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Give your kitchen new life with new kitchen countertops

kitchen-countertops-1Kitchen countertops provide the dynamic surface of the kitchen for work, design style and for gathering around. When you enter a kitchen, so many surfaces capture your attention, from the wall cabinets and their trim to the finished floor. Naturally, all the elements in between need to coordinate into a harmonious design and style statement. What role do the countertops play in this design mix?

At Kresge Contracting, we complete total kitchen remodels, not just countertop replacements.  integrating the countertop design, both material and physical design, is key to designing an overall kitchen space that meets your needs and desires.

As a functional element, the countertops are where cooks do most of their work. The way countertop space is planned in relationship to the refrigeration, cook surface and sink is very important for effective landing zones and food preparation spaces. A minimum of 36” x 24” on one side of the sink is necessary for what is considered the primary preparation area. The cook surface should have at least a 12” wide 16” deep space on one side and 15”x16” on the other. This is truly a minimum and the serious cook often will want more. It’s important that the refrigerator is not too far from a convenient landing zone. The best placement is to have a good countertop landing zone between it and the sink.

All elements of the kitchen should add interest for an overall design theme. Countertops contribute to design and interest by adding shapes and curves which can be much more difficult to add with any other element of the kitchen. Granite and Quartz  countertops can be cut using the best current fabrication techniques to allow for strong design statements. A certified and qualified designer such as you will find with Kresge Contracting will know how to maximize your design options with countertops from interesting shapes to the best use of color and style selections. Wood countertops are a perfect complement to granite and allow for a softer, warmer surface hang out at.  Let us help you make a design statement with your countertops.

When you think about gathering in a kitchen, where do you see yourself? Most people gravitate around counter surfaces. The countertop provides a place to lean against and set a drink while just hanging out during the cooking process. The ideal countertop surface for this is an island or peninsula, so that you can have the best eye contact and share in food preparation. Varying the height is a good consideration to provide visual interest while defining how counter space is used by family and friends in the kitchen. As experienced designers, we can plan the perfect combination for your personal needs and home.

Granite Countertops Columbus Ohio

Add a Touch of Natural Beauty to Your Kitchen With a Granite or Quartz Countertop From Kresge Contracting

granitecountertops-kresgeKresge Contracting provides top-end granite countertops with high-quality craftsmanship and installation service.

Your kitchen countertop is a vital element in your kitchen space. When you’re planning a kitchen remodel, it’s important to find the right contractor to complete your project according to your specifications, and provide you with remodeling solutions that meet your needs and requirements. With more than 25 years of remodeling experience, you can expect nothing but the best from Kresge Contracting.

Established in Columbus, Ohio, and serving homeowners in and around the residential areas of Franklin and Delaware Counties (which are no more than 30 minutes drive from the Showroom at 161 & Cleveland), Kresge Contracting provides you with:

  • Worry-free single point of contact for all your kitchen remodel needs.
  • Design-build services for historic restoration or complete design transformation.
  • A team of NARI certified and factory-trained and directly employed professional installers and remodelers.
  • Professional installation services than can handle the numerous site difficulties that often occur.

Adding natural beauty with your new granite, quartz or wood countertops

Your well-crafted and properly installed countertops will not only complement your kitchen design, it will give you value-added benefits.

page16 CharnasAfterl057 editedQuartz Countertops will provide:

  • Enduring, low maintenance material that retains its beauty and finish.
  • Durability to withstand everyday use, heat and cold, scrapes and scratches.
  • Resistance to water and liquid spillage, keeping your kitchen sanitary and hygienic.

Trusting your kitchen remodel to Kresge Contracting

Kresge Contracting carries a complete line of granite, quartz and wood countertops with a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles. When you’re looking for high-quality countertop products in Columbus, Ohio, you can trust Kresge Contracting to give you great product options, excellent customer service and worry-free installation solutions.


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