Ways to Increase Water Conservation

There has been a lot more focus in recent years on conserving our resources, and water is one of those natural resources. In addition to being a green choice, taking steps to reduce the amount of water usage in your home can lower your water bill significantly.


Not sure what things to look for? Here are three things recommended by HGTV for controlling water in your home:


Water-Efficient Fixtures. When planning your bathroom remodel, especially; ask about low-flow and water-efficient fixtures. Low-flow fixtures of today are vastly different from those introduced a decade ago, and they are now fully functional while still conserving water. You'll still love taking a shower and you'll be saving money!


Drip Irrigation. If you spend a lot of time maintaining your landscaping, you probably have an irrigation system that sprays water on your grass and flowers. To save water, you might want to try drip irrigation.


Drip irrigation uses flexible tubes to deliver water directly to the soil. It uses less water not only because it's “trickling” but also because it's more efficient, bringing water directly to the roots right away.


Use What You Have. Here's a clever idea: the next time you take a shower, place a small bucket in a place where it's not going to bother you much and let it collect water from the shower. When you're done, use that water to water your plants or clean your floor. After all, “...the most effective method of saving water doesn't come from pipes, it comes from you.”


Would you consider changing your fixtures or irrigation system to conserve water in your home?

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