Your Ultimate Guide to an Organized Kitchen

383-101413-gs0383Because your kitchen is the most heavily used room in your home, it should be organized well so that it is simple to use and makes your life a lot easier. Below are 5 steps to an organized and orderly kitchen.


1. Empty Cabinets


Empty each cabinet and check it for least used items, duplicate items, broken or forgotten items that you had and either donated or discarded. This should be done for each cabinet and drawer. Since most kitchens do not have a lot of storage space, only keep things that you love or use.


2. Group “Like Items” Together


All your baking items need to be sorted and grouped together and this also applies to your cooking items. Put together the dishes that you eat from, holiday or the seasonal items used only rarely, glassware and those special serving or entertaining pieces that you use just occasionally.


3. Organize the Cabinets


At this moment, you have groups of items laid out on your floor. Make up your mind on where each of these items needs to be stored.

  • • Keep baking and cooking utensils near to where food preparation is done.
  • • Keep glassware near refrigerator or the sink.
  • • Come up with a tea or coffee station and this includes mugs, filters and sugar and keep close to water source.
  • • This ensures that you do not have to go back and forth the kitchen for items you require only to make your beverage for the morning.

4. Store Items in Clear Containers


Put together items such as gravy mixes, cocoa envelopes, hot cereal packets and sauce mixes packets in small plastic containers. This ensures that these do not get scattered all over your cabinet. For food in tiny boxes like pudding mix or gelatin, the best way to store them is to use clear plastic shoeboxes.


5. Keep Empty Storage Containers and Lids at the Same Place


All containers without lids have no use for you, which is why you should discard them. Then keep the containers with the lids on or put their lids together in another container. The same needs to be applied for the lids for the pans and pots.


If following these suggestions does not satisfy your space or appearance needs, it may be time for a kitchen remodel that will. Kresge Contracting in Columbus, OH can get your kitchen the way you want it and keep the home’s appeal going.


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