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Kitchen Islands Are Part of the Evolution of Kitchen Design



The kitchen is truly seen as the heart or hub of the home. Our informal lifestyles have us drawing friends and family in socially and participating in the cooking activities in the kitchen.  Creative, thoughtful island layout helps merge social and prep functions.


Well-designed islands can provide:

  • Ease of movement for the cook through and out of the work triangle
  • Optimally spaced work zones in larger kitchens
  • Improved traffic patterns protecting the cooks activity in the work zones
  • Gathering spaces outside of the work areas allowing family and guests to socialize with the working cook
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Design opportunities abound when an island is added to a kitchen plan: 

  • Standalone islands offer the designer a focal point to introduce accent colors, complementing styles of doors and contrasting textures into the room.
  • Islands can be designed as natural barriers between living spaces and cooking areas for today’s open floor plans.
  • Varying heights of island countertops add elevation interest, helping define how the area will be utilized while building visual barriers to work zones.
  • An island can become more like a piece of furniture when it is customized, adding stylized drama to your kitchen!
  • Islands are great places for designers to “play” with different shapes and curves afforded by countertop overhangs.

These and many other design considerations are carefully planned by a qualified designer at Kresge Contracting.  As a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) by the industry’s National Kitchen and Bath Association, Mark has the expertise, credentials, education and experience to make your space uniquely you!  

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