As the technology keeps improving, new inventions are being done each day which enhances the way certain tasks are usually handled. For instance, the invention of the iPhone apps for construction has eased the way engineers and contractors handle different construction projects. These apps are essential for making the supervision of construction projects such as schools, roads, homes and field structures easier and more accurate. There are numerous benefits associated with using iPhone apps for construction. 


iPhone construction apps allow constructors to fill out and deliver their daily progress reports accurately and on time. These apps are designed in such a way that, users can easily and conveniently fill each type of data on its correct location. It also allows users to monitor and send queries as quickly as they detect them in order for the appropriate measures to be taken. In addition, some apps contain all details concerning certain companies and their services. This reduces the hassle of trying to monitor the progress of certain projects manually besides the tasks of filling such reports manually. Therefore constructors using these apps are assured of accurate results and better performance since the tasks that could have been done manually are performed automatically. 


With iPhone apps for construction, constructors are able to regulate their expenditures. This ensures constructors can track every single cent spend on the construction project and how it was used. Therefore, the chance of some money being squandered on the wrong expenses is reduced ensuring the constructor can meet his or her budgeted amount of expenditure for the whole construction project. It as well ensures the project owner is not posed to unexpected costs that may be more than their set budget. This is also essential since constructors handle millions of dollars that can be very difficult to manage manually. 


iPhone apps also enable constructors to calculate the drainage on pipes and channels besides the flow of substances in certain pipes. In addition these apps can work to calculate the size of certain pipes besides the perimeter of wet surfaces in pipes when there is need. This gives plumbers the ability to monitor the continual performance of certain pipes besides determine which pipes are suitable for certain places. When installing pipes and wires on constructions, these apps can also enable constructors determine the best places to install them. As a result, using these apps guarantees users of accuracy and better results when handling construction projects.

It can be difficult for a homeowner to find cost effective and functional kitchen faucets that match his or her design aesthetic. There is likelihood that a kitchen faucet will be used the most in a home. Making the right decision when choosing a faucet is important. Although the final decision will be on the basis of whether they match the kitchen design or not, it is important to know the questions to be answered when selecting the right kitchen faucet. 




When choosing kitchen faucets, the first determining factor is the size of sink. A small sink does not need more than one faucet. On the other hand, a larger or double sink will require a pull-out spray faucet or a center spout having a side spray in order to reach all parts of the sink. A spout’s reach is directly related to the sink size and should therefore be proportional. On a small sink, an oversized faucet becomes difficult to maneuver. For those who regularly wash wide dishes and bulky pots, they should go for a faucet having a high arch, as opposed to one with a standard arch as it is better for daily tableware. Another vital factor related to size is the number of holes on a kitchen sink, for it limits a homeowner’s selection of kitchen faucet choices. A majority of faucets have labels showing the number of holes needed for proper installation. 




Sinks made of stainless steel call for faucets of the same material while porcelain sinks offer the homeowner flexibility of style. When initiating a kitchen remodel, choosing a kitchen faucet that matches the homeowner’s design means figuring out the finish and shape that complements the décor. For instance, a Tuscan design requires a faucet having an antiqued brass or brushed bronze finish. 




Depending on someone’s needs, different handle options are available. Flow and temperature adjustments can be easily provided by single handle faucets, while only requiring a few holes and does not need two hands. Two-handle faucets have better flow and temperature adjustments but require at least three holes. A pull-out spray faucet can be functional and stylish, requiring only a single holes as well as holes for accessories. Faucets that are wall mounted do not need holes in the countertop. Instead, they are mounted to the kitchen wall and require water to be run above the countertop on the wall. Prep or bar faucets can come in handy for small sinks in entertainment spots.

Options are aplenty: If you go beyond the usual brand names, the likelihood of you finding the ideal countertop for your kitchen invariably comes down to a direct matchup between just a handful of materials. You may be overwhelmed by the choices but truth be told, hardly has there been a better time to dive into the market for the purchase of a new kitchen countertop. There was a time when people would consider themselves lucky if they could have a small prep area of faded laminate by their kitchen sink. Today, there are hundreds of textures, patterns and colors to choose from with the available materials ranging from stained concrete and quartz composites to acrylic sheets and natural stone.


Kitchen countertops, choosing the best: With such a dazzling array of choices at the disposal of homeowners, choosing the one countertop that fits in perfectly inside one's kitchen is no easy task. Since the choice of material for this surface eventually influences many kitchen palettes, it is important that it turns out to be something that has a price tag suitable for your budget, is capable of withstanding the rigors of your household activities in the kitchen and also one that you truly consider to be great. Here we take a look at the top five kitchen countertops that will help you change the ambience inside what may be regarded as the most important room in your house.


  • Stainless steel countertops: If you are thinking of having a stylish kitchen with modern looks for its interiors, using stainless steel as your countertop material makes for a sensible choice. This material is capable of coordinating with any color and is also one of the easiest materials to clean as you can simply wipe it with a mild soap and cloth. What makes stainless steel the most appealing of all for use in kitchen countertops is its ability to prevent buildup of bacteria, thus making it the most hygienic countertop material for the kitchen.
  • Glass countertops: Even when you look beyond the clean and sleek appearance of glass, you will be able to notice numerous benefits for use of this material as a countertop. It can not only be stained in any color but can also be cut into any texture and shape. Although slightly more expensive compared to most other materials, its modern look has hastened its growth in terms of popularity. One of the most hygienic materials to use in kitchen countertops, it can be kept clean easily while the non-porous surface also makes it resistant against the formation of stains. Glass that is tempered and has a minimum thickness of an inch has greater durability. Accommodate stainless steel appliances and lacquered cabinets inside your kitchen to enhance the modern looks
  • Concrete countertops: A thick concrete countertop often serves as the focal point in the design of any modern kitchen. With this countertop material, you are allowed the freedom of customization as you can choose any texture or color to match the design. It also forms an excellent mix with many different materials such as marble, tile and glass that produces a one-of-a-kind look on the countertops. Apart from making for an eye-pleasing appearance, concrete countertops are also high on energy efficiency- it absorbs heat when the room temperature rises and then releases it when there is a fall in the surrounding temperatures.
  • Wood countertops: Thick wood countertops offer a rich and warm look inside the kitchen and are available in both decorative and functional varieties. Most decorative ones offer a luxurious look when installed on the kitchen islands while for chopping food, the functional countertops are the ideal choice. Once they are sealed, wood countertops can be used as a sanitary option for chopping meat while its heat-resistant feature allows you to place hot pans and pots on its surface without any worry. You can choose to have either a small section of the countertop made of wood or replace it entirely, depending on your budget.
  • Travertine countertops: Travertine countertops lend an immensely classic and charming Old World looks to any kitchen. They can be high on maintenance costs if you leave the pitted surface as it is without filling and sealing it as that may lead to absorption of liquids and entrapping of food and bacteria on the surface. Irrespective of such high costs of maintenance, travertine is one of the more aesthetically pleasing choices that bring a feeling of warmth and invitation to any design within the kitchen.

Bottom-line: Apart from these top five kitchen countertops, there are a whole host of other options to consider in this regard, plastics, laminates and solid surfaces, to name a few. The choice for a kitchen countertop material depends primarily on whether they are considered to be a long-term investment and whether the homeowner intends to compromise on maintenance and costs or not.

When seeking to remodel any aspect of your home, it is imperative that you have a legitimate plan already engraved in your mind. Have a clear idea of what it is that you would like to change in your home. Maybe you would like to modernize your house or improve the efficiency of your energy. There are infinite amounts of reasons why people seek to improve their homes. Once your goals are defined, now you must envision what the remodel will look like.


Be sure to do your research based upon your needs in order to ensure the perfect fixture. Many people tend to get distracted at this point. Try to maintain your focus. It is essential that you pinpoint the pros and cons of the reconstruction. Will it stifle your movement in the room? Will the addition of more space in one area crowd the useful space in another? Gratefully, there are software programs that you can download to help you visualize the perfect design you seek.


It may also be helpful to ask for advice from others who have undergone the remodeling of their home. Be sure to ask questions that will ensure you do not make similar mistakes. This is to be certain that you attain the happiness you desire as a result. There are various websites with forums that will render you the responses necessary to gain the knowledge you need. Make sure you plan ahead. Is the alteration suitable for years to come? Will it increase or decrease the property value of your residence? How much will you benefit from it?


Another important aspect of this endeavor is to sit down and create a budget because some of the more expensive materials could drain your bank account. In such cases, hard wood may be more considerable than marble. Remember to be as realistic as possible when considering what you can spend. Ask for professional opinions as well. You may find it very profitable to consult with an experienced contractor or architect before finalizing your thought process.


The next step is to seek, find, and hire those who will be helping you remodel. It is essential that you make sure your team has the appropriate credentials to fulfill the task as fluently and professionally as possible. Not only is it important to state your vision, but it is also important that your team understands exactly what you desire.


After you have completed these steps, you are ready for the remodeling of your home because you fully understand exactly what design you need.

One of the most important parts of a good-looking kitchen has to do with the right cabinet installation. Selecting the correct cabinets is crucial to an appealing, yet functional kitchen. Most of the older kitchens do not have enough cabinet space to store everything. Since the kitchen is an area of your home that is actively used every day, it should look attractive, inviting, and warm.


Choosing the right color of cabinetry, along with a style that enhances your home, can be a little challenging at first. If your kitchen is small, you probably do not want to choose a dark colored finish for your cabinets. This tends to make the room feel even smaller. For a small kitchen, choose either white or a lighter colored grain of wood, such as oak or maple. For larger kitchen, the choices are endless.


When considering how many cabinets your kitchen needs, a good rule is to fit as many as space will allow. The more cabinets and counter space that you have, the more likely you will be happy with the end results.


To help make a decision about your cabinets, it would be a good idea to browse around on the Internet to get an idea of the various styles and types of cabinets available to you. After you have an idea in mind of the style and color of cabinet installation that you desire, you will want to look further into countertops and flooring to match.


The amount of money that you have in your budget for your new kitchen will help determine to what extent your overall kitchen plan will be. Granite countertops are very popular today because of their durability, but are more costly than regular Formica. As for flooring, ceramic tile seems to be the choice these days, but a less costly vinyl floor may be more within your budget.


Regardless of what your needs and desires are, explore every avenue of your choices. Conduct research so you can discover what your preferences are. When you are ready, be sure to choose the right qualified professional to do your cabinet installation. They will be able to guide you best in your final decisions for your extreme kitchen makeover.

When you think of having a kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation done; one of the biggest factors to take into consideration is counter top options. There are a variety of different styles for either of the two most used rooms in the house so you should be aware of all your choices. In the kitchen, the type of countertop you choose should depend heavily on what you'll be doing. For someone who likes to dine out a lot, marble countertops are a very classy option. It can be the ideal choice for someone who won't be using the kitchen as often. 


Hardwood countertops are a great idea for people who love to cook and plan on chopping a lot of meat and vegetables. Since the counter tops are impervious to blades, there's no need for a cutting board. However, every surface that comes in contact with animal blood--especially chicken blood--should be sterilized with a strong antiseptic. Stainless steel countertops are another great option if you frequently use your kitchen. As their name implies, they're a breeze to clean and they have the strength of steel. Unfortunately, their appearance is also very sterile and they aren't the most aesthetically pleasing counter tops.


Granite countertops are a great option when it comes to a kitchen or bathroom renovation. They have a very classy look at an affordable price. Granite is also a great option for day to day use as it is fairly easy to clean. This option has a wide variety of colors available to choose from.


A tile countertop gives a kitchen or bathroom personality. Unfortunately, the tiny squares require a lot of grout to lay them in place. When installed, the grout can become stained and it's difficult to clean between the tiles. Also, the tiles can become loose over time and may even become dislodged. Be sure to explore every available option for countertops before you decide because everyone's needs are different. After all, you don’t want to be unhappy with the finished project…or even change your mind after is it completed. 

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home. It is the area where you prepare, and in many cases, eat your meals. Calendars, to-do lists and children's artwork all often find a home in the kitchen. Given the amount of time you spend in your kitchen, it is natural to want it to look and feel special. 


An entire kitchen remodeling job is a major expense, but you can make a few updates and totally change the look of your kitchen. Replacement kitchen cabinets are a good place to start. Cabinets are often the first thing to date the kitchen. Woods and finishes that were popular even ten years ago can look dingy and outdated when compared to modern finishes. 


New countertops are another way to update your kitchen. Countertop materials are one of those things that go through popularity peaks and valleys, so something like ceramic tile countertops, even if it is in excellent condition, can date the look of your home. 


A coat of paint is another way to update the look of your kitchen without spending a lot of time or money. You can choose a neutral color to keep the look of your kitchen timeless, or invest in a trendy color, with the knowledge that painting is one of the cheaper remodeling tricks and one that can easily be redone if and when you are ready to switch things up again. 


New appliances are another way to update the look of your kitchen. New appliances are an investment, so, as long as the ones you have are in good working order, you may want to make other cosmetic changes first. Regardless of how you choose to update your kitchen, whether with replacement kitchen cabinets, new countertops or new appliances, you may be able to get a little of your investment back by selling your existing materials that are still in good condition.

If you live in an older home, you may be somewhat jealous of the many modern appliances and efficient storage systems you find in the new homes of your friends. Modern designs provide noticeable efficiencies in these newer houses. If you love your neighborhood and home but are tempted to move for a more efficient kitchen and bath, you have some excellent options.


Instead of moving, you should take the time to visit one of the professional remodelers who bring older homes up to date. You can find showrooms that will inspire you with new ways to use your existing space by taking advantage of the latest in design software and concepts. There is a stunning range of options for you to evaluate, from floors to cabinets to baths. These professional remodeling firms also show how to use materials in creative and effective ways, including:

  • Exotic woods
  • Specialty metals and synthetics
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz

You can also speak to a storage expert and professional cabinet installer at many of these showrooms to find great ideas for your existing spaces. Many of these professionals have advanced training and certifications in their specialties.


An Investment with a Great Return


Taking the time to redesign and upgrade your existing kitchen and baths provides a number of returns on your investment. First, you achieve more efficient and enjoyable living spaces. For example, if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you’ll find that the insights from of a qualified cabinet installer will provide substantially greater storage space and more efficient access.


Likewise, the latest appliances provide more energy-efficient options and a number of new conveniences. These can produce substantial and ongoing savings in your monthly power and water bills. Additionally, a certified kitchen designer will take the time with sophisticated design software to show you what your kitchen will look like. You can often get a 3D view of your prospective kitchen and bath without spending anything until you’re happy with the planned project.


Your final return comes from the increased value of your home. Realtors will tell you that the kitchens and baths are two of the first areas potential buyers evaluate. This means you can get current use and enjoyment from any remodeling job and also enjoy a higher valuation in the future if you do decide to move. Bring a little new to the old and enjoy. You will be glad you did.

Café Furniture


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Each and every room in your home can look magnificent with dedicated housekeeping, room additions, or even remodels. However, a bad choice in curtains can really diminish that visual appeal. Curtains that are stiff, torn, or even wrinkled can inhibit the appeal, yet some of the negatives may not necessarily outweigh the advantages. Deciphering both fabrics and materials helps in understanding the pros and cons of each element and allows you to determine what you want and what disadvantages you are willing to accept.


Ever wonder what the difference is between materials and fabrics? Confusion is usually common, especially because various products get described in various ways by various manufacturers. The truth is that it is not as difficult to understand as it sounds. In actuality, you are looking at the results from spinning and weaving materials together. Your pillowcase started out as a fabric, whether it was just cotton or cotton and polyester. The type of materials used to form the fabric can vary and it still results in a fabric. Fabrics available can go on and on. When it comes to window curtains, some get described based on fabric while others get described based on materials.

Fabrics can be named from either the materials used or the design applied. This often cause confusion, but is easier to understand if you work with fabrics regularly. As an example, chenille fabric can be made from various materials, like olefin, cotton, and acrylic. In addition, satin fabric derives from silk, nylon, or both materials. As for design, damask is derived of cotton and named based on tiny, raised dots on one side of the fabric.

Bright colors in materials make a fabric look spectacular, but they are more prone to fading. A duller tone of material will extend the life of the appearance respectively. If you do not mind switching curtains more often, then brighter colors will suit you well.

So, you’ve decided to remodel and need to choose a floor tile for your flooring installation. There are many different items to consider when choosing floor tile like price, size, material, color, durability, and so forth. The task can seem overwhelming at first, but once you understand the different features of the various types of floor tile you can choose an appropriate floor tile for your needs. Upon choosing a type of tile, you will either need to learn how to complete a flooring installation or hire a contractor to perform the job for you.


Floor tile comes in many different materials, from the super-expensive, but beautiful marble down to the extremely inexpensive linoleum or vinyl floor tiles. Linoleum is very inexpensive, as well as easy to install, but doesn’t radiate the classiness that other types of tile do. Additional types of floor tile to consider include granite, travertine, limestone, porcelain, ceramic, and terrazzo.


Ceramic tile comes in porcelain and non-porcelain, with the porcelain being the more expensive option of the two. Both types are extremely durable and relatively inexpensive options. Terrazzo and marble are both expensive, but quite elegant. Marble requires a lot of maintenance however and terrazzo is slippery and can cause falls. Travertine is a type of limestone tile that is a bit less expensive than regular limestone. Nevertheless, both limestone and travertine can be stained so they should not be installed in high-traffic or messy areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Granite is an excellent choice for a flooring installation in kitchens as it does not stain easily nor is it easily scratched. It is moderately priced yet more expensive than ceramic or porcelain, but less expensive than marble.


Ultimately, choosing floor tile is a personal decision. Hopefully this information has helped you narrow down your choices. It’s time to make your flooring look beautiful and have it fit well with the rest of your home design.

The home is considered one of the top places for sickness and allergies to awaken. You strive to make your home comfortable and healthy, whether through house maintenance, kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, or even room upgrades, but the air is not exactly something you can wipe off or vacuum. Air pollutants smother the air, activating allergies and sicknesses. Appearance isn't the only thing, but it is a big part though. Your home looks great, but can surely use a lift in the healthiness of the air.
When the sun hits an area of your home with direct sunlight, what do you see? Sure, household dust is normal, but what else in in there? Dust may be invisible within your home at all times, but carries a lot of contaminants. When windows need to stay closed, that is the time that those contaminants have nowhere to go. This leads to more sicknesses, less energy, and flared up allergies.
Using air purification units will cut back on unwanted allergens and pollutants. Choose from floor models and table models with many features like fan speed, oscillation, etc. The more expensive the model, the more filtration and cleaner air you usually get.
Aside from that, during nice weather days you can use window fans to blow the contaminants outside. Nevertheless, that only works for a limited time. Nevertheless, it can reduce the amount in your home for a while. 

Vacuum cleaners play a big role in your home's health too. Most may pick up dirt and debris well, but throw the pollutants back into the air to settle down in your home and make it their own. Purchasing HEPA filtration vacuums can help, but some don't truly pass most of the air through the filter. Irritants and contaminants often escape from the vacuum before even hitting the HEPA filter! They find gaps, cracks, or improperly sealed containers to escape back into your home's air. 

A home that is air contaminant free is basically nonexistent, but can be controlled to a comforting level.

Looking into remodeling for the first time can leave you looking at a lot of options, starting with who to trust with your project and how it will be completed. Design-Build is a word you will see a lot while you’re looking for a contractor, but what does it mean?




Design-Build is, at its core, a way to combine every aspect of your remodel into one package: a design-build contractor like Kresge Contracting offers a start-to-finish process: designing and building all-in-one.


In the past, many contracting projects were design-bid-build; in this model, you hire a designer or an architect to design the space, then take bids before awarding a contractor with the job.


Unique Advantage


There are two huge benefits to going with a design-build model:


1. Designer & Project Manager work together, making your build more successful and cost efficient. When the designer or architect works separately from the project manager and construction crew, you can run into some serious issues with your build.


For instance, designers don’t often concern themselves with the cost of materials or the amount of work that will go into a design—they want to make the space look a certain way. Then, when you get a contractor, suddenly you discover that the design is going to cost more than you ever imagine!


In design-build, the designer can consult with the project manager to decide if a certain feature is going to be too difficult or too expensive, and they can work together on an alternative, saving your money and reducing the stress of the project.

If your current bathroom feels boring and you are ready for bathroom remodeling, it might be time to go for an idea that’s attention-grabbing, fresh, and never dull. There are plenty of amazing options for changing up your bathroom into a bold design; here are just a few:


1. Bright, bold wallpaper. Keep your walls from feeling cold and plain by throwing on a wallpaper in a strong color with a great pattern. Try a blue, pink, purple, or green geometric or large floral pattern. Don’t forget to offset it with neutral colors for balance, and you will get a look no one can ignore!


2. A variety of shades. If you want to throw some interesting dimension into the mix, try combining different shades of the same color. For instance, you might choose purple and opt for lavender, lilac, royal purple, and blue-violet. This works especially well in tile, where you can easily control the distribution of color.


3. Make it neon! If you’re ready for a real change, a neon paint job will definitely do the trick! To keep it from being overwhelming, use the neon as an accent wall, backsplash, or the upper half of the wall color, and balance with neutrals to keep it from feeling overpowering. Alternatively, keep the rest of the room relatively neutral and make the accessories stand out in a classic neon.


Bathrooms are actually a great place to explore with colors, textures, and ideas because of its size, so don’t be afraid to jump on something you really love!

The layout of your home can sometimes under utilize the space you have available to you. In a recent job we were able to give our client a open and highly functional dining and living area with a fully functional kitchen space.


Inspired by a recent design venture, opening up your certain areas of the house can have fantastic results. A choice such as remodeling your kitchen or dining areas should be thought out in its entirety. Consider what you want the end result to do for you and your family and how it can open up or close off parts of the house.


Tips and Ideas


  1. Take out walls to help open the connection between your kitchen and adjacent rooms. Allow some flow through the house to bring the house together
  2. Adding a counter top in the center of your kitchen just big enough for family and friends to congregate is a great way to bring people to one area. 

Kitchen cabinets are a necessary place of storage for any kitchen, but shouldn’t they be more than just that? How about sprucing up your kitchen with a kitchen remodel, adding some fresh, trend-setting designs? Perhaps you need more space or room? Do you need more organization in your kitchen? The possible reasons for replacing or upgrading your kitchen cabinets can be endless.


First thing you need to decide is what material you want for your cabinets. Oak is stronger and more durable, but offers a higher price range than other wood-style cabinets. Once you decide on material, consider your color options. You want something that will blend in well with your kitchen counters, tables, etc. You can even mix it up a little or spruce it up with a fancy design.


Another thing to consider involves measurements. You need to know the dimensions needed for the replacement cabinets, as well as the shelf spaces.

Companies, such as Kresge out of Columbus, Ohio, can set up a consultation and also do the measurements for you. All you need to do is to choose your cabinets, and of course prepare for the installation.


Once you have your material, color choices, and possibly the dimensions, you need to choose your design. Would you like solid doors, solid doors with crafted design, glass doors, partial glass doors, or something else? Your cabinet supplier/installer will consult with you and show you all the optional choices. Custom kitchen cabinets are usually also available.


Once you have chosen your personal kitchen cabinet design and have it installed, kick back and enjoy the added life you have brought to your kitchen!

We are proud to have such positives responses from satisfied customers. It is with pride that we provide the best service possible. Our hard working staff, Kevin in this particular case, appreciates it when they receive such high regards from happy customers.


Sens Questionaire

Sens Questionaire2

Kitchen remodeling is a great choice for any house. Not only does it make the kitchen more functional for you and your family and suit your tastes better, it also increases the resale value of your home.


Of course, remodeling is a big step. How can you be sure you get what you want without paying too much? Here are a few ideas to help:


Set the budget. This is going to require some thought, discussion with your contractor, and setting reasonable expectations. One thing you will want to do is leave space in your budget for something unexpected—it happens often enough with remodeling and building that failing to leave a cushion could leave you strapped!


Figure out what you need. Before you look at the things you want, narrow down the things you really need for functionality’s sake. For instance, perhaps the one thing you hate about your kitchen right now is the lighting—you need lighting over your workspace.

Green building and remodeling is becoming more and more frequent, and many homeowners know that this is the way they want to do their own remodel. There’s still concern sometimes, though; that your options will be limited when you’re trying to do green remodeling.


The good news is, because it has become so common, there are more options than ever. If you’re looking for a green bathroom remodel, you can have both the style you want and the benefits of being environmentally friendly!




Low-flow and water-conserving plumbing and fixtures are available from several different sources now. Knowing that you want fixtures that suit your style as well as help control water usage, most of them are now designer, as well.


From sinks to bathtubs to toilets, you can have the flair you want while lowering your water bill and conserving more water than ever.

With most people’s schedules completely full, baths have become a luxury of the past; not many people have time to run a bath and soak in it. No one wants to loose luxury, though; so the newest trend is towards huge, amazing showers.


The types of showers seen in today’s remodels may take up as much as half of the bathroom space, and that’s just the beginning—once the size is determined, features are added. Take a look at some of the things you’ll find in more modern showers:


1. Walk-in Showers. Showers without doors are more and more popular. With walls made of clear, uninterrupted glass and a walk-through opening, showers are now part of open, extended bathrooms. This keeps the space looking larger despite the big shower because you can easily see through and step into the shower to the tile work inside.


2. Water Technology. Imagine turning on your shower and it automatically becoming the perfect temperature—no adjustments, no hopping in and out of the water while you try to get it just right—just perfection. With shower thermostats that control water temperature on a pre-determined setting, that can be more than imagination.

Kitchen islands are now nearly a necessity for many cooks, creating more counter space for working, more storage for keeping clutter off of counters, and turning into a place to serve food and spend time with friends and family.


Just like anywhere else in your house, though; it’s nice to have your kitchen island decorated. If you haven’t been really sure where to go with it, this idea from Andrea at Willow Wisp Cottage is extremely simple and straightforward, but will make your kitchen pop.


Elements of a Simple, Natural Island


In order to keep the kitchen island looking fresh and organic, here are some of the things Andrea used:


  • Plants. While Andrea used a topiary and a fern, you could use any smaller plants, including herbs, ferns, small vegetable plants, or even flowering plants. The idea is to keep it small, though; you don’t want a vine taking up half of your kitchen island space!
  • Fruit. It’s familiar, so to mix it up, Andrea chose the aromatic lemon, which would be especially nice with herbs. Get creative if you’re going to go with fruit: add several different colors, add something more unique, and use a decorative bowl that draws attention.
  • Details. When you’re putting together any kind of decorating, the details matter. Choose pots for your plants that draw simple interest with textures or weathering. Use containers  and other elements that fill out the setting and add dimension. Look at it, then look at it again, then tweak it and look one more time, until you like what you see!


If you haven’t thought of decorating your kitchen island or haven’t gotten to it yet, will you try this? Or do you have something else in mind?


If you have ever been to a spa, you can understand the appeal of creating your own home oasis for relaxation to distress from our busy days. Most of us lead hectic lives, going from one thing to the next. Bringing a calming, spa-like experience into our homes is easier than you might think!


Simple tips for updating your existing bathroom:

  •        plush towels and rugs
  •        elegant accessories, especially with natural tones like wood and stone, orchids or other flowers
  •        calming scents from candles, bath salts, and essential oil rubs
  •        upgrade lighting fixtures to a style that feels more luxurious, such as a small chandelier for an over head light


Tips for your bathroom remodel:

  •           luxury fixtures like rain shower head
  •        furniture style vanity
  •        large walk-in shower
  •        soaking tub with water jets
  •        incorporate generous lighting with lighting controls to set the mood
  •        incorporate natural stone tile with heated floors


Are you ready to update your bathroom? Give us a call today at 614-794-9222 or complete our Project Inquiry to schedule your free, no obligation consultation!

If you’ve been in the market for kitchen cabinets lately, you might have noticed that there are an abundance of options. It can all be a little overwhelming, especially when you’re not exactly sure what all of the terms mean.


Do you want a tall cabinet? All base? What about specialty cabinets? If this has been your experience with kitchen cabinets, this should help!


Cabinet Sizes


There are four common cabinet sizes you have likely seen. Here’s a quick look at each of them:


  • Base Cabinets are standard lower cabinets, commonly 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall, and usually with a “toe kick,” or a four inch riser set back further than the cabinet face.
  • Wall Cabinets are standard upper cabinets. They’re usually around 12 inches deep, although they can be customized up to 17 inches deep.
  • Tall Cabinets you typically see at the end of a row of cabinets. They are around 83.5 inches tall and are most often used for pantry or broom and mop storage.
  • Specialty Cabinets are unique cabinets for the more unusual parts of your kitchen, including sink fronts, corner cabinets, hutches, and built in appliance spaces.


Usually, your cabinet system is going to combine several of these, so discuss with your contractor about which one is going to be best for your design and needs.


Thankfully, if you go step-by-step through the process, you can generally find exactly what you want in the long run. Communication is key; make sure you talk to those involved in choosing and installing your cabinets so you know you will get the finished project you expect.

When homeowners Chris and Kathy Parsons decided to remodel their kitchen, they new exactly what they wanted—and what they didn’t want: “We have a complete aversion to stainless steel,” Chris said.


They opted to go for a cottage kitchen with an elegant country feel. Warm colors, vintage accents, and a cohesive design make this design a work. If you want to incorporate some of these ideas in to your kitchen remodeling, here are four ideas from the Parsons’ kitchen:


1. Dark wood. The dark wood in the cabinets gives an old-world feel that goes well with the rest of the space and immediately anchors the room and makes an impression. Their Shaker cabinets were an investment with which they have been happy, right down to the creamy, flecked countertops.


2. Color. They didn’t leave the room in the dark, though; instead they brought in the creamy, buttery yellow color you see on the floor and in the walls, then accented it with pops of red throughout the room.


From the checkerboard floor to the bright red island and accessories throughout the room, you’re given a complete look that keeps your eye moving across the space—a great way to add dimension and size.

Bringing nature indoors has been a growing theme the last few years. A nature-inspired bathroom theme is not only   relaxing, but is also very flexible for a variety of design tastes.


Nature-inspired tones will continue to be in-style this season with light creams, whites, beiges, browns and greys. Connecting with nature is so much more than the color palette though! This style is about featuring nature-inspired textures along with tones in your bathroom. Earthy textures like wood, marble, and stone are great paired with shiny, high-gloss and glass finishes and crisp white elements like sinks, toilets, and shower basins.


Ideas include:

  •        minimalist with sleek lines, neutral tones and bursts of color,
  •        curved lines, lots of color and a variety of textures
  •        the open organic feeling of the prairie with lots of glass, strong lines of wood or tile, and bright colors
  •        a subdued meadow with dark wood, splashes of green and lots of wood texture


Are you ready to update your bathroom? Give us a call today at 614-794-9222 or complete our Project Inquiry to schedule your free, no obligation consultation!

In 2012, monotone pallets were very popular. And though these are very calming, splashes of color can really refreseh and brighten a room. So, it's no surprise to find this is one of the hottest trends for 2013.


Incorporating splashes of color into your existing bathroom or your new bathroom design is easy. Select a bright tone that you love and incorporate it into feature that will make an impact.


Here are some idea to get you started.


  • Accessories like towels, bath mats, tissue boxes
  • Wall feature like a band of tile, special backsplash, or piece of art
  • Window feature such as color coordinating blinds, shades, or other window covering - or go bold with some stained glass


Are you ready to update your bathroom? Give us a call today at 614-794-9222 or complete our Project Inquiry to schedule your free, no obligation consultation!

In an effort to try to figure out what’s popular in bathroom remodeling right now, MSN polled several award-winning remodelers for insight on what homeowners are choosing as they redesign and remake their rooms.


It seems that how people spend their time bathing or showering is a big issue when it comes to remodeling—what kinds of things are important to you in a remodel?


Large Showers. A lot of people don’t take baths anymore. There isn’t as much time to run a bath and spend a long time in it. Instead, many homeowners are opting to make their showers much more luxurious.


Big showers with more glass are especially common, and in fact, many homeowners are removing tubs completely to make more room for their showers!


Soaking Tubs. Of course, some families still want their bathtubs, they’re just choosing different tubs than a decade ago. Many homeowners are tired of noisy Jacuzzis and are instead going with deep, insulated, quiet bathtubs designed for soaking.


The tubs hold onto heat more effectively so that you can stay in the bath longer than in a standard tub. They also don’t require the kind of deck surround

that many Jacuzzis needed, making it easier to get in and out.


Light. One of the biggest trends has nothing to do with showers, fixtures, tiles, or tubs—it’s all about light. Many homeowners want more natural light in their homes, and especially the traditionally dark bathrooms.


The trend has caused there to be a much higher desire for windows and especially skylights in bathrooms.

When you’re considering remodeling, you might be excited and ready to jump in with both feet, but there are some things you can do before you start to make the process easier on yourself (and your contractor, too!).


Communicating with your contractor is a lot easier when you have taken some time to think about the remodel and you are ready to get down to brass tacks. Here are some ideas to prepare for your next bathroom or kitchen remodeling:


Collect Ideas. One of the problems homeowners often run into is meeting the contractor and not having any ideas of what they want. When a contractor asks, “So, what do you want in this space?” you want to be able to answer with some concrete ideas.


As soon as you start thinking about remodeling, start paying attention to features you see that you like. When you see something you think you’d love to have in your home, take a picture and create an idea portfolio.


You won’t likely be able to see all of your ideas turned into reality, but it will give your contractor something to work with and a feeling of your style and taste.

Most homeowners spend up to a year before starting a remodeling project just gathering ideas and trying to decide on whether or not remodeling is worth it. Once you’re ready to make that decision, though; there are a lot of things to consider.


Custom Design/Build in a room can make a huge difference in the practicality and usefulness for the room, but having a clear idea of how to begin can help. When you’ve decided to do a remodeling project, ask yourself these questions:


1. What do I need?


When you’re remodeling, especially for personal use rather than selling, it’s important that the changes increase the space’s satisfaction for you. The best question you can ask yourself before starting anything else is “What do I need?”


Do you like to cook? Entertain? You’ll probably want kitchen appliances and counters that encourage and support this.  Do you use your bathroom to unwind at the end of the day? You’ll want to look for a luxurious bathtub or shower that invites you in for relaxation.


The purpose of a room can go a long way in determining what needs to be remodeled.

Remodeling has been on the rise in the past decade, and it’s not a surprise. The right kind of remodel can improve a lot of things about your home, including its usefulness and enjoyment for you, its overall appeal, and its resale value.


Choosing the right remodeling projects will not only help you personalize your home and update it for your needs, but it will also get you a great return on your investment.


Here are two remodeling projects that are popular and can often do a lot for your home:


Bathroom Remodeling


Bathrooms actually have a huge impact on the value of the home and can make or break a buyer’s decision. Bathroom remodeling can reach up to a 65% return on the investment, a high number in terms of home improvements!


Also, because everyone in your family uses the bathroom, an improvement can make the space more useful, enjoyable, and personal if you plan to stay in the house for a long time to come.

In the past few years, there's been a shift in kitchen remodeling trends. For a while, stainless steel, commercial-driven appearance was what most homeowners wanted in their kitchen. However, that's becoming less popular as a warmer, more familiar design theme moves in.


Experts call it “modern cottage,” warm and inviting, but nothing fussy. There are a few features that are getting more attention, and the Witchita Eagle

agrees and lists them:


White cabinets are classic, and they're staging a major comeback. It's clean, crisp, and goes well with the modern but soft cottage style currently taking over in popularity.


Quartz counters. Quartz counters are becoming popular because they fit well into a kitchen, are incredibly easy to care for, and reasonably priced. 


Gray Shades. Many different shades of gray have started making impact, in everything from furniture to accessories. Gray is a great choice because there are plenty of colors that build off of it. Yellow, creamy brown, teal, and pink all complement it well.

More and more often, homeowners are investing in remodeling, eager to make improvements they've been putting off while waiting for the economy to approve. Now that housing prices are going up, owners are ready to see their ideas realized.


The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) noted that the industry's business conditions have been on the rise since last spring. In addition, they've seen an upswing in inquiries and bid requests.


Confidence in the Market


As the housing market stabilizes, there will be even more increase both in moving and remodeling, as thoughts turn towards investments and resale values.


Bathroom remodeling is still going to be a great return on the investment, but many remodeling projects are going to see good returns as well, especially since so many homeowners have been holding back on improvements. Custom design-build will see an increase since homeowners have had time to develop specific ideas about the things they want to see in their homes.

Kresge Contracting always seeks customer satisfaction—it is the ultimate indication that we are doing exactly what each customer deserves. After each completed remodeling, we ask our customers to rate our service. We are always humbled by the positive feedback, as in the case of a recent customer.

When Robert and Susan had their kitchen remodeled, they were thrilled with the results and gave a glowing review we want to share with you. We're proud of the effort and service our team provided on this project!


From Beginning to End


Every remodeling project begins with a consultation followed by a design presentation in which our team displays the plans for the remodel based on the customer's needs. Susan says, “We were bowled over by Mark's ideas for the kitchen space.”


On their evaluation, Robert and Susan also say that:

  • --They felt informed before and during the remodel.
  • --The workspace was kept clean and organized.
  • --The sub-contractors did their work well.

In fact, they added that they were “super satisfied” and that “Every aspect of the work was well-done.”

With an excellent rating like that, we know to keep doing what we're doing and to also keep getting even better.

Kresge Contracting Administrative Manager Kathryn Hufford said this:


In working with Mark and the entire staff, I see how much they put into each project to get it right for our customers. They truly work hard to bring the best design elements to each project to make the space work as well as include each customer's unique imprint of individuality and taste.

The project managers execute the plans with reliability, integrity, and skill in partnership with the homeowner to provide a living space they are thrilled with. It is so gratifying when what I see every day in the team is experienced by our homeowners as well. While the awards we win are great, the satisfaction of each homeowner is what really drives this organization...and I think it shows with every response we receive.


We're proud of our staff for continuing to put customers first and grateful for every one of our customers—we're pleased to serve you!

Most families need more space for storage, but finding it can be a hassle. The last thing you want is clutter everywhere, but neither do you want to seal everything you own in a box. If that sounds familiar, you might want to consider more built-in storage.


When storage options are built into the home, they tend to be more sleek and are certainly less space-consuming. Where do you need the most space? If you're planning a remodel, built-in storage is a great option to discuss.


Shelves with Glass


Turn your kitchen remodeling into the perfect combination of storage and class with built in cabinets with clear doors.

Not only does this create a great area for you to store your favorite dishes, it also becomes a display cabinet for them. Color-coordinate your dishes and arrange them in the cabinet for professional-looking design and a handy place to keep important dishes close at hand.


Shelves with Baskets


If you have outdated, inconvenient cabinets in your laundry room, it might be time to consider changing to a different kind of storage—one that's creative, looks great, and also keeps everything within arm's reach.

When you add slightly lower shelves to your laundry room and then use baskets to organize your laundry tools, you can create a system while still looking decorative. Plus, by lowering the shelves, you can be sure you can easily reach each basket.


Bed Storage


Sometimes, the built-in storage isn't in the house itself, but in the furniture! For instance, a bed can actually be a huge source of storage with a couple of important additions


First, drawers underneath the bed can take room that is otherwise wasted and turn it into good storage space. Also, headboards with cabinets or shelves can be a great choice, especially if you can find one that is sleep and seamless so that the storage is essentially invisible.


If you need storage in one of your rooms, what do you think of built-in storage?

There has been a lot more focus in recent years on conserving our resources, and water is one of those natural resources. In addition to being a green choice, taking steps to reduce the amount of water usage in your home can lower your water bill significantly.


Not sure what things to look for? Here are three things recommended by HGTV for controlling water in your home:


Water-Efficient Fixtures. When planning your bathroom remodel, especially; ask about low-flow and water-efficient fixtures. Low-flow fixtures of today are vastly different from those introduced a decade ago, and they are now fully functional while still conserving water. You'll still love taking a shower and you'll be saving money!

We are thrilled to announce that the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) selected Kresge Contracting for regional Contractor of the Year in the Residential Interior for Under $100,000 category for this project:


NARI believes this award distinguishes a contractor as “a knowledgeable and credible remodeling professional,” and we are both humbled by the praise and proud of our accomplishments. Congratulations to our amazing team who work tirelessly to make sure each project comes out this beautifully and a heartfelt thank you to all of our wonderful customers.


To see more images from the winning project, click here.

In the past year, designers have noticed an increase in white appliances or a combination of white and stainless steel appliances. Which kind do you have, and which would you prefer?


As you take a look around your kitchen, especially if you are considering kitchen remodeling, what stands out? Having an idea of what you want to change most will give us an idea of how to design with your focus in mind.


If new appliances is at the top of your list, there are a few things to think about when choosing white or stainless steel:


  • How will one or the other fit in with the overall theme of your kitchen?
  • Do you have a real preference for one or the other?
  • Are you okay with the different types of cleaning necessary to make either kind of appliance look its best?


Answering these types of questions will give you a good idea of what kind of appliances you need in your kitchen. Design service consultants here will look at all of the options and suggest ideas and solutions that suit your ultimate needs and desires for your kitchen.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) took a look at some of the trends seen in the 2011 Contractor of the Year Award-Winners, and reuse or repurposing of items during remodeling received a bit of attention.


In addition to the environmental benefit from reusing some items rather than throwing them away, there is a move towards more classic design in all areas of remodeling and room additions that encourages the use of older or distressed items.


Many older items have already proven they can stand the test of time well. Elements that remain sturdy and in-tact after many years are good choices if you are looking to reuse furniture or materials already in your home for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling.

Radiant Panel Heating - Advantages of Infrared Heating

LAVA® heating panels is based on the principle of solar radiation. Just as the sun’s infrared rays absorb to heat the earth, infrared heating systems emit rays that are safely and gently absorbed in your home. Infrared heat is also friendly to the environment because it does not produce carbon combustion.


No industry goes untouched by changes in technology, but few have enjoyed the convenience and benefit of 3D visualization technology like remodeling industry.


Not only has it become an indispensable tool for contractors, it is also a great way for homeowners to actually see the projected results of their basement, bathroom, or kitchen remodeling. Seeing the finished product, like the image on the right, before completion improves the project for everyone.


How it Helps Contractors


In the past, remodeling and building designs were limited to blueprints and two-dimensional images. While great tools for determining how to construct elements, it took a keen eye to determine from a blueprint exactly how a room would look, and even with two-dimension pictures, one person’s view might differ from another’s.

Earlier in 2012, the National Association for the Remodeling Industry (NARI) reported that homeowners are more likely to remodel than sell their home. If you have been considering moving, what are your reasons, and would it be more cost effective to remodel?


We have taken a look at some of the reasons remodeling services are becoming more popular, and before you start looking for a new house, you might want to think about what you could gain from remodeling, as well.


The Benefits of Remodeling Over Moving


NARI quoted a poll in their report that suggests many homeowners are choosing to remodel in order to increase the time their home will fit their family. In a fluctuating real estate market, many feel more confident staying in the home they have than gambling on a new one.


Here are some other reasons why remodeling might be a consideration instead of moving:

Kresge Contracting is proud to announce they are the recipients of the NARI Central Ohio Contractor of the Year Award for Residential Kitchen $80,000- $120,000. We are so proud of our team including Mark Kresge, lead designer, Kelly Heitkamp, interior designer, Kevin Hittepole, production, and the rest of our staff for all the hard work they put into making this project shine. Also, a big thanks to our wonderful clients for allowing us to submit their project for consideration.


Follow the link for details on the project and to see photos of this designer kitchen.


Stunning Transformation

The open floor plan is becoming more than just a buzz word in the Kitchen and Bath Design Industry, it is a reflection of the way we live in our homes on a daily basis. Open spaces allow for greater connection of family in a casual setting. Making the decision to create a change like this in your own home will not only add to your own personal enjoyment, but also increase the value of your home. Realtors comment on the popular appeal to potential buyers. The open space also creates an opportunity to highlight the island as a focal point, and creates more space for clever storage alternatives such as built in pantries and furniture style hutches. When thinking about the connection of the kitchen to the rest of the home, using consistent elements that have a connection to the rest of the home will create a cohesive look.

Taking all of these points into consideration, making the change to an open floor plan is an option that we highly recommend! Follow this link for more detail on An Honest Look at the Open Floor Plan.



The NKBA is proud to announce that The Art Institutes have adopted the NKBA Kitchen & Bathroom Planning Guidelines in eBook format for courses at its system of over 45 schools throughout North America.


Choosing the right design professional is an important decision for your project’s success. By selecting an NKBA-certified designer, you will be working with a professional who:

  •  Has demonstrated comprehensive knowledge in kitchen and bath design, as well as construction, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems.
  •  Adheres to a strict code of professional conduct.
  •  Is an expert in the NKBA Kitchen & Bath Planning Guidelines & Access Standards, which recognizes the importance of consumer health, safety, and welfare in kitchen and bath design.
  •  Is a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), the kitchen and bath industry’s leading professional organization that provides them with the training and tools needed to succeed.
  •  Is skilled at assessing consumers’ individual needs and wants and creating designs that meet and exceed these requirements.
  •  Remains current on local building codes, safety and environmental regulations and the wealth of new products and equipment on the market.

When hiring a professional to work on your dream kitchen or bath, be sure to look for the NKBA certified or member logo

We are delighted to announce that Kresge Contracting is a recipient of the Angie's List Super Service Award in the category of Remodeling - Kitchen & Bathroom!


Angie's List says of the award: "The Super Service Award is the highest honor given annually to companies by Angie's List, and it goes only to those who have achieved and maintained a superior service rating on Angie's List throughout the past year."


We are proud of our team for striving to provide the most reliable, courteous service, and we are immensely grateful to all of our clients for allowing us the opportunity to work on your projects and keeping us so highly rated!

Many of our customers are choosing Shaker style cabinetry as a part of their kitchen or bathroom project. The simple construction of Shaker doors sets the stage nicely for a wide variety of styles, ranging from Craftsman to Contemporary. Read what this designer has to say about the popularity of Shaker door styles and the several ways that it can be used.


Shaker Style Still a Cabinetry Classic


Here’s one of our favorite uses of Shaker style cabinetry on an award winning contemporary project of our own.


Byars kitchen before and after


Kelly Heitkamp
Interior Designer


On Friday, December 2, 2011, Kresge Contracting was awarded the prestigious NARI Local Contractor of the Year awards in THREE categories!  We are so proud of our team and all the hard work they put into making each and every project shine.  And we are thankful to our wonderful clients for allowing us to submit their project for consideration.


See the online portfolio of the winning projects by clicking the links below:



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