Why Choose Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Cabinets are the main focal point of any kitchen. They may seem like just boxes with doors, shelves, and drawers, but they are more than that. The cabinets in a home should be built with exceptional quality, and have a beautiful design; one which represents the owner’s personality.


The cabinets from the big box store may be cheaper, but they are not a better value than custom cabinets, which will be of better quality.


Built to last


The custom cabinets are perfectly made by some skilled cabinet makers. They are made by hand and not on the assembly lines. The cabinet makers use very quality materials thus the custom cabinets are built to last. Below is an overview of differences between stock and custom cabinetry construction, and why custom cabinetry is a better choice:


Custom cabinetry

Components are plywood  vs. particle board

Screwed or nailed   vs.    joints dowel or dovetail glued

Corner braces secured with wood glue   vs.   blocks stapled plastic corners

Drawer slides hidden  vs.    under mount side slide brackets


Elements you need


With custom cabinetry, one can select the elements that will work best for him or her. And it doesnot have to be standard cabinetry either. One can choose unique drawer and cabinet combinations that perfectly fit his or her baking and cooking style, thus creating an efficient kitchen. For example, the kitchen can perfectly incorporate a spice cabinet, trash drawer, knife cabinet, cookie sheet cabinet, wine rack, or even pullout cutting boards.


Local sourcing


If homeowners are concerned about the wood’s origin used for their cabinets, then custom cabinetry should be the choice. With custom cabinetry, one has a broader choice of the wood for his or her project including use of domestic or local hardwoods.


Personal selection


Custom cabinets provide a homeowner with a completely personalselection of style, hardware, wood, and finish to address his or her needs and desires. Custom kitchen cabinetry is normally made per order using hand selected woods.


Built to fit


Custom kitchen cabinets can be made to any size according to the owner’s specifications which makes all the spaces usable thus taking good advantage of every inch in the kitchen. The custom cabinets give a fitted look that is not available with the stock cabinetry.


If you desire amazing custom cabinetry, hire Kresge Contracting for all your kitchen remodeling needs.

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