Top Five Kitchen Countertops: All About Choosing the Right Material

Options are aplenty: If you go beyond the usual brand names, the likelihood of you finding the ideal countertop for your kitchen invariably comes down to a direct matchup between just a handful of materials. You may be overwhelmed by the choices but truth be told, hardly has there been a better time to dive into the market for the purchase of a new kitchen countertop. There was a time when people would consider themselves lucky if they could have a small prep area of faded laminate by their kitchen sink. Today, there are hundreds of textures, patterns and colors to choose from with the available materials ranging from stained concrete and quartz composites to acrylic sheets and natural stone.


Kitchen countertops, choosing the best: With such a dazzling array of choices at the disposal of homeowners, choosing the one countertop that fits in perfectly inside one's kitchen is no easy task. Since the choice of material for this surface eventually influences many kitchen palettes, it is important that it turns out to be something that has a price tag suitable for your budget, is capable of withstanding the rigors of your household activities in the kitchen and also one that you truly consider to be great. Here we take a look at the top five kitchen countertops that will help you change the ambience inside what may be regarded as the most important room in your house.


  • Stainless steel countertops: If you are thinking of having a stylish kitchen with modern looks for its interiors, using stainless steel as your countertop material makes for a sensible choice. This material is capable of coordinating with any color and is also one of the easiest materials to clean as you can simply wipe it with a mild soap and cloth. What makes stainless steel the most appealing of all for use in kitchen countertops is its ability to prevent buildup of bacteria, thus making it the most hygienic countertop material for the kitchen.
  • Glass countertops: Even when you look beyond the clean and sleek appearance of glass, you will be able to notice numerous benefits for use of this material as a countertop. It can not only be stained in any color but can also be cut into any texture and shape. Although slightly more expensive compared to most other materials, its modern look has hastened its growth in terms of popularity. One of the most hygienic materials to use in kitchen countertops, it can be kept clean easily while the non-porous surface also makes it resistant against the formation of stains. Glass that is tempered and has a minimum thickness of an inch has greater durability. Accommodate stainless steel appliances and lacquered cabinets inside your kitchen to enhance the modern looks
  • Concrete countertops: A thick concrete countertop often serves as the focal point in the design of any modern kitchen. With this countertop material, you are allowed the freedom of customization as you can choose any texture or color to match the design. It also forms an excellent mix with many different materials such as marble, tile and glass that produces a one-of-a-kind look on the countertops. Apart from making for an eye-pleasing appearance, concrete countertops are also high on energy efficiency- it absorbs heat when the room temperature rises and then releases it when there is a fall in the surrounding temperatures.
  • Wood countertops: Thick wood countertops offer a rich and warm look inside the kitchen and are available in both decorative and functional varieties. Most decorative ones offer a luxurious look when installed on the kitchen islands while for chopping food, the functional countertops are the ideal choice. Once they are sealed, wood countertops can be used as a sanitary option for chopping meat while its heat-resistant feature allows you to place hot pans and pots on its surface without any worry. You can choose to have either a small section of the countertop made of wood or replace it entirely, depending on your budget.
  • Travertine countertops: Travertine countertops lend an immensely classic and charming Old World looks to any kitchen. They can be high on maintenance costs if you leave the pitted surface as it is without filling and sealing it as that may lead to absorption of liquids and entrapping of food and bacteria on the surface. Irrespective of such high costs of maintenance, travertine is one of the more aesthetically pleasing choices that bring a feeling of warmth and invitation to any design within the kitchen.

Bottom-line: Apart from these top five kitchen countertops, there are a whole host of other options to consider in this regard, plastics, laminates and solid surfaces, to name a few. The choice for a kitchen countertop material depends primarily on whether they are considered to be a long-term investment and whether the homeowner intends to compromise on maintenance and costs or not.

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