Understanding Design-Build

Looking into remodeling for the first time can leave you looking at a lot of options, starting with who to trust with your project and how it will be completed. Design-Build is a word you will see a lot while you’re looking for a contractor, but what does it mean?




Design-Build is, at its core, a way to combine every aspect of your remodel into one package: a design-build contractor like Kresge Contracting offers a start-to-finish process: designing and building all-in-one.


In the past, many contracting projects were design-bid-build; in this model, you hire a designer or an architect to design the space, then take bids before awarding a contractor with the job.


Unique Advantage


There are two huge benefits to going with a design-build model:


1. Designer & Project Manager work together, making your build more successful and cost efficient. When the designer or architect works separately from the project manager and construction crew, you can run into some serious issues with your build.


For instance, designers don’t often concern themselves with the cost of materials or the amount of work that will go into a design—they want to make the space look a certain way. Then, when you get a contractor, suddenly you discover that the design is going to cost more than you ever imagine!


In design-build, the designer can consult with the project manager to decide if a certain feature is going to be too difficult or too expensive, and they can work together on an alternative, saving your money and reducing the stress of the project.


2. The process allows for you to provide more input. There will be much more opportunity throughout the process for you and your team to consult on different issues, make changes, and figure out the best course to take with your space.


This flexibility means you will get what you want—you, the designer, and the builders become a team, working together for the best possible result!

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