Budgets, Estimates and Quotes


To further help you understand how your project compares to typical required investment for kitchen and master bathroom remodeling projects, see our remodeling cost page, where we outline potential project  price range. 


Understanding the Difference


Budget - It is an important starting point for any project. Budget is often based on word-of-mouth, the home owner’s personal experience or regional project cost trends. Many of us have champagne tastes with a beer budget so we want to determine if we can complete your unique project within a budget acceptable to you. If you are ready to discuss your project and what you are planning and able to spend, please give us a call at the number at the top of the page. All voicemails will be returned in a timely manner.


Estimate - An estimate breaks the budget down into categories (e.g., countertops, cabinets, floors, etc.). Still a generalization or ball-park figure, it does not include specifics relating to the actual project.


You can expect to receive an estimate from Kresge Contracting if your project fits within the following three parameters:

  • Your location is 25 minutes to a maximum 30 minutes from our showroom.
  • Your timeline and our availability are compatible. In Season (April 1 – October 1) from signed agreement to start of project is an average of 6-12 weeks; Off Season (November 1 – March 1) from signed agreement to start of project is an average of 4-8 weeks
  • Your budget is adequate to cover your project needs and desires. If the initial discussion has led to understanding an acceptable budget range between the home owner and contractor we can proceed with an estimate.


Quote - a detailed written specification taking into consideration the specific project details. A quote is provided once the home owner signs a design agreement. A thorough representation of one's project based on the home owner’s unique needs and desires for the project.


Understanding the Cost of Remodeling


We know that it can be difficult to assess the overall cost range of your kitchen or bathroom remodel if you’ve never done a home renovation before. At Kresge, we can help you determine the overall cost of your remodeling project by figuring out a few key details. To get an idea of mid-range and higher-end project costs, check out our Remodeling Cost page, which provides details on understanding a remodeling budget and how your financial goals line up.


Why We Use Quotes Instead of Estimates


Mark at OakesWe want you to be able to make informed decisions based on your unique needs and desires. An actual quote helps you to understand the real price of your project. It clarifies your expectations so that both you and your remodeling contractor are on the same page. 


Contrast our quote to what many in the industry offer: free estimates. Free estimates are often quick generalizations based on non-specific or inaccurate assumptions. Many consumers are lured by these cheap fees or offers for a "free design", only to discover key elements missing, hidden costs when they start remodeling and a project that isn't what they had envisioned.


Because we are thorough, we take the time to get accurate measurements and draw up detailed specifications. The quote based on your specific choices will give you a clear understanding of the investment required. Our design fees vary based on the complexity of the project. In the end, by working with our team, you will have a solid workable design that fits your vision and your budget.




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