same note, your basement flooring also needs to be suitable for your intended use for the room.


Renovating any part of your home can be fun an interesting experience. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area Kresge Contracting Inc. can assist you in designing and remodeling your basement space, or any other space in your home.

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