Window Curtain Fabrics and Materials for Your Remodeling Project

Each and every room in your home can look magnificent with dedicated housekeeping, room additions, or even remodels. However, a bad choice in curtains can really diminish that visual appeal. Curtains that are stiff, torn, or even wrinkled can inhibit the appeal, yet some of the negatives may not necessarily outweigh the advantages. Deciphering both fabrics and materials helps in understanding the pros and cons of each element and allows you to determine what you want and what disadvantages you are willing to accept.


Ever wonder what the difference is between materials and fabrics? Confusion is usually common, especially because various products get described in various ways by various manufacturers. The truth is that it is not as difficult to understand as it sounds. In actuality, you are looking at the results from spinning and weaving materials together. Your pillowcase started out as a fabric, whether it was just cotton or cotton and polyester. The type of materials used to form the fabric can vary and it still results in a fabric. Fabrics available can go on and on. When it comes to window curtains, some get described based on fabric while others get described based on materials.

Fabrics can be named from either the materials used or the design applied. This often cause confusion, but is easier to understand if you work with fabrics regularly. As an example, chenille fabric can be made from various materials, like olefin, cotton, and acrylic. In addition, satin fabric derives from silk, nylon, or both materials. As for design, damask is derived of cotton and named based on tiny, raised dots on one side of the fabric.

Bright colors in materials make a fabric look spectacular, but they are more prone to fading. A duller tone of material will extend the life of the appearance respectively. If you do not mind switching curtains more often, then brighter colors will suit you well.

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